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Talking Money June 3rd

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 07:46, Jun 03 2006

All your news of the week & an interview with ?The Cold Hearted Playa? Danny DeManto!
-By Timothy "T-Money" Miller

June 3, 2006

Talking Money!
Welcome to the second edition of Talking Money! This is my weekly interview segment where I get questions answered by members of the wrestling community. This week I had the pleasure to get a response from a wrestler who competes for JAPW, AWA, NWS, WXW, BWO, DCW, UXW, and VPW. He is a 23 year old from Poppin? Cherry Queens, New York. He is none other then ?The Cold Hearted Playa? Danny DeManto. Danny was a pleasure to work with as he was very anxious to see when this interview was going to be posted, and he was very polite about answering anything. I hope you guys enjoy this interview as much as I enjoyed reading it for myself!

Movie: Anything Adam Sandler
Music Artist: sooo many to list... I like everyone from Britney Spears to Biggie to Slipknot
Television Show: Saved by the bell
Food: homemade italian sauce
Athlete/ Sports Team: too many to list/yankees

Why did you choose wrestling for a career? it has been my dream and passion since the age of 2. I am living a dream everytime I step into the ring
If you were not wrestling, what would you be doing? Who knows.. i used to be very good at baseball... if it was up to my mother id be doing that over wrestling
Who were your heroes growing up? Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat, Demolition, and Rick Rude
What is your dream match? ohhh boy I have so many for so many different reason... name value wise it would be against shane douglas but my dream match is to main event a japw show against homicide
Why the pink and black attire? it stands out... its different... i dont want to be like someone lse i want to be different
Who is your favorite opponent? What is your favorite match? toss up for different reason between Kevin Matthews and Jay Lethal. I cant pick 1 match to be my favorites but everytime I step in with those guys its great... I also liked my matches with Azrieal, Monsta Mack, New Jack, Vader (for the experience itself), and Anything I can do as in work against alicia when she manages/mixed tag/or tag with her.
What was your favorite all- time match you have ever seen? sooo many again too list... joe/kobashi from roh, low ki/xavier ucw ladder match, homicide/low ki battles, hit squad old school brawls, so many to list here
What is your greatest wrestling moment? ive had many... debuting in the elks lodge in queens ny, getting a roster spot with japw, alot of great fan reactions that have come my way in uxw and japw...
What do you want to accomplish in wrestling? i want to never stop having fun and i want to get as far as i can... i want to 1 day die still wrestling
What is life like on the indy scene?: hard lol its impossible to have a social life on the weekends
Would you rather be in TNA, WWE, ECW, or JAPW?: thats a hard question... all my life it was always wwf but my 1st goal as a wrestler was to wrestle on a jersey all pro wrestling anniversey show... ecw was also the reason i got into the wrestling business cuz of the hardcoe fan base they had... so thats too hard to choose.

Word Association:
1)Vince McMahon: genious
2)WWE: money maker
3)ECW: hope it gets back what it once had
4)TNA: growing
5)JAPW: home
6)Alicia: my best friend inside and outside wrestling
7)New Jack: hardcore
The Sandman: one crazy sob
9)Balls and Axl: balls is great to wrestle... axl never wrestled
10) Teddy Hart: unpredictable
11) Rhino: amazing
12) Ric Flair: loves this business
13)Billy graham: started a revolution
14)AJ Styles: best footwork in wrestling today
15) Jon Cena: charismatic

Website: www.dannydemanto.net
Myspace: www.myspace.com/dannydemanto
Upcoming Events: check my myspace but be sure to check out japw in aberbeen june 17th
Any other comments for your fans: thank you for all your support and without you id be nothing

What do you guys think should be done about the depleted SMACKDOWN! Roster? Who should be pushed or what should be done?

