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T-Money's News Line Newsletter May 27th

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 01:44, May 28 2006

All your news of the week, including an interview with Alicia!!!
-By Timothy "T-Money" Miller

Timothy ?T- Money? Miller
May 27, 2006

WWE News:
?The Chief of Staff? Orlando Jordan was released this week by World Wrestling Entertainment. Jordan has not been doing much since JBL?s cabinet fell apart, and he is probably most noted for being consecutively humiliated by Chris Benoit.
MNM broke up at last Sunday?s Judgement Day Pay Per View event. Joey Mercury is being sent to rehab for being one of the first two competitors to violate WWE?s substance abuse policy. The other is supposedly ?The Masterpiece? Chris Masters. Nitro and Melina will probably wind up on RAW where Melina can challenge for the WWE Women?s Championship.
?Native American? Tatanka returned to World Wrestling Entertainment this past Friday on SMACKDOWN. (He was supposed to face Orlando Jordan before he was released.)
Chris Benoit will be taking some time off to heal his body. Benoit is a workhorse in WWE and he needs to rest up to be the backbone of SMACKDOWN.
Kane?s movie ?See No Evil? placed third over the movie?s first weekend behind ?Over the Hedge? and ?The Da Vinci Code? starring Tom Hanks.
WWE has signed twenty- year old Shantelle Taylor. Check out her website at http://www.shantelletaylor.com

TNA News:
June?s Pay Per View event ?Slammiversary? will feature a King of the Mountain match featuring World Champion Christian Cage, ?The Monster? Abyss, and Ron ?The Truth? Killings. Two more spots are available, we will keep you posted.
TNA makes their first appearance in Philadelphia on Friday June 9 at the former ECW Arena. The card features AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Samoa Joe, as well as other stars such as Jeff Jarrett, Abyss, America?s Most Wanted, The James Gang, and many more.

ECW News:
Superstars signed for One Night Stand include: Axl Rotten, Balls Mahoney, C.W. Anderson, Danny Doring, Francine, Jazz, Paul Heyman, Rob Van Dam, Sabu, The Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, Tazz, Terry Funk, and Tony Mamaluke.
Starting June 13th, ECW will be the third WWE brand airing at 10 PM on the Sci- Fi Channel.

WWE Judgement Day Results (May 21, 2006)
- Paul London and Brian Kendrick became the new WWE Tag Team Champions by defeating MNM. MNM imploded following the encounter.
- ?The Crippler? Chris Benoit defeated Finlay
- Jillian Hall defeated Melina making her night absolutely awful.
- WWE Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms defeated one- half of the Mexicools, ECW alumni Super Crazy.
- Mark Henry defeated Kurt Angle by count out. After the match however, Angle unleashed his fury on ?The World?s Strongest Man.?
- The Great Khali shocked the world by defeating ?The Phenom? The Undertaker.
- World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio defeated challenger John Bradshaw Layfield.

Talking Money!
?Talking Money? is a weekly interview segment where I talk to various people who are involved with professional wrestling, giving the fans a little more insight into the world of wrestling. For my first one I interviewed beautiful women?s wrestler and manager Alicia. Alicia is only nineteen years old from Hackensack, New Jersey and competes for
JAPW, AWA(NJ), WXW, WWW, and NWS. She also manages Jersey All Pro Wrestling Champion ?The Manbeast? Rhino.

Here is what I learned from the lovely Alicia:
Movie: Fight Club
Music Artist: TIE - Slipknot & Juelz Santana
Television Show: Sex and the City
Food: Italian
Athlete/ Sports Team: NEW YORK YANKEES.

Why did you choose wrestling for a career? I was in love with it forever and a day.
If you were not wrestling, what would you be doing? I'd be in college, just as I am now. But I probably would've gone away to school.
Who were your heroes growing up? Sherri Martel, Sunny, Sean Michaels
What is your dream match? Me vs Molly Holly
Who is your favorite opponent? I love working with Alexa Thatcher, Miss Kara Slice, & Mercedes Martinez.
What is your favorite match?? Me vs. Ariel in round 1 of the 2005 WXW Women's Elite 8 Tournament.

