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Dan Mirade replies to the Iron Sheik Interview

Posted in News by Jack at 00:13, Jun 02 2006

Promoter of MWF replies to the recent Iron Sheik IYH "interview".

From http://www.bostonwrestling.com

On a recent radio interview, The Iron Sheik once again went on what appeared to be a drug induced tirade, filled with lies and inaccuracies. Since I had the unfortunate pleasure of being with the Sheik for over 24 hours straight that day, here is what really happened in response to his claims:

* According to an on-line recap, The Sheik claimed he was picked up at the airport, was left in the car in 90 degree heat, that we didn't get him a hotel room, we didn't invite him in to eat and that he wasn't paid.

In reality, he missed his flight because he was detained at the airport in Atlanta because security targeted him, strip searched him, etc. He was left in the car in 90 degree heat at the Applebees because he didn't want to come in, he wanted to sit in the car and smoke. That was his personal choice. Hopefully no rationally thinking, sober human being would think that a group of people would go have lunch and force him to sit in the car alone. As we were finishing, the Sheik came into the restaurant and sat at the bar....we had to get to the building to set things up so we figured it was just as well that he stayed. At Applebees, he was given the remainder of his payday. The first half of his payday was sent to him in advance. Even thought the MWF had done business with him on numerous occasions in the past, he went into baby mode, whining about needing money in advance, that he was going to no-show, which we later learned he often does when he wants drug money. So he was paid, in full, which was a mistake, because he didn't do what he was supposed to do at the event. And we also had a hotel room for him, we just never made it to the hotel because we were almost killed by a drunk driver after the event he ruined.

* The Sheik claimed that I was a lowlife. Again, reality paints a different picture. After becoming good friends with the Sheik in 2004, he wanted to put together some kind of web-site. In early 2005, WWE put up an unofficial poll on their web-site for fans to vote for their choices for the Hall of Fame and I thought it was the perfect time to get something going so we could rally fans to vote for him. I put together a site and bought the domain name (which he never paid me back for). After he was inducted, we decided to have Iron Sheik Appreciation Night last August 5th in Blackstone, MA to honor his accomplishments. Our agreement was for him to take part in a Question & Answer session with the fans, sign autographs and pose for photos. He held himself hostage in one of the wrestlers cars because he wanted to get high and wouldn't come into the venue once he arrived after trying to stiff Applebees on his food and alcohol tab. He started the Q&A over a half hour late, posed for a few photos, didn't sign any of the 8x10's we purchased for him to sign, then went back to holding himself hostage in the car, talking about how much he loved cocaine and heroin (in the parking lot of a church). The event was scheduled to end with us presenting him with a plaque honoring his career, but he refused to come back into the building even for that. He ruined an event that was for him and his fans, and for that he should be ashamed of himself. And believe me, there is so much more to this story that it would blow your mind....

In the months following the event, my personal feelings went back and forth from anger to sadness. Deep down, I believe the Iron Sheik is a very good person. At one point in time I used to speak with him two or three times per week, as he wanted me to help him write his autobiography. All of the drugs and alcohol he uses has turned him into an angry, abusive, out of control human being. That's the exact reason why WWE didn't use him for the Raw Homecoming show on USA last October after he was initially scheduled to appear. The real losers in all of this aren't the fans, but his family. His wife is one of the sweetest people I've ever met, and he has two daughters and two grandchildren whose lives he could benefit, but instead, he worries about his precious "medicine." At one point, I had contacted the Cauliflower Alley Club and some other big wigs in the wrestling business about trying to get some help for the man so he could be a productive, happy human being again, and then I found out how many times he already had substance abuse rehabilitation paid for him. I believe drug and alcohol abuse becomes a disease over time, but at some point adults have to be responsible for their own choices and what they blow their money on to poison their body with.....

Again, there is a heck of a lot more to the story of Iron Sheik Appreciation Night. Once our matters are settled with the drunk driver that almost killed us, we're going to release the event on home video, including some of the wrestling matches, the Sheik's Q&A at the event when he went off on a tirade on Dr. Von Johnson because he made the Sheik pay for his own cigarettes and Gatorade, the complete story of what happened at the event and after the event, our night in the hospital with him trying to work the hospital staff for pills and why it took five state troopers to get him out of the car at Logan Airport, along with the September 2005 MWF Xtra where he once again went off in a drug induced tirade in a telephone interview. With the lies the Sheik continues to spread about the situation, whether he realizes their lies or not because of what's in his system, it's important that the truth be told. If anyone wants to ask about the integrity of dealing with the MWF on a business level, talk to professionals like Mick Foley, Paul Bearer, Al Snow, Bobby Heenan, Kamala and dozens of others that have appeared with us over the years, whose main concern wasn't getting cash to get high. We've treated every talent, from ex WWE stars to independent talent fairly and with respect.

On a personal note, I sincerely hope he can get help and be able to enjoy his life again. The real Sheik is not a bad person, but the drugs have made him an uncontainable monster. Some find his off the wall tirades amusing, but they seem to forget that this isn't a wrestling personality, it's the self destruction of a once honorable human being.

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