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Cyber Sunday 2006 PPV Review

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 22:52, Nov 06 2006

It?s time for the WWE?s version of the people?s choice awards: Cyber Sunday. The one show of the year in which the fans get to vote on what matches will take place. Bischoff, Rhodes, and Benoit are just some of the choices that are laid before the fans tonight. Will the public at large be able to co-book a good show, or will their hands at the wheel be responsible for a wreck? Well, there is only one way to see what the new booker man has in store for us?

The show kicks off with the traditional WWE pyro show, and welcome by the US and Spanish announce teams. We then go to Todd Grisham and a disappointingly non-dim-witted Maria, who will be reporting the voting results throughout the night.

Match 1: Umaga vs. Kane
For a battle of the big men, this match moved at an unusually fast pace. The two traded brawling tactics through out the match, with Umaga having the advantage throughout most of the bout. Though there was nothing innovative here, the two kept things moving and the crowd happy. Umaga was able to pin Kane, and do so cleanly thanks to his Samoan spike. This match was much better than I though it would be, and was a good way to start the show.

We then go backstage were Sharmel looks to make a deal between King Booker and Big Show, but finds no takers.

Match 2: Cryme Tyme vs. Viscera & Charlie Haas vs. The Highlanders vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch ? Texas Tornado Match
As one might expect, this match was one big brawl with the participants taking turns working in the ring, while the others kept out of the way by fighting on the outside. All teams did well in this format, rolling in and out of the ring just long enough to get a few big spots in before being thrown back out. Again there was nothing remarkable or even memorable here, but all teams put in a good nights work. Cryme Tyme was able to get the win, and celebrated by stealing The King?s laptop from the announce position.

In perhaps the funniest moment of the show, we go backstage for a DX promo. During the promo, HHH is able to get Shawn Michaels so worked up over Bischoff?s remarks about them, that Shawn proceeds to run down the hall delivering super kicks to every backstage employee he comes across.

Match 3: Jeff Hardy vs. Carlito I.C. Title Match
From bad, to worse, to pretty darn good, that was the flow of this match. Hardy and Carlito started out with some basic mat work, and proceeded to mistime each other about once a minute, for the first three minutes of the match. Then to make things worse, they decided to work rests holds for so long that it brought out the boring chants. Then, as if they decided that they had put in their mandatory ?don?t make the match too short? time, the two began click. Both began going to the ropes, and pulling off impressive aerial moves. They did this so well they were able to bring the crowd back to life, and finish the match strong. The match ended when Hardy hit Carlito with a brutal Swanton from the top rope. This match was very rough in the beginning, but the ended was so good, it made the earlier parts of the match forgivable.

Next DX take to the ring and spend an inordinate amount of time trying to determine which one of them can get the crowd to cheer the loudest. In Hulk Hogan like fashion they took turns appealing to one side of the crowd to cheer louder than the other. Either the show has been badly mistimed and the two were told to ?fill?, or someone?s ego went way out of control here. At any rate, the fan seemed to love and never grew tired of it.

Match 4: DX vs. Randy Orton and Edge ? Eric Bischoff special referee
In a start that was sure to please the ladies in attendance, things began with Edge?s butt hanging out of his tights thanks to a quick roll up attempt and yank of the tights by Michaels. Sadly, that would be all we would see in the way of unique thrills in the match. The rest of what the four delivered was more of the same old same old we?ve seen for months. Even the addition of Eric Bischoff couldn?t breath new life into this foursome. They all went through their normal set of moves, and of course Bischoff eventually allowed Orton and Edge to cheat in order to get the win. There just was nothing new here; perhaps the 3 minutes of cajoling the fans to cheer wasn?t so bad after all.

After the now obligatory commercial for John Cena?s The Marine, all of the WWE Divas can down to ring side.

Match 5: Mickie James vs. Lita - Lumber Jack match ? Woman?s Championship Match
Ah, the lumberjack match. A ring surrounded by mean merciless ruffians who will take any and every opportunity to pound the hell out of any participant unfortunate enough to find themselves outside of the ring. At least that is what it?s supposed to be, however in this case anyone rolling out of the ring was met with a small amount of slapping, and in most cases the match participants successfully fought off all of the lumberjacks. The match itself was mediocre, marred by a few missed spots. The crowd apparently felt the same, as the cheering lumberjacks were far louder that the crowd. The match went on for far too long, before ended with Lita pining James with a little help from the lumberjacks.

Up next is a backstage segment with the spirit squad featuring more foreshadowing of their impending break up.

Match 6: Ric Flair & Rody Piper vs. The Spirit Squad ? Tag Team Championship Match
Despite the age of Flair and Piper, this match kept up a surprisingly fast pace, although this was do mostly to the Spirit Squad keeping the advantage and thereby driving the action. The Spirit Squad hit some of their impressive aerial moves, and the crowd enjoyed the rallies from Piper and Flair. In an unexpected twist Flair was able to figure 4 his way to victory, securing the win for Piper and he and capturing the tag team titles. Once again nothing really impressive occurred during this match, in fact the only thing of note was how out of shape Piper has gotten in just the last year.

In the final backstage segment of the show, King Booker tries to work a deal with Cena prior to their match. In what was a masterful demonstration of negotiating, Cena got King Booker to give him ?one night with the Queen?, in exchange for his working with Booker. However at the very end Cena backs out of the deal, leaving the main event to be an ?every man for himself? affair.

Match 7: King Booker vs. John Cena vs. The Big Show ? Smackdown Championship Match
This match started out rather quickly, which of course meant that Big Show was thrown from the ring and ?knocked unconscious? early into the match. This left Booker and Cena to work alone, something the two did very well. However it couldn?t last forever, and things slowed down again when The Big Show made it back into the match. Again there was nothing new to be seen here, although Booker and Cena both did well and The Big Show?s performance was tolerable. This match did offer one surprise however as Kfed, once again made an appearance, this time attacking and distracting Cena, allowing Booker to get the win and keep his title.

And thus the people have spoken. Whether by good judgment, or some behind the scenes ?help?, the fans that voted for Cyber Sunday booked a decent card. Though deep down inside I was hoping to see Dusty team with flair, and the first ever Diva?s Submission match, (something good and something bad), the matches they created weren?t bad at all. That having been said, apart from the fans voting on the matches that took place, there was nothing special about this PPV, and nothing happened here tonight, that you won?t see again tomorrow night on RAW. With that in mind, I say skip this show, and hope for better offerings in the future.

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