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Final Resolution 2007 PPV Review

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 04:35, Jan 15 2007

It?s PPV time once again and this week its TNA?s turn take over the airwaves and give us three hours of PPV goodness. The centerpiece of tonight?s show is the Samoa Joe/Kurt Angle ironman match, which on paper has all to makings of a mat classic. Additionally, tonight brings us the in ring return of Jerry Lynn in a 3 way X-Division title match, and it will be interesting to see if the returning Lynn can keep up with the well tuned Daniels and Sabin. To fill out the rest of the card Sting, Abyss and Christian Cage will fight it out for the heavyweight title, Rhino and AJ will attempt to settle their feud, and Team 3D will get their first shot at the tag team titles since their return. These and a few other matches are all on the plate for tonight?s show, but I can?t help but think that Joe vs. Angle will make or break the night?s effort. Tonight these two men will carry a heavy burden into the ring, lets see if they will shoulder the load, or buckle under it?s weight.

The show starts out with the traditional well made opening video package, helped along with old clips for Mohamed Ali cutting a promo for the press. An introduction from Tenay, a kiss from Val, and a few pyro explosions later, and the show is underway.

Match 1: AJ Styles vs. Rhino
Things start out with an all out power move onslaught from Rhino, which included a little aerial work as well. Eventually AJ gains the advantage and works a nice mix of his traditional high flying moves, and the standard heel cheap shots. The crowd is enthusiastic through the match, repeatedly cheering on both men. The match does slow down towards the end, however the two constantly switching the advantage compensates for this nicely. The ending comes quite by surprise as an obviously capable AJ Styles chooses to lose the match by not answering the 10 count when it was obvious that he could continue. Unsatisfied with the way he won, Rhino chases Styles out of the arena and the two continue their battle after the match. Although the finish was disappointing the show is off to a good start.

A Daniels/Sabin/Lynn video package is then played, followed by a Jerry Lynn backstage interview.

Match 2: Christopher Daniels vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Chris Sabin ? X Division Championship match
As one might expect things start off very quickly with all three of the men exchanging moves in the ring. As in many 3 way matches, a 2 man in 1 man out pattern quickly emerges. The crowd is more subdued in this match, especially when Daniels and Lynn are alone in the ring together, (it seems they don?t know who to cheer for). The time away from the ring has not negatively affected Lynn, as he is as good and has the same move set as the last time we saw him in the ring. There are a number of nice 3 man spots spread through out the match, and the entire affair was very nicely balanced. The match ends when Sabin capitalizes on Lynn?s hard work, and rolls him up for a pin. This was a good match, which left the door open for a couple of one-on-one follow-up matches in the future.

We then go backstage for an interview with Kevin Nash and Bob Backland on the upcoming PCS finals.

Match 3: Alex Shelley vs. Austin Starr - Paparazzi Championship Series Final
The crowd is hyped for the match from the get-go and is rewarded with a nice opening display of mat wrestling. Between the too frequent shots of the ringside judges made up of Bob Backland, the fat oily guy, and Samolean Joe, are a number of impressive moves from both men. Both take the opportunity to turn this match into a showcase for some of their rarely performed moves. The two wrestle until the time limit expires, requiring the judges to determine the winner of the match. With one vote for each man, Backland comes to ringside to give the final vote; which turned out to be a draw. The match then goes into overtime, which is quickly won by Shelly. After the match Starr turns on Nash, and attacks Senshi, (who had come to ringside for the post match celebration), and Backland, surely setting up an upcoming feud.

Next the breakup of AMW is recapped in a video package, prior to James Storm coming to the ring.

Match 4: Petey Williams vs. Cowboy James Storm
Storm quickly takes the advantage here, using a number of power moves. With the crowd solidly against him, Storm goes on to work well in his newfound singles wrestler role. With Storm taking the lead for the majority of the match, the pace is slower than we are used to seeing Williams work at and as a result he didn?t look as good here as we are accustomed to seeing. In the end Storm is able to use the ropes to get the pin. Following the match, Gail stops the bottle attack by Storm, only to be rewarded with a sneak attack for WCW?s Jaclyn who is apparently Storms new valet.

A VKM video package is then played followed by their entrance to the ring, and declaration of victory over the WWE. Christy Hemme then hits the ring and in a segment that went way to long, and really didn?t fit the moment, pled the case for women in wrestling. Despite her acting being rather good, the segment went on so long that the crowd eventually turned on her. The segment ended with Kip James saying that women had no place in wrestling, resulting in him getting slapped by Hemme. I?m not sure what TNA was trying to set up here, but this segment was a disaster.

A backstage interview with Team 3D follows, and gets the show back on track.

Match 5: LAX vs. Team 3D
Team 3D starts off on top, but do not make use of many tag team moves at the beginning. The two teams trade the advantage frequently, with LAX doing a better job of using tag team tactics. The crowd is noticeably more subdued than I am used to seeing when Team 3D is in the ring, (most likely the effect of the last segment), although there is a small, very vocal contingent. The match ends when a drunk Brother Runt comes to the ring attacks LAX and costs Team 3D the win. Though the action in this match was solid, there was nothing special here, and I don?t think TNA has dug themselves out of the hole Christy Hemme?s segment put them in.

We then go backstage for an interview with Samoa Joe, prior to his match.

Match 6: Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe ? 30 minute Ironman Match
The match starts out with a slow deliberate pace and a nice display of the mat-wrestling prowess of both men. The pace stays slow as the match transitions into a punch and kick fest. Angle takes the early advantage working a number of wear down holds on Joe. Despite the pace, the crowd is back into the show, cheering on each man. Joe scores the first win with a rear naked choke half way through the match. Angle answers back soon afterwards, securing a win with an ankle lock. Angle then takes the lead with another ankle lock. With the pace picking up and 8 minutes remaining Joe evens things up with a pin following a muscle buster. Angle then scores again with a roll up with 5 minutes remaining. A last minute ankle lock attempt by Joe was too little to late as Angle held on to win the match. While this match featured solid work throughout, it certainly was not one for the ages. Though the crowd was lively for the entire contest, there just wasn?t much to see here. Anyone who bought this show just to see this match may be suffering from buyer?s remorse now.

It?s backstage one last time for an interview with Sting and a video package prior to his title match.

Match 6: Abyss vs. Sting vs. Christian Cage ? Heavyweight Title Elimination Match
As one might expect, there wasn?t much in the way of artistic performance here. All three basically brawled their way through the match, though each man did perform well. Abyss found himself eliminated rather quickly after a Scorpion Death Drop from Sting. Cage and Sting then brawled to the end of the match when a reappearance of Abyss and Mitchell lead to a number of interference spots, and eventually to Stings downfall, as a blow to the head with a steel chain from Abyss allowed Cage to pin him for the win. The finish here was a little overcomplicated, but the crowd loved the match from start to finish.

Overall I have to say this was a very average PPV. Joe/Angle was not nearly as exciting as I had hoped, and for a show called Final Resolution, I don?t think any storylines were actually ended tonight. The highlights tonight once again come from the X-Division with both matches proving to be among the most entertaining of the night. There is certain to be a lot of talk about Christy Hemme?s segment, though I don?t think most of it will be positive. As for the Heavyweight championship, although we did get a new champion tonight, it?s really just more of the same thing we?ve been given for the last few months. Maybe TNA will be able to do a better job 30 days from now.

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