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Interview Recap-Pitbull Gary Wolfe

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 00:03, Jul 19 2006

By Neal Jones

Pitbull Gary Wolfe was the guest this week on www.inyourheadonline.com with your hosts Jack, and OneInchBiceps. IYH can be heard live every Wednesday at 6:00 PM Eastern, and all our archived interviews free at http://www.inyourheadonline.com.

The hosts welcome Gary to the show. Gary talks about the big Pro Wrestling Unplugged East Meets West:Global Warming show Saturday July 22nd in Philadelphia, Pa. For more information please visit www.prowrestlingunplugged.com. Gary will be taking on Z-Barr. The Dragon Gate wrestlers will be on the show, along with 2 Cold Scorpio, Trent Acid and many more. PWU will also have a show this coming Wednesday the 26th, where Gary will be tagging with Dr. Death Steve Williams.

Gary talks about his new training school Xtreme Fight Club. Gary is one of the trainers there, they train people for both pro wrestling and MMA. Gary talks about living with Ken Shamrock years ago, and doing a little MMA when he was younger. Gary mentions Pennsylvania is trying to legalize MMA. Jack asks if it is good to have Pro Wrestling and MMA on a card like Japan does. Gary prefers them on different cards and not together.

OIB asks how Gary enjoyed working in front of the ECW crowd. Gary said it was tremendous, he broke his neck wrestling for his fans. Jack asks if the fans are still there, Gary says yes just look at the new ECW when they come to Philly. The fans know the chants, and can tell who the phonies are.

Jack asks what Gary thinks of the new ECW. Gary says it's called ECW, but it's not ECW. Gary says they don't know what to do with Big Show, so they threw him into ECW. Gary talks about guys who built the ECW foundation and paid their dues who are sitting home with no job.

Gary talks about last year's One Night Stand, and his promo about the guys who have passed away the last few years. Gary thought last year's ONS was better last year than this year. Gary was not asked to be on this year's ONS.

Jack asks if ECW taped after Smackdown and not in front of the ECW crowd loses something. Gary says it doesn't have the same vibe, ECW fans are involved the entire show.

Gary talks about starting the Pitbulls gimmick in 1988. Gary and Pitbull #2 grew up together and went to the Monster Factory together to train. Sandman and Todd Gordon talked to Paul Heyman and got them into ECW.

OIB asks which belt meant more to him, the ECW TV title ot the ECW tag team. Gary liked the TV belt, because he had a bigger part on the show. He also liked the tag team, because they always looked up to the British Bulldogs. Gary also says winning the belts in their home town made them important.

Jack asks if Gary was upset he couldn't wrestle on the Barely Legal PPV. Gary said he was ready, but they had the Shane Douglas vs Pitbull #2 match already planned. Gary said he was very proud to see something he helped build make it to PPV.

Jack asks if Todd Gordon isn't remembered as much as he should be for building ECW. Gary said Todd gets no respect, Todd hired Paul Heyman not vice versa.

Gary talks about almost signing with WCW, to feud with the Steiner Brothers. Things never worked out though. Jack asks why the WWE run never worked out. Gary says there are more cut throats in the wrestling business than anywhere else. Gary says tag teams nowadays can't lace the Pitbulls boots.

Jack asks about the new Pitbulls, Noble and Kid Kash. Gary says he bled for ECW, he was on the first ONS PPV, he's on the Rise and Fall DVD yet WWE didn't ask him about using the Pitbulls name. They also didn't ask him to be a part of it as a manger type role. Gary says he feels disrespected. Gary says he wouldn't have minded if they asked him, but they didn't even bother. Jack asks if Gary has anything against Jamie Noble or Kid Kash. Gary says no, they are under WWE contract so they do as they are told. Jack asks if Noble and Kash fit the gimmick.Gary says those guys are so tiny they are Jr. Heavy Weights or half pints, they should be called the Poodles not the Pitbulls.

OIB asks Gary about Hardcore Homecoming. Gary enjoyed those shows, and they showed respect to the ECW guys. Gary also liked the Forever Hardcore documentary. Jack asks if he and Shane still have bad blood, Gary says no.

Jack asks what Gary thinks of WWE trying to stop people from using the word "Extreme". Gary thinks it's stupid. Extreme is everywhere now, in all sports. Vince owns the WWE, why does he care about companies using the word Extreme.

Gary says what he sees on ECW Sci-Fi is a toned down hardcore. Gary was embarrassed seeing the Zombie and Vampire on TV.

Jack asks why Gary didn't like 2nd One Night Stand as much as the first. Gary says it wasn't ECW. Last year the WWE guys watched from the stands in awe, this year they had too many WWE guys on it. Gary says he takes nothing away from Kurt Angle but he is not hardcore. Gary says if he punches you in the face with a chain, all the Greco Roman wrestling doesn't mean crap.

Jack asks what Gary thinks of TNA running the ECW Arena. Gary says everyone wants to because of the name. Gary worked for TNA once but wasn't really interested in working there.

Jack asks why both TNA and WWE mention ECW so much now. Gary says what's wrong with their own companies are they not bringing fans to the arenas ? Gary says it really shows how over ECW and hardcore really was. Jack asks why ECW is still remembered so fondly. Gary says ECW got the fans involved, they would even bring their own weapons. Gary says he was 5 minutes away from the ONS building this year, and go no phone call. He feels disrespected by Vince and WWE.

Gary talks about being trained by Larry Sharpe in the Monster Factory, and he uses a lot of the same techniques in his Xtreme Fight Club. Gary wants to make sure his guys are in shape first before training them. Gary says being in shape is part of the business, and you see too many guys who aren't. Gary goes over some of the guys he has trained that have made it such as The Wifebeater, Trent Acid, Johnny Kashmere and more.

Jack asks what Gary thinks of CZW. Gary says it takes no talent to hit a guy with a light tube. Gary says the guys there can't wrestle, so they just hit each other with weapons. Danzig lasted one week at the Monster Factory.

Jack asks what Gary thinks of Tough Enough. Gary wishes they had it when he was 18, he would have flew right through it and got a contract with Vince in a heart beat. Gary said they picked good guys to train the students in the Tough Enough, including Tazz and Al Snow.

Gary talks about not burning bridges, and he has no heat with Paul Heyman. He says it doesn't make any sense to him, that he worked One Night Stand one year and never asked for the new one and they make a new Pitbull team.

Gary tells all the fans to come and check out the East Meets West Pro Wrestling Unplugged show this Saturday at the New Alhambra Arena in Philadelphia, Pa. for more information please visit http://www.prowrestlingunplugged.com. Gary talks about the last show for PWU where 2 Cold Scorpio beat Trent Acid for the world title.

Gary tells all his fans the real Pitbull is here, the phonies won't be around much longer. He "ain't no junior heavyweight". If you see phonies out there speak your mind, people pay to see the Pitbulls and they get Kid Kash and "Jeremy" Noble. Gary says that's not the Pitbulls, his pet dog that's 50 pounds ahs a bigger chain than they do. Gary closes with "if you guys got the balls" come and try out for his wrestling school.

To hear this 30 minute Gary Wolfe interview please visit http://www.inyourheadonline.com. And join us at http://www.inyourheadonline.com Wednesday starting at 6:00 PM Eastern for Mad Man Pondo and Nick Bockwinkle.

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