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Interview Recap - Steve Corino

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 05:42, Jan 06 2007

by Rios Granillo


This past week on In Your Head with Jack, OIB and Barbie Richards they interviewed the ?King of Old School? Steve Corino. The former ECW alumni and established star in Japan, was here for his second appearance on IYH to help promote his World-1 Wrestling show ?Rebirth Or Destruction? in Pottstown, PA on January 7th. For more information on the show, go visit www.world1wrestling.com . Aside from promoting his wrestling show, Steve was on IYH to talk about his run in ECW, wrestling in Japan, his sister, Stevie Richards and he also shared a couple of good stories, one in particular that involved CW Anderson and a conflict with a youth Japanese baseball team. Be sure to listen to the actual interview located at www.inyourheadonline.com. In Your Head can be heard every Wednesday at 6:00 PM EST and be sure to also check out past interviews in the archive section and sign up in the IYH message board were you can post questions to future guests.

Jack starts off the interview with addressing the rumor that he is no longer called the ?King of Old School? and whether it was true or not. Steve said that is kind of true, America, Canada and England he is the ?King of Old School?, until Vince McMahon send him a letter saying he cant use it, cause WWE owns the name. He also said that he has never been called the ?King of Old School? in Japan due to a translation problem.

Mr. Corino starts to talk about the World-1 show, saying that there is going to be a woman?s tournament in the afternoon, followed by the men?s tournament in the evening. The Magic Foundation Charity is backing the show and Steve said that he is really excited about being a part of it all. A percentage of the ticket sales will go into building a Kids Only Gym for the community of Pottstown, PA.

.Jack asks if he feels proud if the fans remember something in particular about their career. Steve says ?of course? everyone in this business wants to be remembered and when someone remembers something big or small in his career, he feels immensely honored.

Jack asks if he feels glad that after ECW folded, he went on with his career in Japan and wasn?t typecast as a former ECW star like many others were in America? Steve says yeah, and he went on to say that he always saw ECW as a stepping stone to bigger things and those bigger things were wrestling in Japan.

OIB asks a question from the message board, Do you ever see yourself booking WWE Japanese tours or booking for ECW in the future. Steve says that is something he is very interested in and actually sent in a resume to WWE applying for a job there. Steve says that he feels he has something to give the wrestling business, creatively.

OIB asks another question from the message board, Do you ever get tired of the racism present in Japanese pro wrestling? Mr. Corino said ?no? merely because you know before you get in the ring in Japan that they don?t want the Americans to win. Steve went on to say that there have been instances when he feels he is being held back after catching some steam with the crowd, but its just something you have to go with in Japan.

A caller calls in, asking if he would ever go to the New ECW? And what is it like losing the ability to hear in his ear? Like Steve said earlier, he would love to work in the creative department but actually wrestling there, isn?t worth talking about. As far as the lose of hearing goes, he says it sucks but is something he has gotten use to. HE also said that there is a long procedure he could do to regain a percentage of his hearing back, but he says he is alright with his hearing loss currently.
Jack asks about Homicide and if putting the ROH title on him was a good idea. Steve said yes, because Homicide has been there since the beginning and is the most over person in the company, he definitely deserved the title.

Goosey from the message board calls in asking for his opinion on the new guys in ECW like Khali and Kevin Thorn and if they should be pushed or not? Steve says that he considers the New ECW completely different from the old ECW and that it is only being used as a business investment for Vince and the WWE trying to get back the money they originally spent on ECW. They can push who ever they want in the New ECW, as long as its perceived different from Raw and Smackdown.

Jack asks how Corino?s promotion World-1 is different from other wrestling promotions? Steve says it has a more old school philosophy and doesn?t run in big cities like Philly or Chicago, but stays in more of a country scenery where the wrestling is aimed more to casual fans, who perceive the wrestling more real then anything.

Jack asks if he will ever return to 1PW? Steve said that he would return to the UK eventually but he would never return to 1PW. Steve went on a long rift about the backstage dealings of 1PW and stated that he was one of the first to jump overboard on what he considered a sinking ship.

Incher asks a question from the message board, What?s your favorite move that you?ve never done? Steve says everything on an ROH show.

Jason from the message board calls in and asks Steve to tell the story about CW Anderson and the Japanese youth baseball team. This was a great story and definitely a reason to listen to the show, and a written recap could not do this story justice.

Riren from the Chat room asked, what was going through his mind when Homicide was shaving his head after he lost the hair vs. hair match. He said he just wanted to get it over with. Steve also said that he was surprised that the fans reacted the way they did when that happened because they didn?t perceive it as that big of a deal at the time. After that he tells the story that he originally wanted to stay bald, but an incident at his friend?s wedding that involved the Philly Fanatic (Philadelphia Phillies? Mascot) rubbing his bald head, brought an end to the idea of wrestling bald and that he then decided to grow his hair back

OIB asks about his react to his sister breaking into the business. Steve said he was a little hesitant at first, but he?s really happy that she has done well and he is glad that she is surrounded by good people like Chris Daniels.

Barbie asks my question from the message board about Steve?s opinions on Stevie Richards. Steve said that Stevie is an awesome guy and that he is so underrated and he doesn?t understand why the WWE doesn?t turn to him more often for storylines. He also said he were booking for ECW, that would not happen.

A caller calls in asking if Steve was going to give Larry Sweeney a push in World-1 Wrestling? Steve said yes, and in fact Larry is 1 ? of the tag team champions with King Kaluha.

In Steve Corino?s final moments on the show he plugs his World-1 Wrestling show in Pottstown, PA and he wants everybody to come down and support them and the Magic Foundation Charity. For more information on the World-1 show please go to www.world1wrestling.com.

Also don?t forget to go to www.inyourheadonline.com and check out past interview in the archive section and sign up for the message board and ask all future IYH guests your personal questions or if you want you can always call into the show and ask a superstars yourself.

Everybody, go check out the Steve Corino interview.

---?IYH Rookie of the Year Candidate? Rios Granillo?.Vote Rios

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