What is your greatest wrestling moment? So far? Coming out with Rhyno at his return to the ECW Arena for JAPW. It was the craziest feeling i've ever gotten.

What do you want to accomplish in wrestling? To make it as far as I can happy & healthy.

Do you prefer Managing or Wrestling? Managing is fun, but I love to be in the ring myself.

What is life like on the indy circuit? INSANE.

Your opinion on being a Diva vs. Woman's Wrestler?? There's a place in wrestling for both?Divas and Female Wrestlers, you just need to use them correctly.

Word Association:
Vince McMahon: Genius
WWE: Bigtime
TNA: Standout
ECW: Pioneer
JAPW Phenomenon
Mickie James: Redeemer?
Tammy Sytch: Incomparable
Trish Stratus: Hardworking
Sherri: Piercing
Mercedes: Spitfire
Fabulous Moolah: Tremendous
Lita: Tough
Triple H: Slick
Ric Flair: Legend
Hulk Hogan: Icon

To find out more about Alicia check out her Myspace account at http://www.myspace.com/jrsygrl

What are your opinions on the return of Extreme Championship Wrestling? Will it live up to the hype? I want to hear you opinions. E- Mail me your responses to tmoneydaman69@msn.com

What?s Up at In Your Head Online:
Interviews that are currently up:
-?Wildcat? Chris Harris on TNA?s Tag Team Champions America?s Most Wanted
- Former WCW competitor The Stro
-WWE and ECW alumni Al Snow
- Member of TNA?s Team Canada Eric Young, as well as WWE superstar Harry Smith (the son of the late great ?British Bulldog? Davey Boy Smith).
- Former WWE Women?s Champion Rockin? Robin.

Upcoming Interviews:
May 31st at 6PM, Im Your Head will welcome the controversial WWE Hall of Famer ?Superstar? Billy Graham.

T Money?s Opinions
What is the deal with The Spirit Squad? It seems like the are always involved in the Main Event. How long have they been in the business? Yes they are all athletic and have talent, but so do the likes of Shelton Benjamin and Matt Hardy but they are stuck at mid- card level. The gimmick is pitiful, and painful to watch. Male cheerleaders are not what WWE fans want to see. Female cheerleaders, definitely. Also, half of the fans probably do not even know which two members are the actual World Tag Team Champions. Is the Tag Team division that terrible that these guys have to hold the belts, and barely even defend them. Being stuck in a five man group will not allow these kids to shine as well. They are pretty much a blur when they come out because there are so many of them. Hopefully they will break down and go their separate ways.
It is a shame that Joey Mercury violated the substance abuse policy because it caused for the break up of maybe the best young tag team in WWE. Honestly, they might be the most accomplished and over team in the company as we speak. Mercury was the brains behind the team, most of the time working out the matches for him and his partner Nitro. This hurts Nitro the most because I do not know if he can handle a singles career in WWE. (Let us remember his stint as Eric Bischoff?s sidekick!) Melina has the looks and can wrestle in the Women?s division on RAW, and Mercury can handle himself in the Cruiserweight division on SMACKDOWN. So where will Johnny Nitro fit, or can he fit anywhere on the roster? We will have to stay tuned.
So this year?s One Night Stand will feature WWE vs. ECW. This could prove that ECW can hang with the mighty WWE. ECW will showcase their young talent such as Rob Van Dam who will challenge WWE Champion John Cena for his Money in the Bank clause. Mr. Pay Per View will surely show you what ECW is all about beings it was his idea for One Night Stand in the first place. This match will also show you how much more athletic an ECW superstar is compared to the WWE Champion. Two legends will also return to the ring as Mick Foley will team with Edge to take on Terry Funk and Tommy Dreamer. Foley was in ECW before WWE and has had classic hardcore moments with the Funker. This will show the hardcore side of wrestling as blood will be shed and weapons will be used. The Sandman is sure to take somebodies head off with a cane, and Balls and Axl are sure to show WWE what Tag Team wrestling is all about. Did I forget that Paul Heyman will use his brain power to the maximum to show up WWE on this evening.
?Big Sexy? