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New Years Revolution 2007 PPV Review

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 02:23, Jan 10 2007

It?s time for the WWE?s first PPV of the year. With weeks of build up for their two biggest angles, (Cena vs. Umaga and DX vs. Rated RKO), the WWE hopes to start the year off with a bang. Can these two high profile matches be enough to build a show on, or will the under card rise up and eclipse the performances of the big two? It?s too late for such questions as the pyro hits, the cage drops and the show is underway.

Video packages recapping the DX/Rated RKO and Umaga/Cena feuds are played before Johnny Nitro and Melina hit the ring.

Match 1: Johnny Nitro vs. Jeff Hardy - Intercontinental Championship Cage Match
Things start out with moderately paced punch and kick fest, and then slowly escalate as the two begin exchanging some of their more impressive aerial moves. Both make good use of the cage without doing anything too crazy. The crowd stays with the match from beginning to end, and are rewarded with a very creative finish which sees Hardy retaining his title. This was a good match with a very good finish, giving a good start to the show.

We then go backstage for an interview with Rated RKO who announce the impending end of DX.

Match 2: The Highlanders vs. The Worlds Greatest Tag Team vs. Jim Duggan & Super Crazy vs. Cade & Murdoch vs. Cryme Tyme - Tag Team Turmoil
Things begin with the Highlanders and The Worlds Greatest Tag Team. The match starts out quickly with some nice tag team moves from both teams. Eventually a nice move from Benjamin gives his team the win, and brings out Jim Duggan and Super Crazy as the next challengers. After some brawling from Duggan and a few fancy moves from Super Crazy, Haas is able to get the pin, bringing out Cade and Murdoch. It seemed however that the length of the match format was a bit much for the crowd as they began to settle down at this point. As if the planners of the match knew this might happen, Benjamin and Haas were beaten, allowing a fresher tag team to face Cryme Tyme. The pace quickens as the two hit ring, bringing the crowd back into the match and keeping them interested as they went on to win. This match was long, perhaps longer than it was entertaining.

Next it?s backstage from a little skip with Vince and The Coach in which Vince promises to produce both Donald Trump and Rosie O?Donnel for a match on RAW

Match 3: Kenny Dykstra vs. Ric Flair
The show returns to a faster pace in this match as both men worked at quick clip. Though neither man did anything unique here, the basic moves they did do they executed and sold very well. Kenny spends most of the match on top, building up the inevitable comeback from Flair. The match ended when Kenny used Flair?s trademark low blow to get the win. This was a good match that brought the crowd back to life.

Its then back to the backstage area where Nitro tells Melina to get in touch with Joey in order to get revenge on the Hardys, and Victoria asks Melina to join her in her quest to win the women?s championship. This is followed with a video recap of Victoria?s recent domination of the women?s division.

Match 4: Victoria vs. Mickie James ? Women?s Championship Match
The two start out with a nice exchange of wrestling holds with Victoria taking an early lead. The match progress smoothly and quickly with Mickie noticeably not attempting any moves beyond her abilities. Towards the end of the match, interference from Melina is offset by interference from Candice and Maria, allowing Mickie to get the win. This match was timed and paced very well; having Victoria do most of the heavy lifting was an excellent decision, and produced an entertaining match.

Next we are treated to a video recap of Rated RKO?s antics over the past few weeks, before returning to the ring.

Match 5: DX vs. Rated RKO ? World Tag Team Championship Match
A pre-mach brawl starts things off, until the four finally make their way into the ring.
They start off with a rather fast pace which they maintain for the first half of the match, sucking the crowd in completely. The four maintain a nice ebb and flow, which helped to add to the unpredictability of the contest. The quick pace was constant throughout the bout until the very end, when HHH seemed to injury his knee. After a very brief bit miscommunication (apparently the result of HHH?s injury), they went right to the finish of the match resulting the ref being knocked out and DX destroying Ratted RKO with chairshots and moves through the announce table. Despite HHH?s injury, this was still a great match. All four kept things very physical at all times, and Michaels sold like hell all night long.

John Cena gives an interview backstage, before we are once again returned to ringside

Match 6: Carlito vs. Chris Masters
If the WWE was looking for a way to settle the crowd after the last match, they certainly found it. While this match wasn?t bad, the two failed to chain any moves together, turning the match into a move-reset-move-reset monotonous affair. This style settled the crowd down very quickly, and they never seemed to get back into the match. It didn?t help matters that the finish came from a surprise and uninspired pin by Masters. Cena and Umaga have their work cut out for them if they want this crowd leaving happy..

A Cena vs. Umaga video package plays prior to Umaga hitting the ring.

Match 7 Cena vs. Umaga
The match starts off as a fast paced brawl, with Umaga quickly getting the advantage, however the pace soon slows down to a more typical ?big man? paced match. Umaga dominates for the majority of the match, with Cena doing a good job of selling all of the power moves he is hit with. Unfortunately the match consisted almost entirely of Umaga dominating Cena, leaving Cena unable to much but lay on the mat, and grimace in pain, although each man played his part well. Despite the good in ring work, the two couldn?t overcome the mediocre booking as the match ended without a big comeback from Cena, and instead ended with a quick roll up giving him the win.

And there you have the first WWE PPV of the year, some great, some good, and some forgettable. The WWE seemed so determined to squeeze a few more PPVs out of Cena vs. Umaga, that they really cheated the fans who paid to see their first meeting. The DX match was a hit as expected, even though HHH seemed to injure himself towards the end of it. Victoria showed that she is capable of carrying the woman?s division if needed, and Mickie reminds us that she can be good when she keeps her move set simple. Jeff and Nitro showed that they can thrive on their own or in a tag team setting, and finally the Spanish announce table showed that it never met a PPV that it could stay standing through. As for the rest of the show?. Well it was the rest of the show.

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