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Interview Recap - Scott Norton

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 04:52, Apr 14 2007

By ?The Machiavellian Messiah? Rios Granillo


Thanks to IYH fan Rios Granillo for the recap.

This past week on In Your Head Radio with Jack and Oneinchbiceps, the guest was former WCW/NWO star and star in Japan, ?Flash? Scott Norton. Scott went over his trip to Korea, wrestling in Japan, his tag teams with Hercules, Buff Bagwell and Nord, the AWA, NWO, IWGP, WCW and so much more in this one hour interview. Be sure to listen to the actual interview located at www.inyourheadonline.com. In Your Head can be heard every Wednesday at 8:00 PM EST and be sure to also check out past interviews in the archive section and sign up in the IYH message board were you can post questions to future guests.

Jack and Incher greet Scott and the interview is kicked off with a call asking what it was like wrestling in North Korea? Scott said it was a shock and that him and Ric Flair seemed worried. He said that it was the worst place he had ever been to in his life but he was glad that he went because it gave him a chance to see what North Korea is really like.

Chris calls in and asks how Scott got the nickname ?Flash?? He said it was given to him by one of his arm wrestling friends and after he won a tournament they announced Flash Norton won?

Chris also asks why he felt he was more of a success in Japan than in America? He said that the Japanese respected his background as an Arm Wrestling champion and that his wrestling style was perfect for Japan.

Jack plugs Scott?s web site located at http://www.scottnortonsite.com.

Jack takes a call from elTNAfan, he asked how would you compare NWO Japan and the regular NWO? Scott said that the only reason he was brought into the NWO in America was so they could take it to Japan, and when they did it was pandemonium every time he went to Japan for the NWO Japan storyline.

Jack takes a call from Riren, who asks what was it like to be the second American to ever win the IWGP heavyweight championship? Scott says that is his greatest achievement in pro wrestling and that he always felt that he could do it since he first went to Japan, he said that it was the greatest honor of his career.

Riren also asks about his opinions on the late Hercules Hernandez? Scott said that when Hercules came in, he was a green rookie and that right after he worked with him, he really grasped the sport and that Hercules brought him to a different level, he said he was a great friend and was like a brother to him.

Jack brings up Buff Bagwell and that him and Scott are reforming the tag team ?Vicious and Delicious?? He says that he loves bringing the team back together and that its amazing how much he works on the Indy scene nowadays and he says he is booked non-stop, he also says he is a great guy and it should be a fun time.

Jack asks what it takes to have a good tag team? Scott says that you have to compliment each other, when he was tagging with Hercules Hernandez, they used their strength to compliment each other, and while tagging with Buff Bagwell they worked the complete opposite and that compliment each others styles.

Jack asks if Scott ever new Rick Rude before wrestling? Scott said that him and Rick went to High School and Junior High School together and he also said that he was a great guy and he misses him.

Jack asks if he enjoyed working in the AWA? He said not really, he said he didn?t take advantage of the situation he was in and didn?t really try to learn from any of the veterans that were there, plus he didn?t get along with Verne Gagne, so that didn?t help his matters. He also said that he did get help from Baron Von Raschke while in the AWA though. He did grow up watching AWA and he did say he was grateful because that was his first taste of the business.

Scott and Jack start to joke around about how back in the AWA days he was a lumberjack, and Scott said that he never liked it and that he hated his nickname ?Flapjack? Norton and that he got ribbed constantly back in the day.

In Scott?s final moments he thanks Jack and Incher for having him on and he is looking forward to being on the show again in the future.

For more information on Scott Norton please go to www.scottnortonsite.com

I encourage everybody to check out the ?Flash? Scott Norton interview at www.inyourheadonline.com and then check out past interviews in the archive section and sign up for the message board and ask all future IYH guests your personal questions or if you want you can always call into the show and ask the superstar yourself. Next week the IYH crew will be interviewing former WWF Diva, Tammy ?Sunny? Sytch, so sign up into the message board and ask your questions.
---?The Machiavellian Messiah? Rios Granillo

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