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Interview Recap-Rockin Robin

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 10:41, May 29 2006

By Neal Jones

Former WWF Women's champion Rockin Robin was the guest this week on www.inyourheadonline.com. Which can be heard live every Wednesday at 6:00 PM with Jack, OneInchBiceps and Barbie Richards, along with our full archive of interviews.

The hosts welcomed Robin to IYH, and mentioned the upcoming Capitol Legend's Fanfest August 11th to the 13th in Rockville, MD. The huge event will feature 30 Wrestling legends including Rockin Robin, Bobby Heenan, Masked Superstar, Jim Cornette, Bret Hart, Midnight Express, Nick Bockwinkle, Tony Atlas, Stan Hansen, Ernie Ladd, Ricky Morton, Angelo Mosca, Jim Niedhardt, Rocky Johnson, Robert Gibson, Ivan Koloff, Nickolai Volkoff, Baby Doll, Rick Martel and many more. For more information please visit http://www.capitollegends.com.

Robin says she's really looking forward to seeing the fans and wrestlers she hasn't seen for years. She has been away from wrestling for about 15 years. Robin says it's still fun when someone finds out she used to be a wrestler, but haven't gone to a wrestling convention. Robin says her ex sister in law Baby Doll will be there. Jack asks how her brother Sam Houston is doing, Robin says he is doing, he's a real good guy with a big heart. Robin says he really hasn't been in the business either.

Jack asks Robin if she watches wrestling. Robin says when she can, but people always ask her if she saw this or that angle on TV. Robin said the last thing she saw was Mae and Moolah getting in the ring. Robin says she has nothing but respect for them, but it was like watching a train wreck. Robin says Moolah was one the smartest people in and out of the ring in wrestling. She only wrestled Moolah one time, and "that was enough". Robin remembered thinking please don't let me break her leg.

Robin talks about still having the original WWF women's belt. She will be bringing it to the Fan Fest. When WWF faded out the belt they never asked for it back, so Robin never offered. Robin's area recently was flooded in New Orleans. And the world title was one of the things she managed to get out.

Jack asks how she left WWF. Robin said WWF told them the girls won't be going on the next tours. Vince told Robin her contract would be in June and they weren't going to renew her. She remembers it being uneventful, they just stopped using the women in matches. Robin thinks there wasn't many girls to go around, and it was right before women matches changed.

Jack asks if there was ever any pressure to get breast enhancement surgery. Robin says she never had a lot of "T&A", but there was never any pressure to get any enhancement surgery. Robin says that wasn't really around in her time, she says she might appreciate having it now. The women tried to put on a good show and keep people interested. Robin never wanted to be the popcorn match, where people didn't care. Jack asks if she had to have breast enhancement surgery at the time to get a spot in WWF would she. Robin says she doesn't think so, but now she probably would because it's more accepted in society in general. Robin says everyone is doing it now not just in wrestling, and it does look good.

Robin says she's never been contacted by WWF/WWE to come back. She worked in UWF and Japan after leaving WWF.

Robin talks about winning the UWF women's title, then retiring after that. Jack asks if she thought UWF would be big. Robin said no, she thought if you weren't in WWF you weren't in the big time. Robin wanted a better paying job, and out of wrestling. Jack asks about Herb Abrams. Robin met him once or twice, he seemed like a nice guy and was just trying to be the next big deal. Robin agrees with Jack that they tried to go to PPV too soon.

Jack asks what Robin did after wrestling. Robin says now she is a real estate appraiser, and buys real estate. Robin says there is a lot going on in Louisiana after the hurricane and floods. Before that she had many different businesses such as gold and rare coins. Jack hits her up to sponsor the show.

Robin says she gets a hard time sometimes when people find out she was a wrestler. Most people think of a wrestler as being really big and 300 lbs, but Robin is 5'7'' and about the same size as when she wrestled.

OIB asks about Sherri Martel. Robin says she was her favorite heel to work with. Robin says Sherri is one of the greatest ever, and there was nothing she wouldn't do or try in the ring. Robin says the guys at the time told her and Sherri they put on some of the best women's matches they had seen. Robin said neither or her Sherri were afraid to be stiff in the ring.

