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Interview Recap - Kris Kloss

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 20:31, Feb 12 2007

By Neal Jones

Wrestling Society X\'s lead commentator Kris Kloss was the guest this week on www.inyourheadonline.com with your hosts Jack, Barbie Richards and OneInchBiceps. IYH can be heard live every Wednesday at 6:00 PM Eastern, and all our archived interviews free at http://www.inyourheadonline.com

Kris Kloss was welcomed to the show. Kloss mentions he is currently at work for Big Vision Entertainment and Wrestling Society X. Kris says right now they are focused with the TV product for WSX on MTV, but there will definitely be DVD coming out in the future bt Big Vision Entertainment.

Jack lets everyone know that Wrestling Society X is on every Tuesday night at 10:30 PM Eastern on MTV, as well as the WSX Extra on http://www.wsx.mtv.com including bonus matches not on TV. Kris mentions this week we will see The Trailer Park Boys, Scorpio Sky and Mat Classic (Colt Cabana) on the WSX Extra this week. Kris says this week\'s WSX episode is their best one to date. Matches include Trailer Park Boys vs Filth and the Fury (M-Dogg 20 and Teddy Hart), Jack Evans vs El Hombre Blanca Mascarada (White guy in a mask), Los Guapos (Kaos and \"Jesus\") vs Luke and Alcatraz in a TLC match. Jack plugs the former interviews with Jack Evans and Teddy Hart archived on http://www.inyourheadonline.com

Kris discusses the match length in WSX. Kris says you will see moves that are banned in other federations, and the explosions that you usually only see in Japan. Jack mentions that you don\'t see the high flying moves like you used to see in WCW, WWE cruiserweights use the WWE style. Kris says WCW was the first promotion to showcase that talent on the main stream going back to Great Muta and Jushin Thunder Liger. Kris mentions once WCW closed, WWE didn\'t have to compete with the high flying action so we don;t see it anymore.

Incher asks what musical guest was the biggest wrestling fan. Kris answers Zack Wyld, who talked about growing up in Jersey as a WWF/WWE fan. Kris says they all knew enough about the business to hang. Jack asks if the musical guests help get non wrestling fans on MTV. Kris was a little hesitant, but they all knew their role to promote their album but let the commentators do their job when needed.

Jack asks if it is easier to call the high paced action. Kris talks about getting his start in Southern California, he says a lot of people forget XPW had a lot of good high flying not just hardcore. Kris mentions names such as Dynamite D and Kid Kaos in XPW.

Kris talks about running into former XPW co-host Rivera at a Roller Derby Show. Kris says he likes the new guy, but there was a definite chemistry between he and Rivera.

Jack asks if Kris is surprised people still remember XPW. Kris talks about the new DVD XPW : After The Fall available at http://www.bigvisionentertainment.com which focuses on the former ECW guys who came over to XPW. Kris says they didn\'t promote it very much but were surprised how many orders have come through.

Jack asks what \"Kraq\" actually did to Kris in the dark room on XPW. Kris says he doesn\'t like to talk about that...

OIB asks what the best bump he ever saw Supreme take, accidental or otherwise. Kris answers XPW Rapture show, when the table was lit on fire and Supreme caught on fire. Kris mentions the footage was never released on video or on XPW TV. The ring crew put the table out before helping Supreme. Kris talks about how crazy it was and you could smell burning flesh. Kris says that and the Vic Grimes scaffold match with New Jack were the worst bumps/moments he remembers.

Kris says he thinks the WSX set has a gritty vibe that gets everyone in the mood. Both the wrestlers and fans alike. It\'s also great for Television. Incher asks if pin falls count anywhere. Kris says yes anywhere in the XPW bunker.

OIB asks what Kris\'s favorite wrestlers to watch are. Kris says one of the most underrated in XPW was Dynamite D. He also enjoyed Homeless Jimmy, Pogo the Clown, Kaos, Chris Hamrick and more. In WSX, Kris enjoys Teddy Hart, M-Dogg 20, Webb, Jack Evans, The Human Tornado, Scorpio Sky, El Hombre etc. Kris says these guys need a chance to showcase their talent on a national level, because without WSX most likely they would have never got the chance.

