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Destination X 2007 Review

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 03:43, Mar 12 2007

2007 TNA Destination X PPV Review

There can be no question about it, tonight?s PPV resets on the success of its biggest match: Elevation X. The announcers have been hyping it for weeks; telling us that it is reason enough to buy tonight?s PPV. The payoff of such a match can only be one thing: one or both combatants leaving the rigging and falling to the ring or floor. Of course that fall has been calculated and perhaps even rehearsed, but the idea that one of the two may leave the structure at an unintended time adds an element of drama that cannot be denied. Additionally, we have a full card tonight with the World Championship, and X Division titles on the line. There should be enough here for a full and enjoyable show, lets see if it works out that way.

The show opens with a video package that runs down the storylines involved in tonight?s show; and although good, TNA has done better jobs with video packages on previous shows. We are then greeted by Tenay and West, as the show gets underway.

Match 1: LAX vs. Team 3D ? Ghetto Brawl Match
Trashcans and weapons hit the ring before the teams do, as the four-man brawl begins. With no tags required, all four men work simultaneously, although they do break into one-on-one and two-on-one groups from time to time. All four eventually find themselves in the stands and battling amongst the crowd; and it is here that Team 3D shines, using props taken from the fans and incorporating them into the match as weapons. Eventually all four find their way back into the ring and a more conventional match takes place. An mass attack by Latino Nation is answered by Devon?s mentor Johny Rog who clumsily momentarily clears the ring, and is then later backed up by a number of Devon?s ?brothers?, as a mini Black vs. Latino race war breaks out. The ring finally clears, but then additional interference from Machete and Alex Shelly leads to LAX getting he win. Though entertaining, this match was overbooked as it included interference from no less than 4 different entities. Even so, the crowd enjoyed themselves from start to finish, and the show definitely has the sort of energy TNA must have been hoping for.

We then go backstage for an interview with a calm and collected Rhino, who seems to say that brains not intensity will lead him to victory tonight.

Match 2: Petey Williams & Gail Kim vs. James Storm & Jackie Moore - Double Bull Rope Match:
Use of bull rope attacks and tag team tactics start as soon as the opening bell rings, as Kim and Williams take an early lead. The quick pace of the opening soon gives way to a much slower pace, as Kim and Moore work outside the ring and Williams and Storm confine themselves to the inside. Although there were some creative uses of the bull rope during this match, the same cannot be said for the finish, which was rather bland and sudden, giving Storm and Moore the win. Despite this deficiency, the match was solid and the show is still building momentum.

Backstage Christian is having a small meltdown as we learn that neither Tonko, nor Steiner will aid Christian in his match tonight.

Match 3: Senshi vs. Austin Starr ?Cross Face Chicken Wing Submission Match
The match starts out with the quick pacing that one would expect from an X-Division match. The two trade control back and forth throughout the match, each putting on a nice exhibition of their skills. Bob Backland comes to ringside during the match, seemingly to cheer on Senshi. With an enthusiastic crowd cheering them on, the two maintain their fast pace all the way to the end of the match. An ending that came by way of a nice transition from a rollup to cross face, allowing Senshi to get the win. After the match, a sneak attack from Star finds Backland caught in his own finishing hold until security is able to pull Star off of him.

A good backstage interview with A.J. Styles informs us that A.J. has a ?surprise? for Rhino in their match tonight.

Match 4: Mystery Team w/Christy Hemme vs. The Voodoo Kin Mafia
VKM interrupts Christy?s announcement of her mystery team, and she and Kip trade words before the Heartbreakers are announced. VKM takes an early lead, as a less than welcoming crowd taunt The Heartbreakers. What ensues is a fairly uninspired, stereotypical tag match. The monotony is broken by Hemme being removed from ringside after interfering, unfortunately with Hemme gone, the crowd settles down as the in ring action is unable to keep them enthusiastic. Eventually a hot tag to B.G. allows VKM to get the win and end the match.

Backstage, Christian tries to convince Abyss to help him during his title match and seems to be successful.

