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The return of Goldberg

Posted in Xtremeview by Jack at 03:41, Aug 16 2006

Over the past couple of days on the internet the rumor talks between Spike TV and Goldberg has created a buzz on the internet. Now while this is mostly speculation at this point many have talked about the possibility of Goldberg coming into TNA. Now Goldberg coming into TNA would obviously be one of the hottest news stories of the year in the business. At most Goldberg would be the flavor of the month in the wrestling business. So here are my thoughts on if Goldberg comes to TNA.

First how did Goldberg get so big in this business? First he got a monster push in WCW winning 176 straight matches which saw him win the WCW Title and WCW United States Title during this time. After this however Goldberg started to suffer injuries and just bad booking to the point that he was just another guy who couldn?t draw in WCW. Now when WWE brought Goldberg in he had yet another run that could be considered a disaster. After feuds with Chris Jericho, The Rock, Triple H, and Brock Lesnar Goldberg never seemed to fully capture that magic of his first streak in WCW. Now Goldberg?s failures in WCW and WWE can easily be traced to horrible booking and being held down. However there are also some things people don?t realize about Goldberg.

Goldberg is rumored to have a huge ego after his original WCW run and while he is very good to the fans he has had a share of backstage problems. Also Goldberg is not very strong on the microphone and the reason he originally worked so well was because Goldberg never talked. Also while WWE booked Goldberg in some stupid storylines they did however in my opinion expose Goldberg for being a truly bad worker. Goldberg in WCW seemed ok mostly for the fact that most of the people on the WCW main event scene were old and were worst then he was. However in WWE Goldberg couldn?t work a main event match. Why is this you ask? Mostly because these matches weren?t less then 10 minutes and Goldberg was exposed for not being able to work a long match. However Goldberg is still a name in this business and I would now like to explore the possibility of Goldberg in TNA.

Now first I want to look at the positives of bringing Goldberg into TNA. Goldberg in TNA creates a big opportunity for stars like Rhino, Abyss, Monty Brown, and Samoa Joe who can all have dream matches with this man. Also Goldberg in TNA could add that missing element of star power considering Goldberg has been in a couple of movies and TV shows recently. Also Goldberg like I said is still a big name in the business so he might be able to bring a couple of new fans in or old fans back if given the right push. Goldberg coming in also might give TNA another reason to get 2 hours considering they wanted TNA to bring in some star power and Goldberg is without a doubt one of the biggest stars of the late 90s in the wrestling business. Also Goldberg could still do his other project since TNA only works 3 times a month.

However with Goldberg there comes some obvious negatives. Number 1 being the likely hood of Goldberg wanting a big contract and after Sting being paid $500,000 a year and has not produced for TNA why risk it on Goldberg? Also like I named above Goldberg could have good feuds but anyone who watches TNA knows what will most likely happen. Just like Nash, Hall, Kip James, BG James, Raven, Jeff Hardy, Sting, Scott Steiner and any other ex WWE or WCW star he?ll be involved with Jeff Jarrett. This in exchange will most likely kill any fan fare Goldberg could have brought in. Too make matters worst Goldberg coming in would once again take a top spot from someone like Samoa Joe or younger wrestlers who TNA need to start booking around. Bringing him in wouldn?t help TNA get rid of there stigma of having too many ex WCW and WWE stars. Also Goldberg would be another example of a quick fix which WCW made famous back in the late 90s and 2000 by bringing in a big name hoping it turns things around without fixing the things that brought the business down. Also Goldberg wouldn?t be able to keep up with the TNA style match in my opinion unless you book him in all squashes, which will get old. Also the last thing TNA needs is another wrestler who can?t cut a promo.

However placing Goldberg in feuds with people like Abyss, Rhino, or Samoa Joe would be the perfect reason to bring Goldberg in. However like I said in the above paragraph, I just don?t think TNA would handle Goldberg right. Now why should I? Sting has been in TNA 8 months now and has feuded only with Jeff Jarrett and has not put over anyone but himself? In all honesty Sting has done nothing for TNA, besides a short spike in ratings and one good PPV Buy Rate jump nothing has been worth $500,000 dollars for Sting. Now if Goldberg comes in, you have to remember the last time main stream wrestling fans saw him he was booed out of Madison Square Garden at Wrestlemania 20.

So are casual fans really going to want to pay attention to him? Better question is Goldberg going to be worth the most likely above $500,000 contract? In my opinion no, Goldberg will not be worth big money to TNA. First off TNA will most likely botch any chance of pushing Goldberg past a feud with Jeff Jarrett. Also Goldberg might not even put over a Samoa Joe and would most likely think he?s above most of the wrestlers on the TNA roster. Now hey I might be wrong, TNA might make the right decision and put Goldberg in a feud with someone other then Jarrett. Goldberg might actually put other wrestlers over. However Hell might freeze over tomorrow too. Get my point? However if Goldberg comes in and does the right thing and TNA doesn?t book him with Jarrett and has a plan for him after 3 weeks then by all means sign Bill Goldberg!

Remember however everyone this is just speculation and nothing final. Ok this is it for this time. Send Feedback.

Jason ?Xtremefalls? Simmons

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