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Interview Recap-The Missing Link Dewey Robertson

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 20:23, Jul 01 2006

By Neal Jones

The Missing Link Dewey Robertson was the guest this week on www.inyourheadonline.com with your hosts Jack, Barbie Richards and OneInchBiceps. IYH can be heard live every Wednesday at 6:00 PM Eastern, and all our archived interviews free at www.inyourheadonline.com.

The hosts welcome Dewey to the show. He mentions his new autobiography "Bang Your Head" by ECW Press, available at www.crowbarpress.com among other places. Dewey talks about wrestling as the Crusader under a mask in Canada with Billy Red Lyons.

Dewey gives a brief history of his wrestling career the many territories he had wrestled in, and how back in the day you could go from territory to territory. Dewey shaved his head in Texas and became one of the Mongols, Ernie Ladd came up with the Missing Link name. His many drug addictions, which he has overcome, and his current battle with cancer.

Dewey decided to retire after 40 years of wrestling, and has now devoted his life to talking about his addictions. Dewey wants to help people recover like he has.

Dewey talks about the many deaths in wrestling, he believes the number is 88. All dying from their own abuse problems before the age of 60. Jack asks about the WWE Wellness Program, and if it legit and needed. Dewey thinks all sports should test for drugs. Dewey thinks it's all talk. Dewey brings up Ric Flair as being a guy who never did drugs or steroids. Dewey says Ric missed the Hall of Fame because Ric is wrestling for WWE because he needs money.

Dewey talks about the fans come up to him now remembering him as Dewey Robertson and The Missing Link. He says they are all very thankful for the fans, they are the reason why he wrote the book. Dewey believes his book is the first to be honest about steroids and drug abuse in wrestling. Jack asks if it something pushed by the bookers and promoters or do the wrestlers do them themselves. Dewey said the old promoters took better care of the wrestlers, but they don't care about the wrestlers now. Dewey says you can look at TV and see the guys aren't off steroids.

Jack asks if a character wrestler like Missing Link, Abdullah, Kamala etc would burn out quicker with out the territories to move around to. Dewey says WWE is always the same characters every week, he doesn't believe the belt is as important as it once was in the NWA. Dewey says Vince McMahon took wrestling to another level but he will leave it up to the fans if they like what he has done.

Dewey mentions leaving WWE, and what a bad choice it was. He left because WWE took away his valet/manager. Link lived the gimmick and needed someone around 24 hours a day to buy his plane tickets etc. Dewey was a heavy drinker and marijuana user at the time. Dewey believes the marijuana was the cause of many of his health problems. He talks about having a kidney taken out, and his cancer has returned.

IYH fan OldSchool asks if he saw shoot matches in the ring. Dewey says Hulk Hogan had his leg broken when breaking in. Dewey says nowadays the resentment isn't there, the competition isn't there so shoots don't happen often.

Jack asks if Dewey saw Hulk Hogan becoming the huge star he became, when he wrestled him as Missing Link prior to WWE. Dewey says everyone knows Hogan, he was at the right place at the right time. Hogan worked hard and was a trooper, but not a great wrestler.

Dewey talks about the first book being about character defects and the problems of drug use. He was in depression, fear, guilt and suicidal for 13 years. His second book is how to ger rid of the addictions.

Jack asks a question from Bryan Alvarez, how Dewey's son Jason Sterling is doing. Dewey says there aren't many places for a wrestler to make a living, and his son retired from wrestling.

OIB asks a question from Tim Miller, how did Ted Dibiase change Dewey's life. Dewey tells a story about how Ted helped him find God. Dewey doesn't know how Dibiase can be a Christian and work for WWE. Dewey claims he asked Ted "everyone ahs their price, how much was yours" and Ted answered "none of your business".

IYH fan Stu asks about the original Missing Link Pampero Firpo.

Dewey asks his fans to check out http://www.deweythemissinglink.ca/. Dewey wants to take the time to thank the fans and the hosts. Dewey talks about taking responsibilities for his life, and the 13 years at the bottom through recovery and writing the book.

Jack mentions the book is available at www.crowbarpress.com , www.amazon.com and if anyone wants to buy the book from Dewey's website http://www.deweythemissinglink.ca/ to mention it and he will sign it.

Dewey thanks everyone from the bottom of his heart.

To hear this 25 minute interview with The Missing Link Dewey Robertson please visit www.inyourheadonline.com . And join us next week for the Return of Terry Funk and The ECW Zombie Tim Arson on www.inyourheadonline.com..

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