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Interview Recap-Terry Funk

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 16:51, Jul 10 2006

By Neal Jones

Terry Funk was the 1st guest this week on www.inyourheadonline.com with your hosts Jack, Barbie Richards and OneInchBiceps. IYH can be heard live every Wednesday at 6:00 PM Eastern, and all our archived interviews free at http://www.inyourheadonline.com.

The hosts welcome Terry back to the show. Jack asks how Terry is doing health wise. Terry replies "what do you think ?'. Terry said he had some bruises and was really stiff the next day after the ONS PPV, but nothing major. Terry says it was a special match, and hopes it was accepted by everyone across the board. He was happy with the match and with everyone involved. When asked if he'd ba happy with that as his last match, Terry says he wrestles every match as his last and outs his heart into them all.

Jack brings up Terry's interview from last year when he said he didn't work One Night Stand because he didn't want Vince McMahon making money off the ECW name. What was the difference this year ? Terry said the competition is pretty much gone this year, anyone not in agreement is making a mistake. Terry says the independents aren't what they used to be, and him being on ONS could help the former ECW guys being in the business and making money for their families. Last year it was a one off show, this year it's going forward so it could help the wrestlers not just WWE. Terry says he has compassion for the guys from ECW, he doesn't care who gives them a pay check as long as they get one.

OIB asks who the worst promoter was Terry ever worked for. Terry says he has worked for some really bad ones, but the good out weighs the bad over the years. Terry says the best he ever worked for was Eddie Graham, also Sam Mushnick, Paul Bosch. Jack asks where Terry would put Paul Heyman on the list creatively. Terry says Paul has good creativity, but no one is on the level of Eddie Graham this day and age. Terry says Paul did a lot of good things, but if he was the best then he would be where Vince is now. Terry hopes Paul learned from his mistakes and we haven't seen all he can do yet.

Terry discusses his thoughts on the new ECW. Terry says it needs to be completely separate, he believes the ratings would be better if there was no intermingling of ECW with WWE on TV. Terry says they need patience, and let ECW stand out there on it's own and let the ratings build slowly. Then after a year let the interpromotional wars happen and the big ratings would be there.

Jack asks if the ECW show loses something not in front of the smaller ECW crowds. Terry says no, they just need to keep it separate. Terry asks if they are afraid to make a new product that might outshine the old product ?

Terry talks about some talent that would be good for the new ECW. Terry mentions Samoa Joe, Homicide as 2 great ones.Terry thinks they are doing good where they are(TNA), but should be making more money for all their work.

Jack asks if Terry enjoyed wrestling for TNA. Terry said he put his toe in the water there, and it was a bit chilly. Terry asks if TNA still has the 6 sided ring, he says they should throw that out it's too distracting. Terry says TNA should look back at what wrestling was really built on, good matches. He thinks TNA has too much going on.

Terry compares MMA to an early stage of Pro Wrestling. Terry says wrestling can do the same as MMA, with having the stories in the ring.

Terry says Cena is one of the only few stars that has been made recently. Jack asks if he was surprised by the heat Cena got on the ECW show. Terry says Cena was the WWE guy on the ECW show, and the fans were fans of ECW and Cena represented WWE.

OIB asks if Terry saw the Rise and Fall of ECW DVD, and what he thought of the Paul Heyman impersonation of Terry. Terry didn't see it, but he loves Paul E. Terry thinks he does a good job, he knows ECW better than anyone else. Jack asks if Paul needs to write the show for ECW to have an authentic feel. Terry says ECW should be alienated, and see if it can make it with out WWE's interference. Terry believes if ECW had money behind it at the time it was new it would have been big. Now with WWE tainting it, he isn't sure.

Jack asks if they waited too long to bring ECW back. Terry says no, there is never too long for a good product. Terry says smoke and whistles won't make a product, you need good ideas thoughts, wrestling and guys to make it.

Jack asks about the upcoming New Jack wrestling seminar. Terry says if you are allowed guns and knives it will be great. Terry said in control New Jack is a great talent, out of control he is dangerous.

OIB asks Terry about Mad Man Pondo. Terry says he loves Pondo, he wrestled him for the ICP promotion. Terry says he loves the ICP. They are great promoters, they do an excellent job pushing their product and making money.

Jack reads the definition of "satchel" from dictionary.com and asks why Terry called Mick Foley satchel ass. Terry says well, look at his ass. Mick has enough room in that ass to carry luggage. Jack and Terry talk about possible gimmicks for a Satchel Ass wrestler. Terry can't understand why that promo went right to the internet and not on TV. His promo about Foley was huge all over the internet, it should have been on TV. OIB asks how long Terry Funk has been calling Foley a satchel ass, Terry says he'd like to know the answer to that himself. Terry says Foley is a great guy and has done a lot for people, but he does have a fat ass and is a fool and an idiot. Terry claims he once caught Mick doing something strange to himself in bed at night.

IYH fan Slarti calls in and asks if Terry got a phone call to come in and help run a show what would he do. Terry says he'd like to think he could wrestle on forever, but he thinks he is at the end of the trail. He really enjoyed working with Foley, Edge, Dreamer and the 2 girls. But he can't do that often. Terry would like to be able to go into areas and be asked for some ideas, but he wouldn't want to have a 6 month or year long run as a creative guy. Terry thinks he could help make a promotion revenue, if he was there for 3 or 4 months. Terry believes his entire life he always left a promotion in better shape when he left then when he came in. Jack asks if wrestlers ask him for advice. Terry says yes but they aren't in charge of their destiny. The people in charge don't ask for advice, and they are the ones who could use it.

Jack asks if someone wanted to use the name "Funk" and carry on the family name would Terry allow it. Terry says he cant stop anyone from using the name, but he would not endorse it or like it. Jack jokes "Flash Funk" can't use the name and claim to be Terry's song then. Terry says with the money Cena is making, he would let him use the name. Terry says maybe they can say Cena is the son of Terry's and an old rat, as long as Terry can get some of Cena's money.

IYH fan Jobber asks for a good rib story. Terry says go and read his book, www.terryfunk.net. Terry tells the guy to go buy the book and some t-shirts.

Jack asks if he was ever told he couldn't call himself Funker on TV. Terry says no, they go and cover people with sh*t now on TV (the DX angled with Spirit Squad and McMahons). Terry laughs and says that was sad, it was just so bad. Terry says that is just hitting the basement, you cant get any lower than that with out going to hell. Terry says some things are just bad, not even thumbs up or down. Terry says people don't even mention the stuff anymore, like Vince wrestling God on PPV.

OIB asks if Terry has had any contact with Barry Blaustein recently. Terry says on occasion, Barry saw the first show with Foley and Funk confrontation. Barry called Terry to tell him he liked it. Jack asks if there will be a Beyond the Mat II. Terry says no, there's no place to get the footage now.

Terry talks about the current ECW shows, he thinks they need to let ECW be free. Terry really loved the Zombie angle. Terry says they are doing a good job establishing the Sandman on the Sci-Fi show. Terry says there are some things they could do differently. Terry says you can have violence and offensive things, but you don't want to lose your crowd. Terry thinks you can do things in a way that's just as good but not offensive. That way you keep both the adults and the kids.

IYH fan Abby asks how Terry enjoyed wrestling in Japan. Terry says he loved it. Jack brings up Pride's current problems with being tied to the Yakuza. Terry said they should take every sport in the world off TV, because they are all tied to the Yakuza.

OIB asks if the word "hardcore" is over used. Terry says everyone has a different meaning for it. TNA uses it as excess of high flyers, ECW meant excess of violence, some people mean the broads. To Terry it meant wrestling your ass off. Terry talks about the Malenkos, and Shane Douglas's in ECW as being hardcore to him. Terry says hardcore was giving the fans more than their money's worth, not a bunch of bullshit.

Jack asks if Terry will still wrestle for ECW. Terry says he doubts it very seriously. Terry says he isn't the one to make the call. Terry says he is 62 years old, they don't want an old man. Terry says he would come back and wrestle Ric Flair, he is 64 Terry can kick his ass. OIB brings up Dusty Rhodes. Terry says that egg sucking dog, what a liar.

Jack asks if we will see a WWE Terry Funk DVD. Terry says probably, because they own so much property. Terry hopes they do, so they pay him.

IYH fan the Flea calls in and thanks Terry Funk for coming back on IYH. Flea asks if any more movies with Terry are coming out. Terry says he is negotiating with Spielberg. Terry asks him to be in a movie, and Spielberg keeps saying no. Jack brings up the Ringer, Terry says they cut most of his scenes out, but he still got paid.

Jack asks about a Chris Harris quote from an IYH interview. When asked if Chris would do an FMW style exploding barbed wire match he answered "Hell no I'm a wrestler" and was offended by the question. Terry replies with "he's a broke wrestler". Terry says if he drew 40,000 fans like Terry did, Chris would be proud of it. Terry says it drew 40,000 fans and make enough money for a whole year. The match was all over the periodicals, and is still talked about today. Terry made the front covers, Chris didn't.

Terry says it's bittersweet about the Ranch. He's glad he doesn't have to do all the work anymore. He misses it but is happy with who they sold it to.

Terry tells all his fans he has loved every moment of his live and it's not over yet, you haven't seen the last of Terry Funk.

The hosts thank Terry for coming on right after the 4th of July. Terry says the parts he remembers from it he enjoyed.

We were also joined by The ECW Zombie. To hear both the Zombie and the 50 minute Terry Funk interviews please visit http://www.inyourheadonline.com. And join us next week for TNA Knockout So-cal Val at http://www.inyourheadonline.com starting at 6:00 PM Eastern.

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