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Talkin Smack : 2006 Year In Review Part 1

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 18:19, Dec 27 2006

By Goosey

Talkin Smack Column 1: Review of the year that was 2006 in wrestling. Part 1.

This past year has not been the best year for wrestling. It all started in January when WWE presented the suck fest known as New Years Revolution with absolutely the worst Elimination Chamber ever put on. The only Highlight of that Pay Per View was Edge Cashing in his Money In The Bank Clause and spearing the holy hell out of John Cena to become WWE champion. The TNA put on Final Resolution PPV, and that was a good show because back then TNA put out good shows, you had after a 5 year absence, the in-ring return of Sting, who teamed with Christian Cage to defeat Jeff Jarrett and Monty Brown. And to end it all WWE put on The Royal Rumble, it wasn't that bad of a show to be honest but I question some of the motives WWE had on that ppv, they has itty bitty Rey Mysterio win the Royal Rumble which was really stupid because the only reason he won was because Eddie Guerrero died, hell they should have Pushed Chavo Guerrero since he is flesh and blood to Eddie, not Rey Mysterio. To end that ppv they had the debacle known as Kurt Angle vs Mark Henry, that match Sucked, the Royal Rumble Should have ended the ppv.

On to February. To begin TNA presented Against All Odds, where we saw Christian Cage finally end the NWA title reign of Jeff Jarrett, to me this ppv was good, but I think they rushed putting the title on Cage, they should have waited for more than 3 months to put the title on him. Next was the WWE?s presentation of No Way Out, where you had Rey Mysterio putting his Wrestlmania title shot on the line against Randy Orton, and to me WWE should have had Orton win the Royal Rumble and not Rey Mysterio. I just think WWE booked this show horribly.

Now March Rolls Around and we only had one PPV and that was TNA?s presentation of Destination X, where you had the return of Steve Borden, after being stalked by Alex Shelley for Jeff Jarrett, and the surprise Debut of none other than Scott Steiner, this ppv was a solid ppv. I just think TNA was lost on where to book the matches on the show.

And finally to finish this chapter of my look back into the ppv aspect of wrestling in 2006 we had 3 PPV?s in the month of April, Starting with a mediocre WrestleMania, where you had Rey Mysterio win the World Heavyweight Title, which shot that titles Credibility to shit, and you had Triple H tap out to John Cena which is seriously Bullshit. Then TNA presented Lockdown, the ppv where all matches are in 6 sides of steel, the main event of the evening was Sting, AJ Styles, Ron Killings, and Rhino vs AMW, Jeff Jarrett, and Scott Steiner, this was a great match but I think TNA could have really hit a home run by instead of Having Sting choose AJ, Truth and Rhino, just have Sting cut a promo saying Jeff, you had your number, don?t forget I have somebody for you and then get the match underway and then Have Goldberg?s Music Hit and watch the Impact Zone go crazy. Then finally WWE put on Backlash, the worst ppv to date of the year so far, they had the main event of HHH vs Edge vs Cena for the WWE Title and that match had to define the word Crimson mask because that match was bloody, and then they had the most idiotic angle with Vince and Shane McMahon vs Shawn Michaels and GOD, I thought WWE seriously didn't know what to do for this ppv.

Well that?s it for part 1, Feedback is welcome! Goosey

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