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The Scoops Report Issue 1

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 22:47, Dec 15 2006

The following does not reflect the beliefs and or opinions of IYH. All feedback to Scoops directly should be left here.

The following is a "Best of" format of Scoops McGee's "insider" reports from the In Your Head Message Board. New reports will be forthcoming, as Scoops unveils the cold hard secrets of the wrestling biz.

Andre the Giant Death a work ?
Many believed Andre faked his own death only to come back in a major angle at Wrestlemania 25. After losing 300 lbs with the blow away diet, Andre was rumored to believe he would be able to compete in the modern day wrestling.

After intense investigation over the last 27 months, I have found the truth. He has indeed died, and did not fake his death.

Also as a follow up, he is still dead, and no come back is planned at this moment.

More to come as I find out about this story.

Eric Young gimmick a shoot

Through my sources I can now confirm that Eric Young's gimmick is indeed a shoot not a work! Several higher ups in the biz have confided in me the truth that Eric Young indeed does not want to be fired. This all came up when Eric had bills to pay, and needed an income. With out his TNA job he would need to find employment elsewhere, those close to Eric have informed me. Also this is not yet confirmed but I do believe it to be true, as mentioned on the world wide famous IYH interview with out TNA Eric would not get free rides on Universal Studios theme park rides. Though eating and paying rent is said to be his main cause for wanting a paycheck, the free rides are also nice according to my sources within TNA.

More to come on this late breaking, IYH exclusive news item.

Hoytamnia running mild

Lance Hoyt has not recently been fired. Sources have also indicated to me has not quit as well.

Hoytamnia is still running, but no longer wild. Some in the know have informed me that Hoytamania is now running mild. Furthermore it has been discussed that his contract will someday come up for renewal. Several sources have confirmed with me that TNA will either offer an extension or will let Hoyt go. And this just in, in a Scoops McGee exclusive, Lance will either accept a new contract or he may not. Details are a bit sketchy.

Scoops McGee reporting.

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