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Interview Recap - Jake The Snake Roberts

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 10:51, Jun 01 2007

By Neal Jones


This past week on In Your Head Radio with Jack and Oneinchbiceps, Jake "the Snake" Roberts was the guest of the night.

Be sure to listen to the full interview located at http://www.inyourheadonline.com. In Your Head can be heard every Wednesday at 8:00 PM EST and be sure to also check out past interviews in the archive section and sign up in the IYH message board were you can post questions to future guests.

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Jake the Snake Roberts is welcomed to the show. Jake talks about his website http://www.officialjakethesnakeroberts.com with information about his wrestling school and new features coming up like chat rooms and much more.

Caller Jason asks Jake to give a quick description of ring psychology. Jake says it's simple, old movies you are into the actual story now it's all CGI and special effects. In his day they new their art, wrestlers and actors. Today it is all visual no heart, Jake mockingly says that he is sure all the physiques today aren't chemically enhanced including Vince. Jake goes on about how wrestling takes people on an emotional ride. Jake talks about teaching psychology in his wrestling school.

Jake tells a story of a 70 year old woman cutting him on his way to the ring. He says if you can make someone do something like that it means you are a professional wrestler. He tells another story of someone firing a gun while he was coming to the ring vs Sting. Jake gives another example, how the crowds had to be held back with water cannons because they wanted to get him so bad. Jake says looking back it was great, at the times he was "pitching a loaf in his pants".

Caller Ben from North Dakota asks if Jake ever saw himself going back to WWE. Jake says only in handcuffs. Jake says Vince killed all the training grounds, and now no one new knows their craft. Jake talks about doing live chat rooms on his site soon, and he hopes his wrestling school can help new wrestlers. He isn't doing it for money but to give back to the wrestling business.

Caller Brian asks about Alice Cooper coming out with him at Wrestlemania III. Jake says it was a real treat and honor for him, since he was a fan of his music when he was a kid. Alice Cooper was freaked out about the snake.

Jake take a moment to send his condolences and say a prayer for Jill Jarrett, Jeff Jarrett's wife who just passed away.

Caller Jethro asks about working with Ron Garvin, and why Jake stopped wearing karate pants. Jake says the karate pants were cheap and comfortable. When he went to WWF, Vince said "we see a dude with purple, lime green pants...with a snake wrapped around it". Jake replied "that's not me". Vince followed up "we see a a guy making millions of dollars with purple, lime green....". Jake addresses Ron Garvin, saying he was very stiff in the ring, and he would know when Ronnie was ready to kick the "crap" out of you when his nipples would get hard. Jake says he was highly underrated, and it was a shame WWF didn't use him better. Jake then tells a story about saving Ron Garvin's life.

A caller saks what Jake thinks of TNA. Jake says they make terrible business decisions, once they went from a 4 sided ring to the 6 sided. Jake says there are guys that shouldn't be there, he enjoys watching light weights but they just won't fill up arenas. Jake thinks the smartest thing TNA did was get Kurt Angle, Vince's biggest mistake was destroying a gold medal athlete. The hardest thing to do in wrestling is make some legit, and they took a legit guy and made him an "assclown".

Shannon aka "Viper" calls in, Jake says this is his favorite chick and she has a great set of "gazoobas". Jake talks about seeing her soon and spanking her. Jake says he has a lot of great people in his life he just wishes Charles Mason was here. Jake goes on to say Manson is his hero, not because what he did but he was a short ugly guy who made people do what he asked.

Caller Chris asks how Jake came up with the DDT. Jake talks about the spray DDT, and it caused brain problems, so it made sense. Jake tells the story of how he invented the DDT when he was wrestling the Grappler, and slipped when he had a face front lock on.

Caller asks Jake what his most memorable moment in 32 years of wrestling. Jake says every time he wrestled Ron Garvin or the Giant, when he pulled Ric Rude's pants down. He says really they are all his favorites, the only time he has at peace is when he is in the ring, it's the only time he isn't in pain. Jake then goes on to mention giving Ted Dibiase's money to Mary Tyler Moore, stuffing a snake down someone's pants on PPV, the blind fold match with Rick Martel at Wrestlemania. Jack asks what Jake thought of that match. Jake says it gave him a night off at Wrestlemania. His other matches at Mania were killer, they went all out because it was Wrestlemania. Jake talks about getting "wood" and having multiple orgasms during the match because he was making a big payoff for doing a blindfold match.

Jack asks if Jake is surprised they did another blindfold match in TNA, Jake says they probably didn't do it right. Jack mentions it was in a cage, Jake says "ooh wow". Jake then goes on to talk about WWE cage matches defeat the purpose of what a cage match is supposed to be about, keeping people out and the guys in yet you have to escape. Jack asks about the TNA Lockdown shows with all cage matches. Jake says here is a new concept, a wrestling card where people actually wrestle matches. Jake then goes on about weapons in wrestling saying if you hit a guy with a sledgehammer and he comes back the next week you should just give up. What is next shooting a guy with a gun and coming back ? Jake says if you hit a guy with 9 clotheslines and they keep getting up then both guys are "crap", he says less is more.

Incher asks if the Ultimate Warrior was as bad as the DVD made him out to be. Jake says he never saw the DVD but was there in person and there is no way they made him out as bad as he really was. Jake says it showed the brilliance of Vince McMahon. Jake says Vince wants to be able to create, it's all his ego. He should have pushed a guy like Don Muraco not a piece of "crap" like the Warrior.

Caller Ryan asks if anyone was ever freaked out by the snake in the ring. Jake says oh yeah including Randy Savage.

Jake talks about wrestling Kamala June 2nd in North Carolina at the Wrestling Classic, with other stars Rock N roll Express, Magnum TA, Masked Superstar, Greg Valentine and many others. Jake says he appreciates the fans coming up and patting him on the back it tells him the last 32 years weren't wasted. He thought he'd take better care of himself but he didn't. http://www.wccwonline.com Jake then tells some stories of meeting fans at autograph signings, and how he appreciates the honesty of children. Jake says Kamala is scared to death of his snake.

Caller TC Anderson asks what Jake's most memorable story was with a female fan. Jake says the truth is you can destroy something that is very sweet in a relationship and once it is destroyed you can never get it back. Jake says it was the biggest mistake he ever made his life, and he apologizes to all the women in his life. Jake says he can't have a decent relationship anymore because of all the things he's done.

Caller Goosey asks about Bad News Brown. Jake says along with the Big Car Ernie Ladd they are guys he will really miss. Jake says Ernie Ladd was a guy who knew the psychology. Jake tells a funny story about Ladd always selling his ear no matter where he got hit, you gotta love the Big Cat Jake says.

Caller El TNA Fan asks about Sting. Jake says he didn't know him well, but he was overrated. Jake says keep the mic away from Sting and he will make money. Jack brings up Sting's biggest run being when he sat in the rafters not saying a word. Jake said yes because he was watching the matches not in them.

Jack tells everyone again to come to the Carolina Wrestling Classic June 2nd in North Carolina. For more information come to http://www.wccwonline.com

Jake tells everyone if you really want to be a wrestler come up to him, if you don't then stay away from his school. Jake says he will give Hulk Hogan a free training session, it's never too late.

Jake thanks all his fans and the hosts thank him for coming on. Jake says he will be having a book out soon, and it will be from the heart and the truth.

Jake tells a story about scientists finding the 4000 year old remains of the very first wrestler, and it tested positive for drugs. Making himself the 2nd wrestler ever to use them not the first.

To hear the entire hour long interview please visit http://www.inyourheadonline.com and join us next week for Brad Anderson, of the legendary Anderson Family.

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