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Quit Bitching!!

Posted in Xtremeview by Jack at 07:04, Sep 07 2006

Have you watched Smackdown lately? If you haven?t you have probably have at least heard about the new shocking angle of the WWE?s. Whether you read it on wwe.com, a news site, or even read a column on Obsessedwithwrestling.com I?m sure you have heard about it. The angle in question is the continuation of the Eddie Guerrero angle. This angle is pretty much built off the tragedy of wrestling legend Eddie Guerrero?s death. The angle has been an evolution over the past couple of months and now its time to tell people how to handle it. How you handle this is quiet simple actually. YOU QUIT BITCHING!

What do I mean by this statement? I mean stop writing columns complaining about it. Stop posting on message board whining about the angle. This angle has become bigger not because of Vince McMahon, or Vickie Guerrero, or Rey Mysterio, or even Chavo Guerrero. This angle has become big because of the fans.

This angle all started late last year after the death of Eddie Guerrero. One night Rey Mysterio took on the Big Show where he dedicated the match too Eddie and drove his low rider down to the ring. The match ended up having Undertaker and Randy Orton at ringside brawling. Orton got in the driver seat as Undertaker was sprawled across the hood of the car and Orton backed the car into the Smackdown set. The angle made it seem like he ?killed? the Undertaker and the internet media and fans alike cried foul. For weeks this angle was talked about and fans talked about how wrong it was. Problem with this was fans not only didn?t turn away but the ratings were picking up by December.

However the WWE moved on and things progressively got weirder as Rey Mysterio started screaming Eddie?s name during some of his matches and fans were once again crying foul. However WWE moved to the Royal Rumble where Mysterio dedicated the match to Eddie Guerrero again and won the match eliminating Randy Orton and Triple H at the end. Orton then challenged Mysterio at No Way Out for his Wrestlemania spot, during this feud Orton made a comment saying Eddie Guerrero is in hell. Once again fans cried foul over the comment. Mysterio lost the match after Orton cheated and dedicated the match before hand once again to Eddie Guerrero. Again fans cried foul that the WWE allowed Guerrero?s name to be used like this.

Then WWE moved into Wrestlemania which lead to Mysterio winning a triple threat match to be the new Heavyweight Champion. Mysterio not only continued to talk about Eddie Guerrero but went on to have in my opinion one of the worst title reigns in WWE History! Now is that because he?s a cruiserweight? No his title reign was a disaster because he barely won and was pushed horribly throughout the run. However that?s another story for another time. Mysterio went to defend his title against Booker T at the Great American Bash which saw Chavo Guerrero turn on Mysterio and cost him the title.

This moved the angle to Mysterio and Guerrero fighting over Eddie Guerrero, and once again the fans have cried foul. To make matters worst Vickie Guerrero the widow of Eddie has shown up on Smackdown and has been involved in the feud. Not only did she get involved with the feud but she has now turned on Rey Mysterio and became a heel. Now guess what has happened, fans have cried foul. You see a pattern here? So here is my advice to anyone who is offended by this angle. QUIT BITCHING!

It has become no secret that the angle is hated by most internet fans and like I?ve stated repeatedly they have cried foul. I want every smark, mark, internet fan, casual fan, and wrestling fan in general who dislike this angle to shut up and listen. Now you guys have whined, complained, moaned, gowned, and bitched since the WWE started doing this and where has it gotten you? Absolutely nowhere!

I?ll make this very clear right now, I am not a fan of this angle and however I?m not offended. However for people who are so offended I would like to point a couple of things out that you obviously haven?t thought of. First off who are you to be offended about this angle? I bet not one person who reads this is a Guerrero, or family friend so what right do you have to say Eddie wouldn?t like this angle? Also Eddie?s wife, nephew, and one of his best friends are doing it so obviously they aren?t that offended by this.

Next I?ve heard people make the statement ?it kills Eddie?s legacy?. That statement is not only false but ridiculous to even state! No matter what the WWE ever does with this angle it can?t take away the fact that he?s been a champion all over the world and was one of the most beloved wrestlers ever. Secondly Eddie?s wife is getting a pay check which I guarantee you help Eddie?s wife and kids. So while I personally find this angle stupid and lame I can?t sit here and say I?m offended by it because I?m not, for the reasons I stated above.

Now if you truly dislike this angle I?m going to tell you straight up how to really stop it. You see last Friday night I was watching Smackdown and I heard Eddie?s music hit and Vickie walked out. I read the spoiler so I knew what was coming, so I picked up my remote control and turned to the football game. You see by doing this I send a silent but deadly message to the WWE which says I?m not interested. That message means a hell of a lot more then what most of the people complaining does.

You see people every time you complain about this angle you play right into the WWE?s hand. They know your watching it, so you bitching constantly about it is not going to fix anything. You gave them what they wanted, not only did you help them create controversy but they got your viewer ship. Also for the people who don?t even watch Smackdown but complain your worst then anything. WWE isn?t going to listen to you; they see you as someone who isn?t going to watch the show anyway. So if you?re not going to watch the shows then why try to please you if your not watching anyway?

Do you get my point? All I?m saying is while I dislike this angle I do what WWE doesn?t want you to do and I flip the channel. Now I flipping the channel will hurt them a hell of a lot more then complaining about this angle will. So at the end of the day if enough of us say you know what no more and flip the channel during that segment WWE will get the message and remove the angle.

Feedback is Welcome. Until Next Time

Jason ?Xtremefalls? Simmons

Other columns by Jason "Xtremefalls" Simmons can also be read at http://www.obsessedwithwrestling.com . You can also interact with Xtremefalls and the rest of the IYH fans and hosts at IYH message board.

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