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Interview Recap - Alex Shelley

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 23:52, Sep 30 2006

By Barbie Richards

TNA's 'Total Non-Stop @lx' Alex Shelley was the first guest on this weeks In Your Head (at www.inyourheadonline.com) hosted by Jack, OIB and Barbie Richards. Alex was welcomed to the show as - in Barbie Richards' opinion - 'TNA?s hottest star' as he joined us to talk a little about TNA's product , time slot and fans among other things.

On TNA's new timeslot- Alex is glad for it , noting that more people are watching TV at that time. When asked if he'd like to see it extend to 2 hours , Alex says absolutely as it would give TNA time to develop matches instead of rushing them.

On whether TNA is adept at pushing stars the fans react to- Alex likes to think any promoter would push a guy that the fans react to.

Barbie and O.I.B. turn to the message board for questions and discuss umbrellas , Low-Ki and Prince Nana with Alex.

On ROH talent he'd like to see in TNA- "I really think Claudio Castagnoli is another one."- "He speaks another language, I mean, I really don't know what more you would want." He also brings up Necro Butcher and Jimmy Rave , to name a few.

The conversation turns to horror movies by way of Necro Butcher. Including 'Wrong Turn' , a subject which would go on to reappear throughout the show even after Shelley's departure.

On whether TNA presents varied styles- Alex feels it's impossible to do with one hour and expands on the theory , once again hinting towards the usefulness of a two hour slot.

On his aspirations in TNA- Heavyweight titles , tag teams and beyond. "Anything they give me I just make the best of."

The Paparazzi Gimmick origins and the 'outta left field' explanation for who it came from.

Turning back to the message board , tag team partners are discussed , leading into Kevin Nash talk; riffing on the pre-tapes/promos , the 'Size Matters' storylines , personal opinions and the almighty charts.

On who Alex would like to see in The Paparazzi- Shelley would love to bring A1 into the fold, remarking "It just makes sense that we should have somebody, some muscle, some kind of bodyguard with us if we're gunna be ridiculous pricks to people."

The chat room asks his feelings on the Anti-X storyline which leads into discussion about the iMPACT zone almost burning down which further leads into pyro discussion and lasik surgery.

On the Orlando fans- Shelley begs for a little variety and would rather perform for the fans at the TNA house shows who have paid to get in because they actually want to see the wrestling. "There's alotta weirdos in Orlando , too. You know ? And I agree it's cool to like wrestling and it's cool to be a fan but I don't wanna talk to some 35 year old woman with her face painted like Sting and she has make-up all over her teeth aaand she has a homemade t-shirt of her and Bobby Roode posing together because she caught him outside a Wallgreens , you know ? I don't wanna deal with them."

On ICP coming in- Alex thinks it's good if only for the great job they do promoting the shows.

Turning back to message board questions , Shelley talks about being the 'heel' on Team USA and fighting some of the best in the world , "I didn't play a heel role , I'm actually an asshole."

On the possibility of a babyface run- Shelley says it doesn't matter because he's just himself and either way he'd still be him. Plus he enjoys the hell out of annoying the Orlando fans.

The interview then turns towards what Alex enjoyed in wrestling as a fan growing up.

When asked about Angle , Shelley says he could be great for TNA as long as he's used well. Not to mention that he can't help but learn from him just by watching. Then when asked about Vince Russo , Alex remarks he was slightly apathetic towards it due to not working extensively with him last him , although based on limited exposure he is all for Russo helping TNA. He remarks that having someone tapped into pop culture can't hurt.

On leaving ROH- Although there were a lot of factors he just felt his 'time was up' in ROH and couldn't commit fully to them.

On MySpace fans Vs. Fans in a Public Restroom- This one touches on some less then pleasant observations including what Shelley would do if somebody slid an autograph book beneath the door of a stall.

Austin Starr- Alex is elated to have Starr in TNA as he reminds him a lot of Austin Aries. Shelley reveals that Austin Starr is a fashion plate that'll blow us all away.

Alex asks his fans to check out www.alexshelleyonline.com for his merchandise , mentioning the amount of people who claim to be his biggest fan but still misspell his name astounds him.

The talk turns to horror movies again including the return to the conversation of Wrong Turn. Barbie asks "Is that the one with Eliza Dushku in it?" - "I don't know but it was the one with where they, well... they made a Wrong Turn I mean, needless to say." He also mentions The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Joyride and Silent Hill among others. The conversation then turns to defacing corpses in an attempt to convince someone to release a Special Edition of A Clockwork Orange. Alex would not be down with that but would still like to see a re-release or a re-make. "Corpses are a no-no."

On rib stories- A story about wet towel flicking that seems to defy the basic perception of Biology Vs. Wet Cotton. A1 once again pops up. The word 'gnarly' also appears.

The interview covers more topics then listed but I'm just one man who types with two fingers. Besides , text does them no justice. The show also includes an appearance by Ricky Morton who is his regularly over charged self. He says more in 10 minutes then most do in an hour.

To hear the interview plus Ricky Morton please visit http://www.inyourheadonline.com .

Check out www.InYourHeadOnline.com all this month for interviews with 'The Promise Thomas' Antonio Thomas (formerly of RAW and The Heart Throbs) and on the 18th we'll have Eric Bischoff to help promote his book 'Controversy Creates Cash.' Sign up to the IYH message board to leave questions for both and interact with the Super-Sexy-Studly hosts of In Your Head.

-- 'The Voice of The Beautiful People' Barbie Richards.

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