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Interview Recap - Jack Evans

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 09:11, Feb 04 2007

By Rios Granillo


Thanks to IYH Fan Rios Granillo for the recap.

This past week on In Your Head with Jack, OIB and Barbie Richards interview current Wrestling Society X wrestler, ?The Price of Parkland? Jack Evans. Jack would be there to talk about his experiences in ROH, Whether or not he can sign with WWE or TNA, Teddy Hart, X-Box Live and his current role in Wrestling Society X and his opinions of the company and its future. Be sure to listen to the actual interview located at www.inyourheadonline.com. In Your Head can be heard every Wednesday at 6:00 PM EST and be sure to also check out past interviews in the archive section and sign up in the IYH message board were you can post questions to future guests.

Host Jack, kicks off the interview by asking Evans what he thought about the debut show of WSX on Tuesday night? Evans said it was the first time he watched the show and he liked it, the explosions were over the top, but it was a fun show and he is looking forward to the response from the wrestling fans over the internet.

Host Jack asks how much of the show was edited? Evans said only a little bit, he also said that the editing on the first episode was poor, but in future episodes it improves greatly.

The first caller calls in asking what his thoughts were on be handed down the ?Blitzkrieg? character, from the original Blitzkrieg? Evans says that nothing has topped that in his entire career so far. He said he was a big fan of The Mountie and Mr. Perfect growing up but to him, Blitzkrieg was far beyond them in his mind growing up. He said it was a child hood dream to meet his idol Blitzkrieg. Host Jack, jokes around asking if he hopes to be handed down the Mountie gimmick someday, Evans says he wouldn?t need to be handed down the gimmick, cause all he wants is the Shock Stick.

A caller asks if JAPW is an underrated wrestling promotion? Evans says in one way it is and one way it isn?t. They have a consistent hardcore fan base and are able to bring in major stars from other promotions but to him they do not get a large amount of publicity over the internet like an ROH would.

Another caller asks how he is doing health wise currently? Evans says he is alright, his knee has been a little banged up lately and actually wrestled with a injured knee at the second tapings of WSX that required a brace. He also brought up that he wrestles with a plate and 6 screws in his right ankle currently.

The same caller asks if he is going to still be able to wrestle at ROH since he has contract with WSX? Jack Evans clears up the rumors, saying that he is still able to wrestle independently from WSX, that includes Ring of Honor and Dragon Gate in Japan. He also said that as part of his contract with WSX he cannot sign with TNA or WWE or appear on any nationally broadcasted wrestling show.

Host Jack asks if wrestling in front of his parents or other loved ones is more nerve racking then just wrestling in front of strangers? Evans says it is nerve racking and its always in the back of your mind when wrestling in front of loved ones, that it may be one time your carried away on a stretcher.

A caller asks what?s it like taping a full season of WSX as opposed to week after week of tapings? Evans says from a wrestling stand point its great because you just spend a couple of days filming, your in-your out and your done and free to do whatever. The negative side of that is that there is no time to see how the show is doing and respond to the fans reaction to the show. Jack kind of explains the way the WSX show is produced in saying that tapings wont really stop and that seasons will be shown one after another, with only about a month or two between tapings, so if the fans don?t like one thing, they can change it semi-fast.

Host Jack asks what the fans were like at the WSX tapings? Evans said the first tapings all pretty much paid to get in, but the second set of tapings a lot of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla fans showed up. Evans gives thanks to the fans who stayed there for the tapings because they would tape two shows a day, with about a six hour break between both shows.

Another caller calls in saying he was amazed that he wrestled with screws in his ankles, and asks how that came about. Evans said he was wrestling in front of Chris Benoit with Harry Smith in Canada and he tried to take a major cloth line from Harry and he said when he landed, he knew he broke his ankle. He said he felt embarrassed cause he broke his foot in front of Chris Benoit and he tried to not show any pain so he didn?t go to the hospital until Benoit left. So, when he finally went to the hospital they had to put a plate and 6 screws in his ankle.

