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Interview Recap - Dr. Death Steve Williams

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 05:19, Nov 27 2006

By Rios Granillo


This week on In Your Head, Jack and Incher interview ?Dr. Death? Steve Williams. Dr. Death was there to talk about his new book ?Steve Williams : How Dr. Death became Dr. Life? (which can be preordered at www.Amazon.com) for more information please visit http://www.oklastamped.com. Steve also discussed wrestling in Japan, His health, UWF, Ed Ferrara, WCW and wrestling after his bout with cancer?In Your Head can be heard every Wednesday at 6:00 pm Eastern and don?t forget to go to the website at www.inyourheadonline.com and check out past interviews in the archives section and sign up for the message board and ask future guests of the show your own questions.

Jack starts the show out asking how Dr. Death is doing health wise, Dr. Death says he is feeling great and that a year ago he weighted 207 pounds and now he is 275, he goes to the gym every day, and since May 15 he has gotten back in the ring and wrestling, he also says that he helps out with the WWE and their developmental territories OVW and DSW.

The first caller calls in asking about Herb Abrahm?s UWF. Dr. Death says he treated him very well and he never had to worry about finances when wrestling for Herb Abrahm. The same caller asks, How would he compare Herb Abrahm?s UWF with Bill Watt?s UWF? Dr. Death says Bill Watts was one of the greatest bookers he had ever worked for and he is also one of the greatest minds of all time.

Jack asks if he liked working in Mid-South cause of the stiff style? Steve says that its completely different nowadays and that guys don?t even try to make it look like they are actually hitting each other. He said that he wrestled in Japan for 18 because it was more of his style, he said he went though a lot of broken bones in Japan and Mid-South, and that Mid-South at one point was a top promotion.

Jack brings up Steve?s involvement in OVW and DSW, to which Dr. Death says that he really tries to help out the younger guys and that he doesn?t pamper them in any way, he says he tries to motivate them by saying that none of them will be the next Stone Cold or The Rock just trying to light a fire under them.. He says they all think that they know everything as Indy wrestlers but all Dr. Death says he is trying to do is give back to the business, what the business gave to him, and helping train younger wrestlers for the ?Big Time? is his way of doing just that.

Jack asks, Who were some of the wrestlers that took him under their wings. Dr. Death says that Billy Starr and Alibaba the Turk were the people who trained him. His first program was with Bob Roop, then some with Terry Taylor. When he got put together with Ted Dibiase was when he learned the heart of the business and how to control the fans instead of the fans controlling you.

Dr. Death goes onto say it was a pleasure and that he was really blessed to be in such great tag teams with Ted Dibiase, Terry Gordy, Gary Albright and he said he was almost tagged with Andre the Giant. Jack asks what it was like to work with Andre and Steve says that he would let Andre lead the match and that Andre was a great person outside the ring and inside the ring he was strictly business.

Jack brings up Terry Gordy and Dr. Death says that he lived a life like a rock star and dabbled into the wrong kinds of medicines and he just lived life to the extreme. Steve said that Terry was like a brother to him and that he would have loved to had a good tag team run with him in America, but a 5 year tag team title run in Japan was amazing.

Incher asks the question if he ever worked with Stan Hanson in Japan? He said Stan was his mentor in Japan, teaching him the business dealings and that he was a great Japanese style wrestler. He went on to say they had some great stiff matches with one another too.

Jack asked if Vince McMahon and the WWF had any interest in the tag team of Dr. Death and Terry Gordy? He said that there was some interest but Giant Baba and AJPW would let the WWF near them and that they were really well protected in Japan.

Steve William?s first run in WCW under Bill Watts is brought up and he said that he enjoyed it there and that he really enjoyed the matches him and Terry Gordy had with the Steiner Brothers.

Dr. Death says that he enjoyed working both singles and tag team.

Incher asks a question from the message board, Where did the Oklahoma Stampede come from? Dr. Death said that was originally Bill Watts finishing move and that Bill gave it to him because he was his prot?g? at the time.

Jack asks about the Ladder match between Jeff Hardy and Johnny Nitro on RAW this last Monday night and he asks if there are any kind of styles that he likes seeing nowadays? Steve says that he doesn?t like how nobody ?sells? in the ring anymore and that you can throw a ladder at someone and they?ll be fine a few minutes later. He says that its fine to do NOW but he?d like to see if they are still walking when they are 50 years old.

Jack asks if there are any wrestlers that he likes watching currently, he said he likes to watch Kurt Angle because of his aggressiveness, shooting style in the ring. He also said that he helped to train him in Dory Funk?s wrestling school.

Incher asks a question from the message board, Who was your favorite opponent? Dr. Deaths favorite opponent in the ring was Ted Dibiase and in 1995 they had been voted the best match of the year.

Jack asks about Ed Ferrara and the Oklahoma gimmick, Dr. Death says he never had a problem with Jim Ross he said hw was just trying to make a living and was willing to do whatever the creative was asking for.

Dr. Death brings up TNA and says that he really likes the fact that now wrestlers have the option to jump and they don?t have to worry about listening to only one company.

In Dr. Death?s last moments on the show he talks about how God has really saved him and that he is truly blessed to still have his family by his side through all bouts with cancer. He said that he was really scared when he originally found out about his diagnosis and was really concerned about dying.

He really thanks the fans for supporting him though out all his career and his bouts with cancer and is really thankful for them. Go to www.Amazon.com and preorder Dr. Death?s book, \"Steve Williams : How Dr. Death Became Dr. Life\" and if you are interested in booking Dr. Death to talk at your church or to talk at your high school, his official website is www.Oklastamped.com, he says he really enjoys talking to younger people and tries to help out whenever he can.

Also don?t forget to go to www.inyourheadonline.com and check out past interview in the archive section and sign up for the message board and ask all future IYH guests your personal questions or if you want you can always call into the show and ask a superstars yourself.

Next week the In Your Head crew interviews former NWA Crockett era wrestler George South, so sign up in the message board and post some questions for him.

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