Jack asks if WSX success helps the Indy scene because people will see the high flying style you see more often on the Indy\'s. Kris thinks so but it\'s not their goal. Jack brings up the fact WSX mentions the promotions the talent have wrestled before WSX. Kris says they wanted to throw that in to make wrestling resemble more of a sport, to mention their prior promotions and titles.

Kris talks about the half hour time slot. Kris says people asked how long will the matches be, or how can they get their story lines across. Kris says if you watch RAW the matches are only 3 to 8 minutes long until the main event. The WSX matches are really about the same length. He says the 2 hour shows just have more filler, they did studies and most people change the channel during the long talking segments on the 2 hours wrestling shows. Kris says most of the feedback he has gotten is the show is fast and goes by quick leaving you wanting more not waiting for the show to finally be over.

OIB asks what commentators Kris aspired to be like. Kris says growing up he always enjoyed World Class Championship Wrestling, Mean Gene Okerlund and Gorilla Monsoon. Kris says Bill Mercer was probably his favorite, he likes the commentators who present wrestling more as a sport and not entertainment. Kris doesn\'t want to mimic anyone, he wants to find his own niche and he thinks he has.

Jack asks who has helped Kris in his career. Kris mentions Bob Cannon, Rob Black for starting XPW, Dynamite D, Patrick Hernandez and Kevin Kleinrock. Kris tells a story of XPW\'s start. He says most people don\'t know but Rob Black and Paul Heyman were working together at one point, where Rob supplied Heyman and WCW with some female talent such as Jasmin St. Claire. They butted heads and had a big falling out where Rob Black went and decided to make his own company...XPW. Kris talks about XPW being pretty big for the time, being one of the only companies for the time to have home videos.

Incher asks about a 2nd season for WSX. Kris says it is up to MTV. He says to be honest TV can be a little screwy what they pick up or not. They were all happy with the numbers they have gotten. Jack asks if being on the same time as ECW is smart. Kris says the only problem is they have repeats. So people can tune in at other times, if it was only once a week people would have to choose and would have been a ballsy decision. Kris talks about the negative feedback he has seen on the net for the new ECW.

Jack asks about the feedback he gets from the fans. Kris says most people tell him he does great, some bash him of course. He thinks its funny people tell him eh has improved since XPW, even though he\'s doing the same thing. Kris says XPW was the black sheep of professional wrestling. He appreciates all the feedback.

Kris talks about the change in look. What he wears now is more his natural look, he suit and tie was more of a wrestling look.

Incher and Kris talk about the Scorpions and their new album coming out. Kris talks about the musical guests on WSX and they were all cool to talk with.

Jack asks what Kris thinks of the over the top elements of XPW like the explosions. Kris thinks hardcore fans will like them. He has always been a fan of them from Japanese Death Matches.

Jack asks if MTV does not pick WSX up for a season 2 will WSX continue ? Kris Kloss says he thinks so. Right now MTV is doing a great job at getting the name out there, the longer it\'s on TV the easier it will be for them to continue. Kris is confident MTV will pick it up, but it will not be the end of WSX if they do not.

Kris is asked what his dream match to commentate would be. Kris says he never thought of it but he has already had the opportunity to call Abdullah the Butcher and Terry Funk. If he could go back in time he would love to call a Freebirds vs Von Erichs match. He just wants to call good matches, and something new and fresh like the Dragon Gate wrestlers.

Kris thanks all the fans for watching WSX Tuesday Nights at 10:30 PM Eastern 9:30 PM Central on MTV. He tells everyone about the new DVD\'s Best of GLOW, Heroes of World Class and many more at http://www.bigvisionentertainment.com

Don\'t forget to check out http://www.wsx.mtv.com !!!

To hear the 40 minute interview please visit http://www.inyourheadonline.com . And join us this Wednesday for Nigel McGuinness WSX\'s Colt Cabana aka Matt Classic at http://www.inyourheadonline.com starting at 6:00 PM Eastern and upcoming guests Tatanka, WSX\'s Jesus and King Kong Bundy !!!

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