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Talking Money - Cha Cha Interview

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 20:32, Jan 09 2007

Conducted by Tim Miller

After a short hiatus, I am back with a new interview for 2007. I interviewed independant women's wrestler, ChaCha. ChaCha is a sweetheart, and I appreciate her taking the time out to answer my questions quickly, and thouroughly giving a great responses to each of my questions!

Why did you choose wrestling for a career?

I have a professional life outside of pro wrestling, but for me wrestling is a creative outlet. It gives me a place to channel my love of performance as well as embrace the challenges of competition and athleticism.

If you were not wrestling, what would you be doing?

I'd probably be back in musical theater, competitive ballroom and Latin dance, or sketch comedy.

Who were your heroes growing up?

Favorite wrestlers were Steamboat, Roberts, DiBiase, Rude, Savage, and Hennig. Other favorites include Chris Jericho and William Regal. Owen Hart?s work holds a special place in my heart ? his energy and intensity are something I look to draw upon in my own work. On the ladies' end I've always loved Molly Holly's work -- her skill and ability to maintain her persona and own values make her an amazing role model for women in the business.

What is your dream match?

Molly Holly, of course!

Your thoughts on TNA, ECW, WWE, the state of Independents?

Pro Wrestling is always in a state of flux. People come and go, and everybody always has an opinion on everyone else when what they should be doing is concentrating on learning and improving. All I can say is that I'm focused on doing everything I can to learn and earn a spot for myself in places that value me as a worker and a person.

Who is your favorite opponent?

Alicia, hands down. I always have fun working with her, and I feel like she and I share a level of intensity that's fun to watch.

What was your favorite all- time match?

Every match is a favorite and a learning experience.

What is your greatest wrestling moment?

I think nothing will ever compare to my first match. The feeling of stepping into that ring as no longer just a manager, but finally a worker after all the time and effort I put in was incredible. I definitely cried after the match just out of the sheer rush of the moment!

What was training with Jay Lethal like? How was he?

Jay's a great person and an equally great trainer. He was excellent at explaining things in a way that was easy to comprehend, and he had a great eye for pinpointing problems so that we could correct them. You can tell how much Jay truly loves wrestling just by training with him for a day -- he's totally immersed in it, and watching him come up with new variations on maneuvers is entertaining (aside from educational, of course) because he really gets excited about the process.

Who would you rather work for TNA or WWE?

That's impossible to say -- each promotion/ company has its strengths. I suppose it really depends on where each one decides to take its women's division!

What would you change about the current state of professional wrestling?

As I said before, the business is in constant flux, and things are always growing and changing. I'm excited to see women's wrestling taking a bigger role in the business as of late, so rather than change, I'd say I'd love to see that simply continue to happen.

What legend deserves to be in the WWE Hall of Fame that is not yet?

I know it can't happen yet, but I look forward to Ric Flair's induction.

Your thoughts on a Diva vs. Female Wrestler?

I think it's pretty self-explanatory. I realize and understand that there will always be an element of "t & a" in women's wrestling -- that's obvious, and to assume otherwise would be silly -- however, when how much skin a lady shows is more important than her ability in the ring, I think that's a real problem. Sherri Martel didn't roll around in her underwear, yet she is one of the most prominent names in ladies' wrestling -- skilled, well-respected, and as well-versed in the ring as she was on the mic. I'm of the belief that women's wrestling should be about the balance of beauty, brains, and athleticism -- not who's willing to catfight in her underwear any given week.

Why the name ChaCha?

I was a dancer way before I ever set foot in the squared circle. The name ?ChaCha? actually came from my competition days ? it was the nickname my ballroom team gave me after the first dance that I placed with in competition was the cha-cha-cha! These days, ChaCha is what pretty much everyone calls me, in and out of the wrestling business. It's also connected to my heritage, as the cha-cha-cha is a native Cuban music and dance form.

What is being in the indy scene like?

It's a lot of fun and a great learning experience. I've been lucky enough to meet some fantastic people along the way, and I look forward to more opportunities as the year goes on!

Your thoughts on MySpace?

MySpace is an excellent site and can be a fantastic marketing tool if used properly. For an indy worker starting out, it's a good venue on which to share footage of matches and get exposure you might not be able to easily obtain.

Your MySpace says that you are a writer. What do you write?

I write short stories, poetry, and essays -- mostly commentary on social issues, and lots of comedy. I love writing, and spend much of my commuting time working on that. I blog regularly on my MySpace site (where my blog is top-rated and currently has over 400 unique subscribers) about topics ranging from relationships, to etiquette, to fashion and everything in between. I?m also big on linguistics, grammar, and the general study of the written word? yes, I?m a proud, card carrying nerd.

It also says you enjoy video games. What are your favorite video games?

A few of my favorites are Halo (Xbox version) -- I prefer the original over the sequel, since I'm not much a fan of the two-handed shooting... more of a sniper myself, the Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights series (on PC), the Elder Scrolls series (Xbox), Eternal Darkness (GameCube), and the entire Zelda series (across all Nintendo platforms).

What should be expected from ChaCha in 2007?

I place no limits on the coming year -- expect ChaCha to branch out and move full speed ahead!

Word Association:

1) Vince McMahon: mastermind

2) Sherri: complete package

3) WWE: juggernaut

4) TNA: potential

5) ECW: in limbo

6) Tammy Sytch: accomplished

7) Alicia: supportive/ friend

Jay Lethal: up-and-comer/ inspiring

9) AJ Styles: innovative

10) Hulk Hogan: legend

Website: http://www.ChaChaOnline.com

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/MeliChaCha

Upcoming Events:

1/13/2007: WWWA @ Zern?s Farmer?s Market - Gilbertsville, PA

1/27/2007: WXW All Women?s Event ? Allentown, PA

2/2/2007: WSU @ ECPW School ? Lake Haiawatha, NJ

2/3/2007: AWESOME @ American Legion ? Seaside Heights, NJ

2/10/2007: SSCW @ Italian American Family Association ? Clifton, NJ

2/11/2007: World-1 ? Pottstown, PA

2/11/2007: WXW ? Allentown, NJ

Any other comments for your fans:

I?d just like to thank them for their continued support ? without them, we?ve got no reason to get in the ring! Expect big things in the ?07 ? I consider you all a part of ?Team ChaCha?, and we?re going to make this our year!

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