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Interview Recap - Antonio Thomas

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 12:07, Oct 05 2006

By Rios Granillo

Thanks to IYH fan Rios Granillo for the recap.

My first "attempt" at recapping the show...im hoping to make it a regular thing and not go down like the other recappers of past....so tell me what you think.

Antonio ?The Promise? Thomas, one half of the former WWE RAW tag team ?The Heartthrobs? was the first of two guests on In Your Head this evening. Jack, OneInchBiceps and Barbie Richards the hosts of In Your Head can be heard every Wednesday at 6:00 PM Eastern and don?t forget to go to the website at www.inyourheadonline.com and check out past interviews in the archives section and sign up for the message board and ask future guests of the show your own questions.

IYH is graced with Antonio ?The Promise? Thomas, after the break he lets Jack and OIB know that its good to be on the show and that he is watching baseball playoffs and says that growing up around the Boston area he was a Red sox fan and says ?At least we have ?04? and ?There?s always next year??.a true Red sox fan.

www.Antonio-Thomas.com can be used to find out future bookings , pictures and what?s been going on with Antonio?s career on the Indy scene. The conversation then goes to the infamous topic of myspace.com and that he can me contacted there at http://www.myspace.com/promiseantoniothomas. He enjoys Myspace and says that he is bugged and pestered by fans but says he still tries to reply to his comments.

The hosts start taking calls and the caller asks what it was like to work with Kurt Angle and what his thoughts are on him going to TNA. Thomas says that although he never worked in the ring with Kurt in WWE he said Kurt was a big help backstage and with in-ring advice but he is hoping to work with him in the future and as far as Angle going to TNA is concerned he is glad that it has people talking about TNA and the possibilities of fresh match ups like AJ or Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle are very appealing. When asked if he has had any discussions with TNA, Antonio says there have been conversations between the two and says to stay tuned to see the Heartthrobs might just pop up in TNA sometime down the road.

The discussion turns to his partnership with Romeo Roselli and how long they have been tagging together. Thomas and Roselli both trained together and Roselli asked to be a tag team a few months into Antonio?s training, they would face each other and travel up and down the road together. When asked if he enjoyed tag team wrestling as a kid he names a few teams, Tully & Arn and The Rockers where two of the names he says and that tag team wrestling in the late 80?s was a magical time.

Antonio goes onto say that Jim Cornette, former booker for Ohio Valley Wrestling was the person who came up with the ?Heartthrobs? at the time ?Heartbreakers? gimmick for Antonio and Romeo and was the main person who kept the gimmick going with new moves and giving them manager Mo? Green, Antonio says, ?If it wasn?t for Jim Cornette there wouldn?t have been the ?Heartthrobs?.

When asked if he prefers working ?Face? or ?Heel? he says ?face? when he?s wrestling in singles and ?Heel? when he works in tag teams.

Some of the tag teams he would like to work with are LAX, Daniels & Styles, London & Kendrick, and The Briscoe Brothers.

When asked what made him become a fan of pro wrestling before he entered the sport? He said he was an avid follower of Hulkamania and that Ricky Steamboat and Brian Pillman were the wrestlers that influenced him to become one himself.

Antonio says that its an honor to worked with the legends he did when he first started wresting and that taking a Jimmy Snuka splash was one of the biggest honors in his career.

The name ?The Promise?, was a name Antonio used a few years into his career in New England Championship Wrestling and that the booker was the one that came up with the great nickname? ?The Promise? Antonio Thomas

In Antonio?s closing moments on IYH, he wants his fans to know that he is in the best shape of his life and that he?s been keeping busy, working every week and looks to the fans for all his support and expect to see him working a different in ring style with a more high flying tempo.

A couple of Antonio?s upcoming shows are Oct. 7 in Brooklyn, NY for ABC Wrestling and Defiant Pro Wrestling in Connecticut on Oct. 14. For his full schedule go to www.Antonio-Thomas.com and be sure to watch the Foods Network on November 8th at 10:30 to see Antonio Thomas and Romeo Roselli aka ?The Heartthrobs? on the show ?Ham on the Street?.

Of course don?t forget to visit www.inyourheadonline.com , to catch the full interview with ?The Promise? Antonio Thomas and be sure to check out the 2nd interview of the evening, when the IYH crew interviews TNA?s ?Living Legend? Larry Zbyszko as he promotes the big WCWA Legends show in tropical Kokomo, Indiana.

Also Eric Bischoff, that?s right the former head of WCW will be on In Your Head Wednesday October 18th, this promises to be one of, if not the biggest interviews in IYH history so go to www.inyourheadonline.com for more information on that and if you have a question you?d like to ask Mr. Bischoff sign up to the In Your Head Message Board and post a question or call into the show.

---?IYH Rookie of the Year Candidate? Rios Granillo......Vote Rios

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