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Posted in In My Head by Jack at 09:34, Aug 29 2006

This triple threat match = greatness in my book!!
By Oliver Newman

Hopefully this will be an article that will make you want to order this dvd from Rohwrestling.com

Hi I am Oliver Newman and after being a Wrestling fan since around 1990, I have recently decided I would like to enter the industry on the journalism side of things.

Lately after having become disillusioned with WWE's writing (except Paul London being in main event on WWE Smackdown this week!) I decided that I needed a change so I went over to rohwrestling.com. Luckily there was a sale on at the time 'Buy 3 get 1 free' so I decided to catch up with my 2002 ROH dvd collection (I bought 6 and got 2 free) and the only dvd that is missing from my collection is ROH Final Battle 2002.

I'm not going to explain who wins and loses in this revised copy as I too don't like spoilers and if you haven't seen this match that is what I would be doing!

Code of Honor:

- Competitors must shake hands before and after their match.
- No interfering in matches or having others interfere on your behalf.
- No harming a referee or causing others to harm an official.
- No sneak attacks.
- If you are disqualified in your match, you have broken the Code Of Honor

ROH 'Era Of honor begins' (February 2002)

Bryan Danielson v Low Ki v Chris Daniels


Chris Daniels is a veteran of the Independent scene in the United States, Low Ki is a young up and coming star as is the third competitor in the match Bryan Danielson (who William Regal thinks is "best outside of WWE"). This match was put on as main event per Eddie Guerrero request (RIP), that even though he sold the tickets for that show, he wanted the future of the industry to be in the spotlight.


The single greatest triple threat or 3 way match I have ever seen, I'm setting a gauntlet down now to any three Wrestlers in Wrestling today to top this! (I have watched Wrestling for 15 years), this was even better than Kurt Angle v The Undertaker v The Rock from WWE Vengeance 2003 which was really good. Three relative unknowns (well at least in my eyes at the time) pushed into the spotlight on Ring of Honor's debut show delivered in spades.

This match no doubt put Ring of Honor on the map, it is one of the greatest matches I have ever seen.

A truly superb match which incorporates what ROH is about, great wrestling which in turn to the viewer becomes great entertainment. This match had some great wrestling at one point in the match Ki runs the ropes, Daniels airplane spins him and he ddt's Danielson.

There was also a little comedy added to give some variety to the match (Daniels comes over and is hip tossed by both men. Ki kicks Daniels square in the back, Danielson pushes him aside and says "That's not how you do it" and kicks Daniels. Ki "You do it like this", kick to Daniels, Danielson pushes Ki out the way and kicks Daniels again, at this point Daniels begs off). In a pretty serious match that was a hilarious sequence.

The pressure was on Bryan Danielson, Low Ki and Chris Daniels and I am pleased to say they were not overalled and produced a truly outstanding match which still holds up in the present day, ROH put a lot of faith in these three guys and it paid off! They truly deserved the "Match of the year" Chants that followed the conclusion of this match and ROH has gone from being a debutant in February 2002 to being the best Wrestling promotion in the world as we stand in August 2006.

Historical significance:

Low Ki became a huge star having great matches with Samoa Joe and Chris Daniels to name but a few. Bryan Danielson went on to be a huge star having superb matches with my favourite Wrestler of modern day era Paul London and Chris Daniels would go on to be a huge star in a national televised Wrestling company TNA.

The Era of Honor Begins- Philadelphia, PA 2/23/02 (DVD)
Item# ROH001DVD

1. Da Hit Squad vs. The Christopher St. Connection
2. Jay Briscoe vs. The Amazing Red
3. Boogie Knights vs. Natural Born Sinners
4. Joel Maximo vs. Jose Maximo vs. The Amazing Red vs. Quiet Storm
vs. Chris Divine vs. Brian XL (Ultimate Aerial Elimination Match)
5. Michael Shane & Oz vs. Spanky & Ikaika Loa
6. Eddie Guerrero vs. Super Crazy (IWA I-C Title Match)
7. Low Ki vs. Bryan Danielson vs. Christopher Daniels

I hope you enjoyed reading, if you did show ROH you care by ordering this dvd for $12.00 https://www.rohwrestling.com/shoponline.asp?point=moreinfo&catid=161&id=257
which for a show with consistent Wrestling and an awesome main event is a bargain, it's also a region 0 dvd so it will work anywhere in the world!!!!!

Thank you all for reading I hope your experience was most enjoyable, feel free to leave comments in here, I'm also on myspace, www.myspace.com/brummieol if you want to send me a message or you can email me at a_fans_perspective@hotmail.co.uk

Oliver Newman

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