Match 5: Chris Sabin vs. Jerry Lynn -X Division Championship Match 2 out of 3 falls
The in ring action in this match, (which as one might expect was very good), was unable to compete with the off camera action in the stands. As a result, many in attendance missed most of the opening action, which led to Lynn getting the first pin. The two traded control several times, each hitting impressive aerial moves while on offense. Sabin?s feet on the ropes gave him the second fall, and a now undistracted crowd comes alive to cheer Lynn and taunt Sabin. Sadly the lead up to the finish was not as good as the end of the match itself, as a masked man runs to ringside, distracts Lynn, allowing Sabin to hit his finisher and get the win. The masked man reveals himself to be a heel Christopher Daniels who attacks both Sabin and Lynn after the match.

Match 6: A.J. Styles vs. Rhino -Elevation X Match
The match begins with a brawl on the floor, as apparently Rhino wants to wear down Styles before he can get to the Elevation X structure. Eventually the two make their way to the top platform which sways as the two men move around on it. Several ?slips? by Rhino and A.J. help to add tension to the match. The two spend most of the time in the X location where there is the most possible footing and although the action is limited, the constant threat of disaster keeps the crowd on their feet. Eventually, a dangling A.J. Styles takes the drop from essentially the bottom of the structure.

Next we go backstage for an interview with Kurt Angle. In yet another good promo, Kurt runs down Steiner, just prior to their match.

Match 7: Kurt Angle vs. Scott Steiner
Steiner takes control of the match from the outset with a number of power moves, but the match quickly begins to seesaw between the two. Both work at a decidedly measured pace, each relying heavily on strikes as their primary form of offense. Eventually, Angle unleashes a suplex fest, but the bulk of the match remains brawling rather than wrestling. Again, we have another case in which the finish was less entertaining than the match. This time it?s a sunset flip from the top rope allowing Angle to get the pin. Though this match just seemed fair to me, the crowd seemed to be quite happy with it.

An emotional promo from Samoa Joe, and a Sting/Abyss promo lead us to the next match.

Match 8: Sting vs. Abyss ? Death Bed Match
The expected brawl in this match is quickly ended as a weapon shot to the head goes wrong resulting in a huge bleeding gash across the forehead of Sting. The coffin is then quickly lowered and it seems that the match will be ended early, but Sting seemed to feel that the cut wasn?t ?match ending? and the contest continued as chats of ?Fire Russo? echoed throughout the building. As the match continues, Sting is reduced a bloody mess as his wound continues to bleed, and the crowd becomes largely subdued seemingly out of concern for him. The match ended in yet another poor finish, as Sting easily and effortlessly places Abyss into the coffin.

In the final backstage segment, Christian Cage tries unsuccessfully to recruit the visiting Great Mutta to help in his efforts against Samoa Joe.

Match 9: Christian Cage vs. Samoa Joe -NWA World Championship Match
The Samoan dancers were back tonight, putting on a short fire dance prior to Joe coming to the ring. The match begins as a wrestling contest, with a very loud crowd cheering Joe on. The mach finds it?s way into the stands once again, and Chriastian cannot deny the opening onslaught of Joe. Christian is able to turn the tide from time to time, but Joe quickly finds himself back in control of the match. Despite Joe?s dominance, it was not enough and in what was a nicely executed finish, Cage was able to pin Joe?s shoulders while in Joe?s finishing choke hold.

So there you have it. Overall I?d say this was a fair PPV. The marquee Elevation X match delivered the big fall we were expecting to see, and one of the matches that was predicted to be a snoozer, turned out to be far more interesting than expected due to a mishap near the beginning of the match. That having been said, nothing ?big? happened here. We didn?t get a new Heavyweight or X-Division champ, we got the same result we?ve? been getting for the past few months with the 3D vs. LAX feud, and Christy Hemme?s surprise was rather uninspired. I say don?t buy this show and save your PPV dollars. I hear the WWE is supposed to be putting on a pretty big PPV this month.

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