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Talking Money June 25th

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 03:11, Jun 26 2006

Including interview with former Hearthrob Antonio Thomas !!

Timothy ?T- Money? Miller
June 24, 2006

Talking Money!
Welcome back wrestling fans! Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing one half of former WWE tag team ?The Heart Throbs? Romeo Roselli. This week I had the great pleasure of speaking with the other ?Heart Throb? ?The Promise? Antonio Thomas. A very nice guy, and exceptional athlete in the ring. Thomas is looking to be booked for wrestling shows and be found at www.antoniothomas.net . So without any further ado, it is my pleasure to share the answers and comments from the tremendous ?The Promise? Antonio Thomas.

From: Springfield, Mass.
What Promotion(s) are you working for:
CW (Chaotic Wrestling-Massachusetts)
NECW (New England Championship Wrestling-Mass., R.I., Ct.)
TNT (Ward Family Promotions-Virginia, Georgia, Texas)
NEW (Northeast Wrestling-New York, Connecticut)
WFA (Wrestling Federation of America-Mass., NH, VT)
CCW (Connecticut Championship Wrestling-Connecticut)
BTW (Big Time Wrestling-Massachusetts)
MXW (Connecticut)
NWS (National Wrestling Superstars-Connecticut, New York)
EWA (Eastern Wrestling Alliance-Massachusetts, Maine)
UXW (Formerly USAPRO-New York)
NWA Upstate (New York)
URW (Ultimate Ring Wars-Massachusetts)
NWH (New Wrestling Horizons-Maine)
AOM (All Out Mayhem-Maine)
BWO (Best Wrestling Organization-Rhode Island)
Powerhouse Wrestling (Massachusetts)

Movie: "the Jerk'
Music Artist:Old School Wu-Tang Clan, EPMD, 7L and Esoteric
Television Show: Sportscenter, anything with wrestling
Food: Chicken
Athlete/ Sports Team: Red Sox, 49ers, Michael Jordan

What is your finishing maneuver? Right now I am using the "Roll of the Dice" (spinning neckbreaker) but am always trying to experiment and come up with new and different finishers as well as ways to set them up.
Why did you choose wrestling for a career? Since I was 8 years old, I was in awe of the larger than life, super hero-like presence and athleticism that I saw on my tv every Saturday morning. Once I saw Shawn Michaels and Ricky Steamboat perform, I KNEW that this is what I HAD to do with the rest of my life. They were, and still are, exactly what I wanted to emulate.
If you were not wrestling, what would you be doing? I would probably be doing something in the fitness industry or teaching. I was going for master's degree in education when I was signed by WWE, so that was definitely something I was interested in doing.
Who were your heroes growing up? I was drawn into wrestling? by "Hulkamania", but as time passed I was captivated, and am to this day, by Shawn Michaels and Ricky Steamboat.
What is your dream match? To main event Wrestlemania and/or become World Heavyweight Champion
Your relationship with Romeo Roselli? Within this business I am closer to Romeo than anybody else, we've been and still are like brothers. We started under the same trainer, drove for hours together and worked for nothing while on the independent scene and we started teaming on the indies, through OVW, right into the WWE. Believe me, we have our disagreements and our sometimes our opinions differ on many things, but overall were pretty much on the same page. We've been through a lot together and whether were tagging or solo, well always have that connection.
Who is your favorite opponent? It would be hard to name a favorite opponent. I like working a diverse number of individuals with different styles. Having the opportunity to work with talented workers such as William Regal, Gregory Helms, Romeo Roselli, Tajiri, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch, Val Venis, Big Show, Kane, MNM, Spirit Squad-they all are phenomenal workers and each brings a different style. I take it as a challenge to be able to adapt and work any type of style that my opponent may present.
What was your favorite all- time match? I don't think I've had that one match yet that stands out above the rest, but the dark match in which I was signed to a WWE contract afterwards and our WWE debut at Madison Square Garden are definitely two of the more memorable ones I've had. As a fan, I would have to say my favorite all-time match would be the Shawn-Bret Ironman match fom Wrestlemania 12 and/or any on in the series of classics that Steamboat/Flair had in 1989.
What is your greatest wrestling moment? I would like to think that my greatest moment(s) still lie ahead for me, but up to this point, it would have to be getting signed to a WWE contract and our WWE debut on Raw at MSG. Those were two lifelong dreams that I realized and two moments never to be forgotten.
How did you train to enter wrestling? I started training under Kevin Landry-a top student of Paul Roma's-in Springfield, Mass. Kevin taught me all the basics and gave me a sound fundamental foundation to build upon. He taught me at my own pace and would always put in that extra effort while training me. What I learned from simply by talking with him is invaluable. Kevin's like a father to me and if it wasn't for him I know I wouldn't have come as far as I have. In 2003, I continued on under former WWE developmental standout Steve Bradley. He took what he learned through his four years working in Memphis, Puerto Rico, and Heartland Wrestling, as well as working with Kurt angle numerous times before he came to WWE. Steve really accelerated my growth in the ring, especially in terms of psychology.?
Explain your first night in WWE? My first night in the WWE was amazing. There aren't too many people that get to say they made their WWE debut in Madison Square Garden, live on national television. I was so anxious the whole day to get out in front of that crowd, in front of the whole world- under all the lights and the cameras-to finally be a member of the WWE roster. I remember walking back after the match just looking up through the crowd and taking it all in-a moment never to be forgotten.

