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Total Nonstop Action: Death?

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 23:28, Mar 23 2007

By Knightrider

As we all know right now Total Nonstop Action is in the dumps, Vince Russo is Head Booker, and Jeff Jarrett and Dutch Mantel are assistant bookers. It seems to me and im sure to most other wrestling fans, is that this group of guys couldnt book a wrestling show if it hit them in the face. Lets face it everybody TNA is terrible, Vince Russo is Destroying this company, The Shitty Angles, the Horrible Promo?s and the Terrible Storylines are getting to everybody. TNA is going to their grave and they don?t even know it. For example, you take the Sting-Abyss angle, this Angle started out pretty good but has declined ever since, it all started back at Genisis 2006 when you had Sting Vs Abyss for the NWA World Heavyweight Title. It was a decent match to say the least with Abyss Winning, which was alright because he finally became the ?Bride? so to speak, instead of being the ?Brides Maid?.

Then, it went on for another month till Turning Point when they do basically the same match, just adding Christian Cage to the bout, and again Abyss retained the title, and then one month later, at Final Resolution, basically a eliminatoin match, was terrible, and Christian Cage gained the title. Then at Against All Odds, Christian Cage finally is dropped out of this whole angle, and it returns to Sting vs Abyss. Sting says he has this big Secret about Abyss?s Past and it was that He shot his father three times in the back, how stupid is that, that lead to a Gimmick match where you had to Lock your opponent in a cage, Sting won that and that lead to yet another Gimmick Match, and a horrible one at that, a Last Rites Match at Destination X where you had to strap your opponent to a Casket and he was rose to the ceiling, during that horrible gimmick match you had ?Fire Russo? and ?Russo Sucks? Chants going on from the Crowd at the Impact Zone, and now its all culminating with James Mitchell coming back on Impact on 3/22 with a Mother Character, this is ridiculous, and this Angle has gone on way too long.

You have a WWE Wannabe in TNA, they are trying to be like WWE in every single way, you had the really over Voodoo Kin Mafia Angle, where they were calling out WWE and Degeneration X and Vince McMahon. My Question is Did TNA really think that Vince McMahon was going to care about and Respond to this angle, No. Vince McMahon could have cared less about TNA and their VKM shoots. Vince Russo Killed WCW, and hes going to Kill TNA, plain and simple. Spike TV and TNA are in negotiations for a Two Hour Timeslot well hell with the way the current product is, I don?t want to see this, I can barely last through one hour, TNA really needs to sit down and collectively regroup, and bring in some fresh blood to book because if they don?t ? RIP Total Non Stop Action?


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