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Interview Recap - Scotty Riggs

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 05:00, Nov 20 2006

By Rios Granillo


This past week on In Your Head with Jack and Incher former Raven?s Flock member and former WCW tag team champion Scotty Riggs was this weeks guest. Scotty would be here to talk about his past in WCW, The Flock, tagging with Buff Bagwell as part of the American Males and A LOT more. The 90 minute interview, is filled with a lot of fan interaction and is an overall good interview. In Your Head can be heard every Wednesday at 6:00 PM EST and be sure to also check out past interviews in the archive section and sign up in the IYH message board were you can post questions to future guests.

Jack and Incher greet Scotty and right away start taking phone calls from IYH fans. The first caller asks what his favorite moment in wrestling has been and if he still watches wrestling? Scotty answers by saying that although he has a lot of favorite moments but his match with Rob Van Dam at Heatwave 2000 in ECW and his match with Raven at WW3 in WCW stick out the most. Scotty said that he likes to watch the ?wrestling? but isn?t interested in the ?entertainment? aspect, he also says that he?ll watch just to see how his friends are doing.

A caller brings up Steve Corino and Scotty had a lot of good words to say about him, but says it was a real shame that he blossomed to late in his career to become a huge star in the US, he went on to say that his work rate is one of the best, and only if he was able to show his character and personality earlier in his career he would probably be a big star in America. Indy and International fans are really lucky that they are able to see such a good worker on that level.

Riggs' tag team run with Buff Bagwell is brought from the message board , and he has a bit of a mixed feelings towards it. He said that the first time him and Buff tagged together they instantly clicked and enjoyed working with him. As far as their ?American Males? gimmick goes he went on to compare it to having wisdom teeth pulled out. He said, at that time in wrestling nobody wanted to see pretty boys as baby faces and that they would get mixed reactions from the crowds and that the woman would cheer and the men would boo. He thought the gimmick would have been more successful as heels and though the gimmick was mismanaged.

A caller asks how he got his big break in the business and who he was trained by? He said while he was playing football for West Georgia University and at local gym he?d meet Ted Allen who helped train guys like Arn Anderson, Tracy Smothers and Big Bossman. He said 6 weeks into his training he had his first match and was hooked into the business ever since. Ole Anderson was booking WCW at the time and he gave Scotty his first shot wrestling dark matches and WCW gave him a contract in 1995 only 3 years into his career.

On his entering of ECW he said he was just tired of WCW and the politics and when he left there, RVD, Paul Heyman and Dreamer where trying to come up with an idea to bring him in and they eventually did. The original plan was for him to stay with ECW but due to an injury in a match with RVD and taking time off, ECW at the same time was going down hill and Scotty thought it just wasn?t in his best interest to stay there. He really enjoyed his time in ECW because of the in-ring competition between the wrestlers.

He starts to talk about his friendship with Rob Van Dam and says that he is one of the most amazing person he knows and what he can do in the ring is the best, and his ability to get over with the crowd can not be matched. He says that if you give RVD any time limit for a match, he can get over with the crowd no matter what.

Jack asked if he had ever approached WWE for a contract, he said that he had been contacted by them before but because of the inVasion angle and the insecurity with some wrestlers signing contracts and being fired he didn?t think signing with WWE would be the best decision. He would go on to say that he doesn?t really like the way the ?Entertainment? aspect is more important the ?In-ring? aspect in the WWE.

Jack asks about TNA and if he would be interested in going there. Scotty says he would love to go there, but for the past two years he has been taking a break from wrestling and dealing with a divorce, his fathers passing and other personal issues. He said that he has talked to Raven and talks to Sting about going into TNA and he said it would be great if he could sign with TNA. He then went on to say that he just doesn?t like dealing with the politics in wrestling and that TNA has that problem like every other promotion and that he is really enjoying just waiting and getting prepared for his return to the Indies.

If you would like to contact Scotty Riggs go to www.myspace.com/scottyriggs. He says it?s a genuine myspace and that it is always him who replies to the fans comments.

A caller asks if he has any good stories that happened with Raven and the Flock. He says that most stories wouldn?t be appropriate for an internet radio show, but there was an entertaining story of trashing a rent-a-car. He went on to talk about the Flock and that they were all really close and all traveled together and critiqued each others matches and tried to come up with storylines for one another.

Jack asks if he thinks Raven would be a good booker for a wrestling promoter? Scotty response was yes he could, He said Raven is one of the best minds in the business and his ability to make others shine above himself was amazing, he went on to say that Raven is still very passionate about wrestling and that as he gets older he could see him as a booker or agent, maybe even someday for Paul Heyman and Vince McMahon in ECW.

Incher asks a question from the message board. Did you like wrestling with the eye patch? Scotty went on to say ?Do you like proctology examines??. He said that he loved the way it brought a new domineer to his character and he liked the way it looked, but he said that it was really difficult to wear in the ring because it messes with your perception of where you are and where your opponent is in the ring.

Jack asks if he enjoyed wrestling heel or face more? Scotty went on to say he preferred wrestling heel because wrestling face limits what you can do in the ring.

Jack asks about a reunion of the American Males , Scotty?s response is dead silence. He would eventually speak and say that he doesn?t think that would go over with the crowd that much.

Jack asks about his opinions on ?The New? ECW and Scotty goes on to say as long as they refer it as ?the New? ECW he is fine with it, but he doesn?t like the fact that it isn?t like the old ECW. He does like that it gives wrestlers another option to get noticed nationally, but he would rather prefer ECW had stayed in the fans hearts and not been resurrected Vince McMahon.

In Scotty?s closing moments of the show he says he has a lot of shows at the beginning of the year and he wants his fans to know he still loves to wrestle and to keep an eye out for him and his comeback to the ring. He also said to not be afraid to leave a comment or message him on his myspace and he loves the fan interaction.


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