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ECW: Vince what the f*** are you thinking?

Posted in Xtremeview by Jack at 04:46, Dec 06 2006

First off I know Vince McMahon will never read this but this is something I think that needs to be said. The date is December 4th 2006 almost 24 hours after one of the most pathetic PPV offerings in professional wrestling history. ECW December to Dismember was a complete disaster from every stand point. Even though the ECW product has little history in Augusta the PPV was moved there. Even though they knew about this PPV since day one of ECW they had one ECW match booked. Even though they booked 4 undercard matches they booked them to be crap. Now on December 4th 2006 news has broken that ECW?s former owner and writer Paul Heyman has been sent home.

Now why Paul Heyman gets the blame for this disaster is the real question. Even though Vince McMahon over the past 5 years with the help of his daughter, Johnny Ace, and many others turned wrestling into a joke Heyman gets the blame. Vince allowed stupid storylines on his own Raw and Smackdown programs such as Katie Vick, a miscarriage, and a gay wedding yet he thinks Heyman can?t book? Give me a god damn break Vince! Over the past 6 months the new ECW went from high hopes to one of wrestling?s biggest disasters. One decade ago Paul Heyman helped move ECW into the legit 3rd Wrestling Promotion in American. It can be argued that with more money that company could have taken over as the legit 2nd promotion and after that only god knows. However Heyman can?t book?

Over the past 5 years Vince McMahon has received tons of criticism from the wrestling industry. Whether it is the fact that his son in law and his friends have had a monster push or the fact that his company has become stale as hell Vince always seems to get by. However not this time, ECW was Vince McMahon?s decision. Back in June ECW restarted after going out of business in early 2001. The reason for its return was the amazing numbers the ECW DVD sold and the great reviews and business the ECW reunion shows had. Now keep in mind these shows were mostly ECW shows. However Vince McMahon showed in the first ECW One Night Stand he didn?t understand the ECW fan base. Reason being Vince decided to do a WWE Invasion angle that many saw as a distraction. However it gets worst because at the 2006 One Night Stand while was still very good had 9 WWE Performers used including Kurt Angle on the show. However it was chalked up as a success.

The new ECW had a ton of former ECW Originals such as CW Anderson, Big Guido, Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, Rob Van Dam, Sabu, The FBI, and a few more. They got a timeslot on Sci Fi TV. Everything was set but Vince McMahon fucked it up. Even though Heyman?s first script was dismantled by Vince McMahon, and Kevin Dunn and the show was a complete described Train wreck Vince McMahon did nothing. So for the past 6 months ECW went from being an outlaw promotion to a joke. From Zombies and Vampires, to Strippers who can?t take there damn bra off, to WWE scrubs like Hardcore Holly and Rene Dupree getting pushes Vince McMahon hasn?t changed his stance on the new ECW. Even though the few shows they ran in front of an ECW crowd that even had Vince McMahon saying the ECW crowd was valuable to the show they still decided to tape in front of a Smackdown audience. Even though the only highlighted matches for ECW involved hardcore concepts Vince McMahon has removed them from the card. Now what are you left with?

Most of the ECW Originals haven?t even been used such as CW Anderson, Danny Doring, Al Snow, The FBI, Justin Credible, and Francine Vince still didn?t change anything. Even though ECW originals Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer, Balls Mahoney, Sandman, and Sabu have all not been used to there potential its not Vince McMahon?s fault. Forget the fact that they debuted wrestlers and completely gave up on them within a month and they booked feuds that ended with no finish at all but yet its not Vince McMahon?s fault. Then you come to tonight, Paul Heyman has been fired from the ECW.

Now Vince McMahon the fact of the matter is you booked ECW into this mess. You took Heyman?s dream and made it into a joke. The only person you have to blame is one Mr. Vince McMahon. No one told you to bring back ECW, which were your decision and your decision alone. No one told you to sign ECW Originals and then completely ignore them for scrubs like Bob Holly and Rene Dupree. Vince here is something you need to realize. You made the decision to bring back ECW after the old one was generating so much money and interest yet you bring it back and completely change it.

Vince you eliminated the pushes of ECW Originals, you took away the hardcore concepts of ECW, and you took away pretty much everything that was ECW. Since June your ratings went from a peak 2.8 on the debut to a low 1.6. You had to cancel ECW House Shows because of the lack of interest. Now Vince McMahon the more you eliminated the original ECW concept the worst the numbers have gotten. Maybe you should wake up and get your head out of your ass and realize that no one wanted to see WWE part 3. You call it ECW then you damn well better produce ECW. When you produce a PPV that has WWE style booking and blame Paul Heyman for the booking of that show that had your mark all over then that?s pathetic.

Vince look in the damn mirror and realize Heyman, ECW Originals, and ECW fans have absolutely nothing to do with the problem. The problem is you, Stephanie, and other WWE creative staff who has become stale and don?t understand the fans of today. Realize that the crowd that made you realize that ECW could be profitable is still there but they don?t want to see WWECW. They want to see the concepts and the matches and the raw emotion that made ECW popular in the first place. Until you Vince McMahon realizes that people don?t want to see WWE part 3 this new ECW is doomed to fail. That won?t be Heyman?s or anyone elses fault but yours.

I?m Jason ?Xtremefalls? Simmons and this is my opinion.

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