What?s Up at In Your Head Online:
Interviews that are currently up:
NEW!- WWE Hall of FamerThe Iron Sheik (If you have not listened to this one yet, you need to! The Sheik went nuts on Jack due to a misunderstanding!)
Former WWE Women?s Champion Rockin? Robin
Team Canada?s Eric Young and WWE?s Harry Smith
Former WWE and ECW Star Al Snow
Former WCW Wrestler The Stro

Upcoming Interviews:
This Wednesday at 6PM, Jack and the crew will welcome another product of the infamous Dungeon in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Teddy Hart. Hart is the nephew of newly inducted WWE Hall of Famer Bret ?The Hitman? Hart. A talented young man who has been a part of TNA, JAPW, and Ring of Honor, Hart has been stated to have attitude problems that have caused him to not proceed into his professional career. I had the pleasure of watching him perform at the former ECW Arena in Philadelphia where he was in the Main Event against TNA?s Jay Lethal and Jersey All Pro Wrestling Champion Rhino. After watching this match, I could not believe that Hart was not signed to participate in TNA?s X- Division or WWE?s Cruiserweight Division. This man deserves a contract and should be showcased on one of the two major promotions. His talent is limitless and I would venture to compare him to ?The Phenomenal? AJ Styles. Enjoy this interview as it is a glimpse into wrestling future!

T Money?s Opinions
Vinnie Mac is once again bringing back his ?Kiss My Ass Club.? Does McMahon never learn that this never leads to anything good. No fan wants to see his derriere on television, nor another man kissing it. This should eventually lead into the reformation of D- Generation- X, but hopefully Vince can keep is pants on, so that he can keep viewers tuned in. William Regal, Jim Ross, and Shane McMahon come to mind as members of this ?elite? club that nobody wants to be a part of. Every wrestler?s automatically entered into McMahon?s ?Kiss My Ass Club,? or they would not get paid!
Is it just me, or is SMACKDOWN! Getting worse and worse every week. I mean, I like Lashley, and Ken Kennedy coming back is going to make things better, but they have lost Chris Benoit, Batista, The Boogeyman, and JBL. Randy Orton is due back on June 13th, so that will help out, but no one wants to watch the pitiful Great Khali or Mark Henry. Also, why would they change Booker T to ?King Booker.? He just does not seem like he feels the character, nor does he look right. William Regal was not making things any easier by saying ? All Hail King Booker? for about five minutes straight. The only bright comical spots on SMACKDOWN! Are Finlay and his leprechaun and Paul Burchill. Finlay?s leprechaun is crazy and adds some laughter to a lackluster character that Finlay has been his whole career. Burchill?s pirate character is hilarious and could lead to various entertaining storylines.
One more match! That is right, Tazz will be returning for one last match at ECW: One Night Stand when he takes on Jerry ?The King? Lawler. Tazz has not wrestled in over three years so it will be interesting to see how in shape he is. Tazz was one of the big names in ECW?s hay day, and one more match before ECW restarts is only fitting for ?The Human Suplex Machine.?
At a TNT show, TNA stars Kip James and BG James (The James Gang) belittled and harassed wrestling writer Bill Apter. Apter was only looking for a post match interview when Kip James stated he would not talk to Apter because he need not like him nor his work. This led to Kip James leaving Apter with BG James who cursed off Apter as he left This seemed like an unprofessional moment by a legendary tag team, but their whole careers were based on unpredictable, and off topic moments. Their characters have always defied authority and went about things their own way. This moment just displayed that they still have those characteristics in them.
For those who did not hear, ?Superstar? Billy Graham was hospitalized Monday, two days before he was scheduled to appear on In Your Head. I personally wish ?Superstar? a speedy recovery, and hope that all went well. ?Superstar? truly was twenty years before his time, and he did change the sport of wrestling into entertainment. He changed the way fans looked at babyfaces versus heels, and he also changed the way a fan who watched and studied wrestling for fifteen years looked at the profession. (That fan was me!) Graham was as controversial as a professional wrestler can be, but he is a WWE Hall of Famer as well as a Hall of Famer in my book as a wrestler and a human being! Hopefully In Your Head will get the chance to bring ?Superstar? Billy Graham onto the show, and I can not wait to listen to his words of wisdom and his stories from his past. Maybe he will even read the words I wrote about him as he truly changed the way I looked at professional wrestling, and gave me a bigger love for this business. Thank you ?Superstar!? Get well!

To contact Timothy ?T- Money? Miller:
E- Mail: tmoneydaman69@msn.com
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