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Interview Recap - King Kong Bundy

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 20:26, Mar 31 2007

By Rios Granillo


Thanks to IYH Fan Rios Granillo for the recap.

This past week on In Your Head Radio with Jack and Oneinchbiceps, the former WWF superstar King Kong Bundy was the guest of the evening. He was there to talk about his up coming show on March 31st in Sandwich, Massachusetts called ?Showdown in Sandwich 2? (more info at http://www.newworldwrestling.com) Bundy also talked about main eventing Wrestlemania II, Hulk Hogan, Bobby Heenan, The Von Erichs, Bill Watts, Andre The Giant, Gorilla Monsoon, the history of the 5 count and so much more including answering all the call ins from the fans. Be sure to listen to the actual interview located at www.inyourheadonline.com. In Your Head can be heard every Wednesday at 6:00 PM EST and be sure to also check out past interviews in the archive section and sign up in the IYH message board were you can post questions to future guests.

King Kong started off the show saying it was great to be there and was looking forward to the show in Cape Cod.

Jack asks if he had ever wrestled on Cape Cod before? Bundy said yes he has, many times. He said that Vince McMahon once invited him to his summer home there, and it turned out he had to wrestle there instead.

Bundy said at ?Showdown at Sandwich 2? he is going to be facing the winner of the big 15-man over the top rope battle royal, and that the winner will have a chance at greatness if he can survive an avalanche splash and the dreaded 5 -count.

Jack takes a call from Jason, he asks if Bundy could tell a story from WCCW. Bundy said that in World Class, Kevin Von Erich was being called ?The Nature Boy? because he wrestled barefooted, the reason he wrestled barefooted was because he always forgot his wrestling boots, so the promoters thought it would just be easier to have he wrestle without them as a gimmick. Bundy said that the Von Erichs were great guys and were also a mess at times. He also said that he would have like to have stayed in WCCW a little longer, but because of the politics he just couldn?t.

Jason also asks what it was like being one of the wrestlers to work in mainstream television shows and movies? Bundy said that you had to be completely dedicated to working strictly in TV and Movies and that he couldn?t afford doing TV spots while still wrestling.

Jack asks about WCCW and if they helped revolutionize the business with the use of music and young, fast guys? Bundy says he thinks there is too much music and pyro at shows nowadays, he thinks that it kind of lost its appeal now that everyone has it and that there aren?t any real big time attractions like a Rock or a Stone Cold to really get your attention.

Jack takes a call from The Flea and he asks if he had memories working as a baby face and working with the Road Warriors? Bundy said he was a little apprehensive at first, but in that run with the Road Warriors they set records in all the arenas they worked. He went on to say that the Road Warriors had so much heat with the fans it wasn?t that difficult to get over as a face and that they were very good to him while working together in that run.

Incher asks a question from XtremeFalls in the message board, Who was the better manager, Bobby Hennan or The Million Dollar Man? Bundy said that Hennan was the best manager of all time and that he felt Ted DiBiase shouldn?t have been a manager to begin with.
Jack asks about Gorilla Monsoon?s nickname for him ?The Walking Condominium?? He said it was pretty good, considering Gorilla came up with it.

Jack asks a question from RRM in the Chat room and whether of not he had worked with Bruiser Brody? He said he had, and that he was sent to Atlanta to work a TV taping to put Bruiser Brody over.

Jack takes a call from Spec Sun asking about his opinions on SD Jones? Bundy said he had to carry him through those 9 seconds at Wrestlemania I in Madison Square Garden. He also said that SD would brag that he got more money then him that night, and that night King Kong lost a lot of respect for SD Jones.

Jack asks if he thought the Wrestlemania?s would last as long as they have? He said that he did, after the first one he new they would go on, he also said he wished the WWE kept it at 4 Pay Per Views a year.

Jack asks what cage is better the fence cage or the big blue cage? Bundy said he hates the fence cages.

Incher asks a question from Duckman on the message board, what are his opinions of the Insane Clown Posse? Bundy said they were good guys but they were also boneheads.

Jack takes a call from Goosey, he asks about Bill Watts at the 5-Count gimmick? He said he really liked working in Mid-South and loved the 5-count gimmick, even though he didn?t really like Bill Watts that much.

Jack takes a call from ChrisDaCrusher, who asks what it was like doing Eating Competitions? King Kong said that he was doing an eating competitions while in Japan and then he told a story of when he was coming back to the US on September 11th and that his flight was diverted from the JFK airport in New York to Chicago International and then he learned that America had been attacked and the Twin Towers had been leveled. He then said that he was put on a bus filled will a bunch of Japanese people and thought ?Who would surprise attack the United States??

Crusher also asks what his biggest highlight of his career would be? Bundy said that him vs. Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania and his first match with Andre the Giant were the biggest moments in his career.

King Kong Bundy brought up that he is doing stand up comedy now.

The closing moments of the show King Kong plugs the show ?Showdown in Sandwich 2? in Sandwich, Massachusetts at Sandwich High School, bell time is 7:00 PM, Doors open at 6:15 PM.

For more information on how to see King Kong Bundy Live and in person Saturday March 31st in Sandwich, Ma. at the Showdown in Sandwich 2 please visit http://www.newworldwrestling.com

I encourage everybody to check out the King Kong Bundy interview at www.inyourheadonline.com and then check out past interviews in the archive section and sign up for the message board and ask all future IYH guests your personal questions or if you want you can always call into the show and ask the superstar yourself. Next week the IYH crew will be interviewing ?Playboy? Buddy Rose, so sign up into the message board and ask your questions.
---?The Machiavellian Messiah? Rios Granillo

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