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Interview Recap - Larry Zbyszko

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 07:06, Oct 06 2006

By Rios Granillo


A return to ?Larry Land?, one of the most happiest places on Earth for Jack and OIB at In Your Head as TNA personality the ?Living Legend? Larry Zbyzsko was on the show to promote the WCWA ?Return of the Legends? show on October 7th in Kokomo, Indiana. Larry was the second guest on IYH for that evening as Antonio ?The Promise? Thomas formerly of Heartthrobs fame with WWE was the guest prior to him. In Your Head can be heard every Wednesday at 6:00 pm Eastern and don?t forget to go to the website at www.inyourheadonline.com and check out past interviews in the archives section and sign up for the message board and ask future guests of the show your own questions.

?The Living Legend? Larry Zbyszko is making his THIRD! appearance on the show, tying the record with Brian Alvarez for the most times as a guest on In Your Head. Larry lets the In Your Head crew know that it, ?feels good to be in someone?s head? and is glad to be back on the show. Larry stats that the WCWA Legends show is on October 7th in Kokomo Indiana and that he his really looking forward to it because he?ll get to see a couple of old ?cronies? and that he?s also looking forward to meeting the fans at the show that have followed him throughout his career. He says that he enjoys ?Meet & Greets? and that at the WCWA show, although he wont be wrestling he will be the acting commissioner of the evening, also at the WCWA show it will be a ?Meet and Greet? followed by an actual wrestling card and the main event will be Greg ?The Hammer? Valentine vs. Tito Santana. For more information please visit http://www.wcwarulz.com

?The Living Legend? says that the only wrestlers around that he hasn?t beat, were the 2 guys most afraid to get in the ring with him and those two where Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan.

El TNA from the chat room calls into ask Larry about working with Sting in War Games back in WCW and his opinions on Sting professionally and personally. Larry says that Sting was a very flamboyant character and a great athlete for his size, but was never a great wrestler. He doesn?t consider Sting ?great? but understands he had a good fan following.

Casino Man calls into ask about War Games ?91 and why it was that Larry replaced Arn Anderson in the event? Shocked that someone could remember that far back, Larry says he has no idea and cant remember, but most likely it was because Arn got hurt before the event. Larry says that he was doing so much wrestling at the time that it all kind of blurs into one big memory, which is understandable. Joking around Jack tells Larry that if he ever writes a book to use Casino man for reference, Larry says he is actually writing a book himself and that its about half way done and should be published around next year.

Larry?s asked about his opinions on Kurt Angle going to TNA, he says it?s a good step but he isn?t a big fan of bringing in talent from the WWE, but he likes Christian and he says he?s a big Angle fan and looking forward to the new match ups and opportunities for Kurt Angle in TNA.

Loomis Fargo calls in and asks about where the ?Dangerous Alliance? stacks up with other great factions like D-X, New World Order and the 4 Horseman. Larry says that the Dangerous Alliance was pretty good, but admits that he doesn?t like working in factions because ?you can go only as far as the group would go? and that he actually split away from the Alliance due to backstage politics and that is what lead him into broadcasting. He says that nobody really saw Steve Austin becoming as big a star as he did back in the Dangerous Alliance days, but being a great athlete, and being in the right place at the right time would make you a star and that Austin was all of those.

Another former Dangerous Alliance member is brought up, that being the former owner of ECW Paul E. Heyman and Jack asks if he was every a fan of ECW. Larry said that he never watched it and said that he was pretty disgusted by the fact that the wrestlers that wrestled for Paul E. where doing all this harm to there bodies and weren?t getting paid for it. The topic of Hardcore wrestling in general is brought up and Larry says that he thinks that its silly and that the specialty of it is gone when you have so many guys going though so many tables, he says that its ?dumb and ridiculously dangerous? and it brings in guys who have no business in a wrestling ring to go through tables and thumbtacks for seemingly no reason at all.

The idea of bringing the New World Order back to WWE is brought up to Larry in which he thinks the wrestling fans don?t want to see that anymore, that the n.W.o and that DX belong back in the past and that wrestling shouldn?t try to rehash past successes. Larry also brings up that he hopes that TNA finds the next big thing that captivates the audience just like the n.W.o did back in the late 90?s.

Two Hours for TNA is mentioned, ?1 hour goes by so fast? said Mr.. Zbyzsko and with the all the talent that TNA has at their disposal they need an extra hour to showcase more talent and expand more on there storylines. Larry thinks that TNA will eventually get a 2nd hour added.

Larry?s broadcasting career is brought up and is asked if he would like to go back to color commentating? Larry said he really enjoyed that and would jump at the opportunity to go back to that one day.

When asked if he would like to take part in the ?creative? aspect of the business, writing storylines or booking, he says that it is way to stressful and says that since he came from a different time in pro wrestling his views and ideas would probably create a lot of conflict among other ?creative team? members. Larry also thinks that a single booker is a better way to go about running a wrestling show as opposed to some sort of committee because of the clashes and different opinions of each ?creative team? member.

Of course Vince Russo?s return to TNA is brought up, and Larry thinks that Vince is a very creative guy with a bunch of ideas, but he thinks there needs to be someone to manage those ideas very much like the way Vince McMahon did back when Russo was under employment with WWF.

Mr. Zbyszko says that he doesn?t think he will be getting a prot?g? anytime soon to continue the ?Living Legend? name, and that if he did that person would have to be one hell of a talent he also says that the way the business is run now it would be very hard for him to really get a prot?g? of any kind anyways.

Larry?s asked if because of all the wrestling schools and small Indy federations if its easier to get into the wrestling business now then it was in the past? Larry believes that its about the same as it was in the past, but he thinks that most of the problems now-a-days is that because its so easy to get into a school that most of the time its just an owner trying to take ?some kids money??and that is what makes it very hard to actually make a career out of pro wrestling.

How does Space Mountain compare to Larry Land???Space Mountain is just like Flair is, it?s a pretend ride, Larry Lands the real deal?. This brought up the discussion about Ric Flair and a bunch of older veterans who are still forced to wrestle do to financial problems. Larry thinks seeing Ric Flair forced to wrestle at nearly 60 years old because of financial problems and then seeing him go into thumbtacks in ECW is ?pathetic? and that most fans don?t want to see Ric Flair go through that.

Larry says his Hair is growing back fine after losing his match against Raven and he says Raven is one of the weirdest guys he has ever met.

Z-B-Y-S-Z-K-O is how you spell ?The Living Legend?s? name and he goes on to say it?s an old Polish name that is misspelled everyday by people.

In Larry?s final moments on the show he says that he is going to be with a bunch of legends at the WCWA show in Kokomo, Indiana on October 7th. Guys like Ricky Morton, Brutus Beefcake, Koko B. Ware, Sunny, Johnny Fairplay, Tito Santana and Greg Valentine are some of the many legends going to be at the ?Meet and Greet? on October 7th. and for more information on the WCWA ?Return of the Legends? show go to www.wcwarulz.com.

Don?t forget to go to www.inyourheadonline.com and check out past interview in the archive section and sign up for the message board and ask all future IYH guests your personal questions or if you want you can always call into the show and ask a superstars yourself.

Also Eric Bischoff, that?s right the former head of WCW will be on In Your Head Wednesday October 18th, this promises to be one of, if not the biggest interviews in IYH history so go to www.inyourheadonline.com for more information on that and if you have a question you?d like to ask Mr. Bischoff sign up to the In Your Head Message Board and post a question or call into the show.

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