Jack asks if the female wrestlers had to be tough to gain the respect of the male wrestlers. Robin says they had to be tough to get respect from the other women wrestlers. Robin says the problem with a lot of the women at the time thought by going in the ring and beating up the other girl for real was their best opportunity to get noticed. Robin said there wasn't many spots so the women tried to get noticed. Robin says no one cares who wins the matches, they needed to entertain the fans so they would come back again. Robin says a lot of the guys would say they would rather fight the guys than the girls, because most of the girls were mean. Robin says another problem was there was only ever a few girls at a time in WWF, so there wasn't much of a variety of matches.

Jack asks if Sherri had a problem dropping the title to Robin. Robin said not at all, WWF had plans to pair Sherri with Randy Savage, so she wouldn't have had a problem since that was higher on the card. Robin talks about winning the belt in Paris, France. Robin remember Sherri telling her mom, "it's your girls time to shine". Robin said the crowd was around 40,000 people and it was really exciting to win the belt in front of such a big crowd.

Robin says she is sad to say she missed Sherri being inducted into the Hall of Fame. But Sherri deserves it and Robin couldn't be happier.

OIB asks what was it like singing at Wrestle Mania V. Robin says oh no, why did you have to ask that. Robin thinks that what ended her wrestling career, it was awful. Robin thinks some sound guys were fired over it, the music came on the PPV broadcast but not in the arena itself. The music was always too low, and Robin was freaked out and it was a disaster. Robin says she blames her brother Jake Roberts for coming up with the idea.

OIB asks if Jake helped her get into the WWF. Robin says no, but at the time he was "IT". Robin, Jake and Sam never came out with the brother and sister thing. Her dad Grizley Smith had her come to a TV taping for WWF at Green Bay, Wisconsin. Robin brought her gear, and they needed a woman for a dark match. She got word from Vince's office that they were going to bring her in and she was thrilled.

Jack asks of her dad pushed her into wrestling. Robin says not at all. Originally Robin was a theatre person and wanted to go into Broadway and had to interest in wrestling. Robin says she happened to be flipping channels, and she caught the Rock N Wrestling cartoon. Robin knew wrestling was getting big, and if they are making cartoons and dolls theatre didn't look so good. Jack corrects her, and says guys don't play with dolls they are action figures.

OIB asks who gave her the name Rockin Robin. She believes it was her father, she used it before going to WWF.

Barbie asks if ribbing is only a men thing. Robin says no the guys would rib the girls, and the girls would rib other girls, but girls wouldn't rib the guys. Robin tells a rib story about someone sending 25 large pizzas to her hotel room.

Jack asks if the male wrestlers treated the women with respect. Robin says for the most part. Jack brings up Sable claiming guys would drill peep holes in the locker room. Robin says that never happened that she is aware of. Jack asks if the girls ever drilled holes to peep on the guys. Robin says not that she will admit to.

Jack asks if Robin was ever approached by GLOW. Robin says she loves comedy and theatre, but the mat alone with all bumps scared her. Robin doesn't know how the girls didn't break their bones on that mat.

Robin says Vince McMahon was like Caesar of Rome to work for. Robin says it was great, there was very little contact with him, he never gave the women much direction.

Jack asks if Robin if she ever saw Beyond the Mat and if it was a fair portrayal of Jake Roberts and her father Grizley Smith. Robin says she has, and it was an accurate portrayal of Jake's life. Robin says Jake is 10 years older than her and doesn't know any of the animosities between her dad and Jake.

Jack talks about a rumor on the internet that Jake might come back to WWE as a booker. Robin says if it is true it would be a great chance for Jake and he should grab it.

Robin tells all her fans to come see the Fan Fest, and it will be a fun weekend. Robin would never trade her time in the business for anything. For more information on the Capitol Legends Fanfest in Rockville, MD August 11th-13th please visit http://www.capitollegends.com

To hear the interview in it's entirety, and our full FREE archives please visit http://www.inyourheadonline.com and join us live every Wednesday at 6:00 PM Eastern. The Superstar Billy Graham joins us this Wednesday the 31st.

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