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Interview Recap - Nigel McGuinness

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 12:59, Feb 17 2007

By Rios Granillo


This past week on Valentines Day, In Your Head Radio with Jack, OneInchBiceps and Barbie Richards had Ring of Honor standout and former ROH Pure champion Nigel McGuiness. He was there to talk about his injured shoulder, his thoughts on ROH and future dates, His Iron, Wrestling in America and Britain, Sharkboy, his short stint with TNA and what the future has in store for Nigel McGuiness. Be sure to listen to the actual interview located at www.inyourheadonline.com. In Your Head can be heard every Wednesday at 6:00 PM EST and be sure to also check out past interviews in the archive section and sign up in the IYH message board were you can post questions to future guests.

Nigel greets the IYH crew, saying he is glad to be there and he is just resting his shoulder that he separated, after doing the Tower of London to his opponent at a show in Texas the past week.

Jack asks how the Texas crowd treats him? Nigel said they treat him good, some hate him, some love him. He said the match in question was held at a bar, and sometimes he is a little edgy about ?bar shows? but this past one went well.

Nigel talks about the Double Shot weekend in New York and Philadelphia for Ring of Honor and then he plugs his website, www.NigelMcguinness.com

OIB asks a question from the message board, How did he end up getting trained in America by Les Thatcher? He said he went to college in America for one year and at the time PWI compiled a list of wrestling schools, Nigel sent letters to all of them, and Les was one of the few to reply back to him. After he graduated, he saved all his money, hopped on a plane and instantly fell in love with Les Thatcher?s school. He also said he trained for one full year, before having his first match.

A Caller calls in, asking why he carries the Iron to the ring? Nigel says doesn?t carry it anymore and the Iron is currently in pieces in his apartment, collecting dust. The origin of why he carried it, is because his ex-girlfriend was ironing some clothes while he was watching wrestling and she asked, why wrestlers carry items down to the ring (like Jim Duggan), and then asked why doesn?t anybody bring an iron to the ring?and history was made.

Another caller calls in asking about his finishing move, ?the lariat? and who did the best Lariat? Nigel said Stan Hanson

Jack asks about Samoa Joe being forced to leave ROH. Nigel says he understands TNA standpoint and that it?s a huge loss to ROH, but it?s definitely a needed step into creating new stars, such as himself and others to fill the hole the Joe left.

OIB asks about his match in TNA with Sharkboy and his thoughts on it? Nigel said that he actually started out wrestling with Sharkboy and credits him for showing him the ropes of wrestling and taking him to shows when he was just starting out in the business. He said he was glad that he was his opponent and the match, ?was what it was? and he felt it showed what he could offer to TNA.

Jack asks if TNA had discussed signing him to a deal? Nigel said ?No? and it was just a ?One shot deal?. There was talk about bringing him in for Team UK in the X-Cup but that didn?t happen.

Barbie asked, who has the hardest head, you?ve ever head butted? Nigel says he doesn?t know and that they all feel the same, but the ring post in Liverpool was quite an experience. OIB asks how he kept standing after that? Nigel just said the adrenaline and the crowd kept him going. He said after that he had to take a lot of time off, due to post concussion syndrome.

Jack asks, if he feels sad that the Pure Title is gone from ROH? Nigel said, yeah he was sad that its gone, but even more sad that its gone from around his waist. He went on to say that he understands that pretty much everything in wrestling has a shelf life and it was just the Pure Titles time to go.

Barbie asks who in ROH could fill Samoa Joe?s shoes sort-of-speak? Nigel says that Jimmy Rave could very well be that man. Claudio, Delirious, and Davey Richards all have potential as well.

Nigel brings up that he is looking to manufacture an energy drink in the future.

OIB asks about his opinions on Colt Cabana? Nigel says that he is the funniest man he knows, inside the ring and outside as well.

Jack asks if any promotion had tried to give him a stereotypical gimmick, like a Mr. Bean type character? Nigel said no, but there was a promotion that wanted him to dress up like an ancient centurion one time.

Jack asks about Colt Cabana?s gimmick in WSX? Nigel said he loved the Matt Classic gimmick and he thought it is the most original thing going around in wrestling currently.

Barbie asks who his favorite British wrestler was? Nigel said himself, and then a close second would be Big Daddy.

Jack asks how had it was to pick up the different aspects of wrestling? Nigel says it came natural after doing it for a long time. He said him learning the British style really made it easier to learn the other styles of wrestling.

Nigel briefly mentioned that he has been told that he has the best ass in ROH?better the Matt Sydal. He also said the Brian Danielson has the ugliest feet he has ever seen.

Jack asks if he has any good rib stories? Nigel said that a lot of rib stories involve him and Exlax. He went on to say a couple funny rib stories, one in particular involved him, exlax and sharing a hotel room with the late John ?Earthquake? Tenta.

Jack asks if Nigel had any talks with Wrestling Society X? Nigel said yes and originally he was going to be on the pilot but he had to reschedule cause of a tour in Japan. By the time the show was picked up, they had acquired all the talent they needed and didn?t need Nigel. He also said it?s a bit annoying cause he thought he would have done pretty good in WSX he feels.

In Nigel?s last moments on the show he tells the fans to enjoy them selves when they go to see him and to just have fun.

For more information and future wrestling dates for Nigel McGuinness go to his website www.NigelMcguinness.com

Don?t forget to go to www.inyourheadonline.com and check out past interview in the archive section and sign up for the message board and ask all future IYH guests your personal questions or if you want you can always call into the show and ask a superstars yourself. Be sure to also check out the Matt Classic & Colt Cabana interview, and quick drop in with Corporal Robinson from http://www.prowrestlingunplugged.com later on in the show. Join us next week for Aaron "Jesus" Aguilera.

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