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TNA Sacrifice 2007 Review

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 06:00, May 14 2007

TNA Sacrifice 2007 PPV Review

Tonight TNA brings us its latest PPV. It?s a mix of storyline driven matches: Harris vs. Storm, VMK vs. Basham and Damaja, Cage vs. Angle vs. Sting, however there are also a few ?why are these guys fighting? matches as well: Joe vs. Styles, Shelley vs. Lynn vs. Tiger Mask vs. Senshi. Will they be able to able to make these seemingly thrown together matches meaningful, will the story driven matches live up to the weekly air time they have been given? There is only one way to find out?

The show kicks off with the usual pyro display and Tenay doing the introductions.

Match 1: Chris Sabin vs. Jay Lethal vs. Sonjay Dutt - X Championship
The match starts off with Sabin trying to goad Dutt and Lethal to fight each other, however his plan backfires as both turn their attention to him. In fact Dutt and Lethal spend much of the match trying to beat each other to getting a pin on Sabin. The match was good but not great. A number of false finished near the end helped to keep the crowd into the match, though the finish was anti-climatic as Sabin gets a rollup for the win. Following the match, a fight between Dutt and Lethal is broken up by Kevin Nash, who is then kicked by Dutt, who then leaves the ring.

We then go backstage for a good promo cut by Robert Roode on Jeff Jarrett. Back at ringside, Kevin Nash calls out Dutt for a match on the coming Impact show. We are then shown video footage taken earlier in the day, that documented an attack on VKM by Damaja and Basham. The attack sent B.J. James to the hospital, and we are told that Lance Hoyt?s flight has been delayed, leaving Kip James without a partner in his up coming match.

Match 2: Jeff Jarrett vs. Robert Roode w/ Ms. Brooks
Roode takes control of the match early by jumping Jarrett while on the entry ramp. Roode make use of a few of Jarrett?s old signature moves, and remains in control for much of the match. The crowd was very entertained by this match and chanted for Eric Young quite frequently. The two worked a medium paced match that mixed brawling with wrestling, and despite his time away, Jarrett was as solid as ever in the ring. After a few false finishes, (one in which Roode hits himself with a steel chair), Roode gets the win after Jarrett hits an exposed turnbuckle and gets pinned. Following the match a brawl breaks out and Eric Young comes to Jarrett?s aid and they apply figure 4?s to both Roode and Ms. Brooks.

Next up is a backstage interview with Cage, Styles, and Steiner that shows the dissention in the group.

Match 3: Rhino vs. Christopher Daniels
The match starts out at a fast pace with Rhino dominating Daniels with power moves, however a missed gore into the ring post puts Daniels in control, and slows the pace of the match considerable. Nothing very memorable happens after this. Daniels continues to work on Rhino?s injured shoulder, and goes through his usual move set while doing so. Eventually Daniels hit Rhino with a bat allowing him to pin Rhino and get the win. Following the match Rhino chases Daniels back stage and later brings him back to the ring bleeding, where security break the two up.

We then get a video package that shows the history of Christy Hemme and VKM. This is followed by an interview with Kip James, who will have to face Hemme?s team without a partner.

Match 4: The Voodoo Kin Mafia vs. Basham and Damaja w/ Christy Hemme
Basham and Damaja use frequent tags to work over James throughout the match, preventing him from ever mounting a sustained offense. Damaja and Basham use a combination of punches and wear down moves that kept things moving rather slowly, and eventually led to them getting the pin. The crowd really settled down for this match, getting only a little vocal after the match when Lance Hoyt came into the ring to prevent a post match beat-down of James.

Next up is an AMW recap, followed by an interview with Chris Harris, who gives the standard ?I?m gonna git ya? interview.

Match 5: Chris Harris vs. James Storm - Texas Death Match
This match starts as a brawl, as the two immediately go into the stands and fight it out for a few minutes amongst the fans. Once they do manage to get back to ringside, they quickly give up and creating any sort of flow to the match, and instead take turns hitting high spots and weapon strikes. Despite the lack continuity, the two do put on a good hardcore match, and the crowd seemed to love every minute of it. Despite the camera catching Harris blading, the two put on a very convincing show, in spite of the slow clumsy pace of the match. The end came in a nicely booked finish, as both men had beer bottles in hands, however it was Harris who struck first, allowing him to get the pin and keep Storm down for the 10 count.

Backstage we see Daniels telling Sting that his newfound persona is the result of Sting?s ?messages? to him. Sting tells Daniels that he?s got it all wrong but Daniels will hear none of it. After Daniels leaves, Sting cuts a promo on Cage and Angle.

Match 6: Jerry Lynn vs. Alex Shelley vs. Senshi vs. Tiger Mask
With the names involved in this match, you expect things to go very well, and they did. Although nothing in this match was ground breaking, all of the participants did very well, hitting their signature moves, and putting on an entertaining display of technical wrestling skill and athletic ability. In fact, the TNA regulars did so well that Tiger Mask didn?t seem to be all that impressive when compared to the others in the ring. After several flips, reversals, and high spots, Lynn was able to get the pin on Shelly. Following the match, Shelley and Sabin attack Lynn who is then aided by Bob Backland, who clears the ring.

It?s then time to go backstage again for a recap of Team 3D?s exploits of the last few months, followed by an interview with Tomko who discusses his problems with Steiner.

Match 7: Team 3D vs. The LAX vs. Scott Steiner & Tomko - World Tag Team Title match
Nothing new to see here. The three teams worked a medium paced match each taking turns dominating the other. They basically did what they do every week on TV. Things did pick up a bit towards the end of the match with a few false finishes, but for the most part this match was filled with competent but no noteworthy action. The end came when Team 3D hit their finisher to get the win. After the match Tomko and Steiner get into a fight, and Rick Steiner comes to ringside to help his brother and send Tomko packing.

Once again we go backstage for an interview with Angle and a Joe vs. Styles video package.

Match 8: Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles
Joe starts the match off in control of AJ, and uses his standard arsenal of moves. The two use a medium pace for the match, and despite the raucous crowd, it seems clear that they have no intentions of trying to create a legendary match tonight. Both keep it pretty simple using their standard signature moves, with neither pushing the pace too hard. The end of the match came when Joe stole a page from AJ?s book, and faked an injury allowing him to surprise AJ and get the pin.

Mach 9: Christian Cage vs. Kurt Angle vs. Sting ? World Heavyweight Title match
The match starts with Sting and Angle repeatedly throwing Cage out of the ring to allow the two of them to settle their differences. This pattern repeats itself as one of the competitors finds themselves outside of the ring, while the other two continue the match without them. Again there is nothing new to be seen here. Each man did his usual move set, and each took a turn lying on the outside to give the others time to work. In a PPV worthy finish, Sting rolls up Cage for a pin while simultaneously being put in an ankle lock by Angle. The two ref finish seeded to have one ref count Cage out, while just afterwards the other ended the match due to Sting tapping out. The show ends with Angle being awarded the belt while the two refs discuss the finish.

And there you have it. The crowd seemed happy with this show. They cheered almost non-stop through the entire event. Indeed it was a good show overall. Although there were no mind blowing performances to be seen, all the participants did a good job, and gave a good showing for TNA tonight. Though I doubt the show will lead to much buzz, it was a show TNA can be proud of.

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