Word Association:
1) Vince McMahon: A Powerful Genius
2) Triple H: One of the greatest of all time
3) WWE: Largest organization in the world-the biggest stage there is
4) TNA: Growing and exciting
5) ECW: Glad it's back
6) Hulk Hogan: the reason I started watching wrestling, there'll never be another
7) Romeo Roselli: Been through a lot together
Talia Madison: sweetheart
9) William Regal: Technical-one of the best there is
10) Shane Helms: Constant energy (the DDT got a pop)
11) Kane: Our Big Red buddy
12) Tajiri: Fun to be around and work with
13) WWE Creative Team: Very Hard working
14) Rey Mysterio: Unbelievable-incredible to watch
15) Randy Orton: Has already accomplished so much-the sky's the limit

Website: AntonioThomas.net
Myspace: myspace.com/promiseantoniothomas
Upcoming Events: June 23th-Necw Iron 8-Quincy, Ma.
June 23rd-URW-Fall River, Ma.
June 30-Chaotic Wrestling-Methuen, Ma.
July 7-USWF-Malden, Ma.
July 8-MXW-Wallingford, Ct.
July 14-Double shot:
??????????????????????? -Chaotic Wrestling-Lowell, Ma.
?????????? -Big Time Wrestling-Lynn, Ma.
July 15-NECW-Framingham, Ma.
July 22-Doubleshot:
?????????? -BWO-Providence, RI
?????????? -EWA-Orange, Ma.
July 28-NECW-TBD
July 29-UXW-Old Bethpage, NY
August 5-NWS-Norwich, Ct.
August 11-Chaotic Wrestling-Lowell, Ma.
August 12-BWO-Providence, RI
August 26-NWA Upstate-Rochester, NY
September 9-TNT Pro Wrestling-Welch, WV
September 23-Powerhouse Wrestling-Worcester, Ma.
October 14-TNT Pro Wrestling-Portsmouth, Va.
October 28-TNT Pro Wrestling-Waynesboro, Va.
November 4-TNT Pro Wrestling-Richmond, Va.
November 10-TNT Pro Wrestling-Fort Worth, TX.
November 11-TNT Pro Wrestling-Dallas, TX.
December 2-TNT Pro Wrestling-Penn Laird, VA
December (-TNT Pro Wrestling-Fredericksburg, VA

Any other comments for your fans: I just want to thank all the fans whose words of encouragement and support these last few months is something that I could have never imagined-I can't say enough how great you all have been! The fans, along with a fire and desire inside of me that burns heavier than ever before, is what motivates me each and every day to become the greatest worker I can possibly be. You never know where each day will lead, especially in this business, so you just take each day as it comes. It doesn't matter where you've been, it matters where you're going and there are a LOT of places and things left for me in this business that I intend on accomplishing. Whether you like it or not, I can guarantee, no-I can PROMISE, that this is only the beginning for Antonio Thomas!

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