The Caller asks where his in ring style comes from? Evans said he was a big trampoline user as a kid, his break dancing and freestyle walking.

Jack Evans put over WSX because even though they are going one on one with ECW, WSX put over DX and the WWE on the air

Host Jack asks if it?s a good idea going up against ECW? Evans said its not, because he would the fans to be able to watch both shows, instead of choosing. On the other hand it is good because of the competition aspect of a ?rivalry?.

Barbie Richards brings up the WSX rating of a 1.0 and compares it to current TNA current ratings and asks for Jack Evens thoughts. Evans said that?s great and he is sure WSX is happy with such a good number.

Host Jack asks if Evans if he has ever faced Larry Sweeney? Evans says No, but he says ?Larry Sweeney is the man.?

A caller asks about his thoughts on CM Punk and his role in ECW? Evans firstly says that there is no heat between him and CM Punk and that a lot of people think there is because of Teddy Hart, but there isn?t. He thinks that for a guy who really ?just? got out of the Indy?s, he is doing pretty good for himself and he also think CM shines the most in ECW.

The same caller asks how he thinks MTV views wrestling? He says that there were some MTV executives at the show, but the director (who wasn?t too wrestling savvy) was listening to a lot of the wrestlers and listening to their input for the show.

Barbie brings up Teddy Hart?s comments where he said that Jack?s match was re-taped 5 times because of an injury he suffered, and the IYH crew wanted his reaction to the comments. Jack said he couldn?t believe he said that and got his facts totally wrong, he even posted a blog on his myspace concerning the matter. He said that nothing was re-taped at the first set of tapings and that the only thing to be re-taped were the entrances and a few spots for the camera. Evans then says that he DID wrestle injured at the second set of tapings with an injured knee, but nothing was re-taped for the show because of it.

Jack Evans oddly brings up at the tapings, that New Jack showed up with a little midget pimp friend.

OIB asks a question from the message board, What was it like being trained by Brian Alvarez? Evans says he credits Brian for teaching him pretty much the basics of wrestling.

OIB also asks what his favorite entrance song is? Evans says ?Born to Win? by Pampoose

Then OIB asks if ?Gears of War? is his game of choice? Evans says it was, but he has been playing Halo 2 a lot lately. He brings up that he has become addicted to a ping pong game over X box Live, he says its addicting, but if he had the power to go back in time and meet his 8 year old self to tell him about him playing a ping pong video game, the 8 year old Jack would be devastated.

Jack Evans says that his X Box Live gamer tag is on his myspace.

Jack Evans plugs his Myspace, which is located at www.myspace.com/kcajsnave and his actual website is located at www.jackevanswrestling.com

A caller asks his opinions on Generation Next? Evans said that Generation Next was the greatest stable in ROH history and that he couldn?t really be pushed any further then they were.

Host Jack asks from the Chat Room if he has never meet with Vince McMahon? Evans said that him, Harry Smith and TJ Wilson got to sit down and talk with him after the British Bulldog?s funeral.

Host Jack asks if he enjoys working for Dragon Gate? Evans says that Dragon Gate is his favorite promotion, and if he could spend the rest of his career there, he would be perfectly happy.

In Evans last moments on the show he plugs Wrestling Society X and after that Barbie asks a final question of who wins, The Fire Pro wrestling game or No Mercy for the N64? Evans says its it trick question and he says VPW 2 is the best wrestling game ever.

This was a great, laid back and fun interview with the ?Prince of Parkland? Jack Evans. Wrestling, Video games, and references to Redline energy drink what more can you ask for? Be sure to check out the full interview and don?t forget to go to www.inyourheadonline.com and check out past interview in the archive section and sign up for the message board and ask all future IYH guests your personal questions or if you want you can always call into the show and ask a superstars yourself. Join us next week for Wrestling Society X's Kris Kloss.

---?IYH Rookie of the Year Candidate? Rios Granillo?.Vote Rios

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