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Interview Recap - Mick Foley

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 07:44, Mar 08 2007

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This past week on In Your Head with Jack and Oneinchbiceps, a very special guest, the 3 time WWF/E Heavyweight Champion and New York Best Selling author the ?Hardcore Legend,? Mick Foley. Mick was here to talk about his new book ?Hardcore Diaries,? his 3rd installment of his line of autobiographies. Aside from his book Mick would talk about being a wrestling author, Edge, The Rock, Brian Gerwitz, a naked Diamond Dallas Page, Promoland and TNA. Be sure to listen to the actual interview located at www.inyourheadonline.com. In Your Head can be heard every Wednesday at 6:00 PM EST and be sure to also check out past interviews in the archive section and sign up in the IYH message board were you can post questions to future guests.

The interview is kicked off when Jack brings up that ?Hardcore Diaries? is Mick?s 3rd autobiography. Mick says that it was actually Vince McMahon?s idea for him to write another autobiography. Mick said that originally he wanted to do a ?behind the scenes? type book for Wrestlemania, because he wanted to show the world what Wrestlemania is like thought Vince McMahon?s eyes. Mick also said that if Vince knew how vocal he?d be against Mr. McMahon, he may have withdrawn that request.

Jack says that people may think its weird that he is doing a 3rd Autobiography, but he thinks its good in that it goes into a lot more detail then any other books. Mick said that he agreed, and that its really hard to get into the mind of wrestlers through their books, because the books go through a 20-30 year career, and Mick wants to know the little details like what was going through their mind when that faced a particular opponent.

Jack compared Mick?s handling of family life and wrestling in the book, to the HBO series, ?The Sopranos.?

Jack asks if when he writes a book and comes back into wrestle, if it takes away from him portraying one of his characters? He said not really and he says that he believes that the fans have an emotional connection to him and that it was his time as Commissioner Foley that the fans got to see who he was a person instead of Mankind or Cactus Jack. He also believes that is the reason as to why he is put in the top tier of the wrestling fan?s minds, when he says he shouldn?t be.

Incher asks if Mick learned how to type since the first book? He said he has learned to type, but he hasn?t learned how to turn on a computer, or a woman for that matter. He says that when he types he can?t make the mental connection like he can writing with pen and paper.

Incher asks if its more difficult to write or wrestle? Mick says that writing hurts a lot less and that its easier to completely over exaggerate your wrestling skills on paper then it is to go into the ring and proving it.

Caller Jobber asks if he has any Al Snow stories? Mick tells a great story he told for the WWE magazine about a man?s dog who loves watching Al Snow matches. Mick also went onto say that there isn?t very much Al Snow ribbing in his new book, but that a lot of the jokes have been relegated to Test jokes, and then he said he was shocked to learn he was let go from the company a few days ago.

Jack asks if Mick has ever gone to ?Abby?s House of Ribs?? Mick says he has and that it?s a great place. He remembers when Abdullah first opened the restaurant and that he thought it was a bad idea, but he was proven wrong. He also said that on the surface mixing Soul food and Chinese food together, while looking at pictures of Abdullah the Butcher all over the restaurant isn?t a good idea, but ?Abby?s House of Ribs.? can pull it off.

A caller, Chris the Crusher asked if he still talks to The Rock? Mick said not really and that the last time he talked to him was after Wrestlemania XX, when he tag teamed with him. Mick went on to say that it?s a huge honor if that truly is The Rock?s last match.

Jack brings up that he is one of the few people to put over Brian Gerwitz the WWE writer. Mick says that he respects him for being the main guy to deal with Vince McMahon almost on a daily basis, and for that he deserves some sort of congratulatory medal.

Jack brings up TNA, and how they brought in Kurt Angle, he asks if he could have made a difference in that company? Mick said he didn?t know, he thought it would be a ?shot in the arm? type of situation. Mick said that if he were to have gone to TNA as a commissioner and slowly dragged back into the ring as opposed to just going in there and wrestling would?ve been a better plan. Mick said that he isn?t losing any sleep over whether or not he ruined TNA.

Caller Travis asks if Mick would tell the ?Cookie Story? with Steve Austin and DDP in WCW? Mick finally gave in and told the hilarious story of him and Austin making a bet to see how long it would take for them to have DDP crack while on the road. The story goes into DDP arguing with a lady from a hotel, some towels, DDP bare naked jumping on Mick?s bed, and some cookies?.truly a reason to listen to the interview.

Caller Jason asks about Herb Abram?s UWF? He tells a story of wrestling his hero Jimmy Snuka and that he was booked to win the match but he had to tell Snuka himself. When he approached Snuka, Mick said he appeared ?loaded? on something and that he was so intimidated by him that he said that the finish would be a double count out?..in a lumberjack match.

Caller Norrin asks what it was like doing independent shows, while he was still in the WWF/E? He said yes, and that it was a weird situation and he wasn?t sure why Vince went through with allowing them to do that. He said he remembered doing a lot of matches like that, until Vince wised up and brought an end to that.

Caller Game5 asks who he considers a bigger star Stone Cold or the Rock? Mick said that?s tough and that he thinks that there wouldn?t be a Rock without a Stone Cold, but both are pretty equal in all around talent.

Jack brings up in the book that he said that Edge is the best heel in the business right now and whether he still agrees with that? Mick said he is, and that he goes out of his way to be a man with no redeeming qualities, he turns his back on his friends, leaves his girlfriends hanging, he does anything to look out for himself and he isn?t afraid to be coward. He also says that most heels like to get a small part of the audience to applaud them, but not Edge, because he enjoys basking in the boos from the crowd. Jack said that Edge is a more believable heel and then compared to someone who is acting evil just for the sake of acting evil and Mick agreed.

Mick brings up One Night Stand II and that Edge was great in that match and that he handled the situation great in that, since he wasn?t in a top feud he would be in danger of losing his spot of sorts, but that didn?t happen.

Jack asks if the WWE capitalized on Tommy Dreamer after ONS II? Mick said that when people read the book they?ll get his full take on that, but right now he said that the WWE dropped the ball on both Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk. Mick said the build up was so great, but they did nothing with Tommy and Terry after that match.

Jack brings up ?Promoland? in his book and if it weren?t for him being so grounded as a family man, if its easy to get lost in ?Promoland?? Mick says he does and says that whenever he goes home and his wife tells him to take out the garbage or do chores, he always remember that just a few hours ago, thousands of people were chanting his name.
In Mick?s final moments he plugs his book, ?The Hardcore Diaries? and he brings up an interview he did with Eric Bischoff on WWE 24/7 and he said it may not be as good as In Your Head?s Interview of the Year with Mr. Bischoff but its definitely worth checking out.

You can buy Mick Foley?s book ?The Hardcore Diaries? at www.wweshop.com

This was an awesome interview and potential interview of the year. I encourage everybody to check out the Mick Foley interview at www.inyourheadonline.com and then check out past interview in the archive section and sign up for the message board and ask all future IYH guests your personal questions or if you want you can always call into the show and ask a superstars yourself. Next week the IYH crew with be interviewing Magnum TA, so sign up into the message board and ask your questions.
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