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Slammiversary 2006 PPV Review

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 12:20, Jun 19 2006

Tonight?s show promises to bring us something old, as well as something new. The heavyweight belt is up for grabs in a TNA King of the Mountain match, and the X Division will once again meet in a giant multi man tag match. However in a change of pace, Samoa Joe will step outside of the X Division for the first time, as he squares off against Scott Steiner and Kevin Nash will have his first ?real? match in the X Division, when he takes on Chris Sabin. Will TNA?s recipe of old and new bring memorable results, or will this just be ?another PPV?? There?s only one way to find out, so start swinging your towels and put on your Hardy makeup, TNA is about to take to the airwaves.

The show opens with the usual pyrotechnic display, but instead of being welcomed by the announce team, we are greeted by Team 3D and The James Gang fighting their way up the entry ramp.

Match 1 ? James Gang vs. Team 3D
In what may have been the fastest paced hardcore match I have ever seen, both teams came out of the gate swinging. This was a weapons match from start to finish, and everything from chairs, to Kendo sticks, to bras, (yes bras), were used. They brawled all over the arena and spent a considerable amount of time in the stands. The crowd was into this from start to finish and were ecstatic when Team 3D win by way of 3D. This was a very good match and a great way to start the show.

We are then welcomed by Mike Tenay and Don West, who give a rundown of the matches to be presented tonight before sending us backstage for an interview with Jeff Jarrett. After a long but convincing speech by Jarrett, a very nice video package, telling the story of Rhino and his problems with Team Canada was played.

Match 2 ? Rhino vs. Bobby Roode & Scott D?Amore
Before the start of the match, D?Amore grabs the mic and tells Roode to ?lay back? during the match, so that D?Amore can handle Rhino single-handedly. As one might expect, D?Amore changed his mind once Rhino hit the ring. The match itself was rather slow and unimpressive. In fact it was D?Amore?s comedy and in ring work, (including a top rope Moonsault), that was the most entertaining part of the match. In the end, Rhino catches D?Amore with the gore to get the win. While it was nice to see a heel manager get what?s coming to them, this match was not PPV caliber.

Following the match was a short, but good interview with Samoa Joe. I?m usually happier when Joe doesn?t talk, but he did respectable job here.

Match 3 ? Sonjay Dutt vs. Alex Shelley vs. Senshi vs. Shark Boy vs. Petey Williams vs. Jay Lethal
This was the X Division rankings match, in which the order a wrestler was eliminated determined their ranking in the X division. Looking at the competitors in this match, I was expecting a typical lighting quick X Division match, with never ending high-spots. What I got however was a rather slow paced series of singles matches, with a few group spots thrown in. I think the crowd was expecting more as well, as they became noticeably quiet during the match. Things did get better towards the end when the talents of Senshi were highlighted. Senshi used numerous variations of the Double Foot Stomp to win the match and the #1 ranking. While the ending was good, I expect much more from the X Division, and was disappointed with the overall match. Things are moving in the wrong direction.

Next we go backstage for an interview with Alex Shelley and Kevin Nash. Shelley does a little Nash like comedy before Nash discusses him impending victory over Chris Sabin. A video clip showing how Nash came to be in the X Division is then played.

Match 4 ? Kevin Nash vs. Chris Sabin
This was a typical power vs. speed match up. Sabin used the ropes and movement to hit and run while Nash relied on power moves to get the job done. Sabin more than held his own with Nash, until Alex Shelley came to ringside to give Nash assistance, eventually allowing Nash to get the win via Powerbomb. This match was slower than I normally like, but the two worked well together and always kept things interesting. Perhaps we have just taken a turn for the better.

An interview with AMA, and a video package detailing their history with Styles and Daniels is played prior to their match.

Match 5 ? AMA w/ Gail Kim vs. AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels Tag Team Championship
I normally associate both Styles and Daniels with quick paced X Division matches, but here they slowed things down. This didn?t seem to bother the crowed as they were into this Tag Team Championship match from the very start. Styles and Daniels worked well as a team, (as opposed to looking like two singles wrestlers who were just ?taking turns? in the ring). As one might expect the match was very good, and both teams meshed well together. Late in the match Gail Kim?s interference was stopped by the debut of a new female wrestler who choke slammed, and then carried Kim backstage, leaving just the two teams to settle things. This was all Styles and Daniels needed to get the pin an the belts. Matches like this are what PPVs are all about and the show is defiantly picking up steam.

Sting is interviewed next followed by a special 4 year TNA retrospective video package. Following the footage, an announcement is made that the new ?Face of TNA Management? is none other than Jim Cornette. Cornette goes to the ring and gives a ?I?m gonna shake things up.? speech, promising to do everything he can to make TNA better for the fans. Cornette?s speech is followed by an interview with Scott Steiner who cut an unusually good promo prior to his match.

Match 6 ? Samoa Joe vs. Scott Steiner
Though the pace of this match was slow, and the two men didn?t seem to have a very natural flow when working together, the crowd certainly loved this match. It was a typical power vs. power match which saw Steiner using suplexes and amateur wrestling, while Joe relied on strikes and his trademark power moves. Both men sold very well for each other, and make it look like they were involved in a war. The end of the match came when Joe?s powerslam put Steiner down for a 3 count. This match was mediocre, however the hype leading up to it made it an important.

In the last interview of the night, Christian Cage predicts he will retain his title in the King of the Mountain match, and we are then taken to ringside.

Match 7 ? Christian Cage vs. Abyss vs. Ron Killings vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Sting
King of the Mountain Heavyweight Championship
If there is one thing TNA seems to have learned over the last 4 years, it?s how to put on a large scale brawl. The participants in this match slugged it out all over the arena, and kept up a remarkably fast pace. The format of the match helped to keep things interesting as one by one, more competitors became eligible to win the match. Jarrett was once again up to his old tricks as he had both Larry Zbyszko and Earl Hebner lend a ?helping hand? during the match. In fact it was Hebner?s actions that led to Jarrett wining the match, and the steady stream of garbage being thrown into the ring when he did. However, before Jarrett could celebrate his victory, the belt was taken from him and given to Jim Cornette signifying that Jarrett may not be allowed to keep the belt after all.

So there you have it. Four years in the making. Though I though this was only an average PPV, it did have some important matches. I expect Joe and Nash will continue to work in their newfound weight divisions and Cornette will have an immediate impact on the heavyweight title picture. Unfortunately, I don?t think that?s enough to warrant buying this show. In a world where we may have 3 wrestling PPV a month, TNA will have to raise the bar higher than they did tonight, if they want their fair share of viewers.

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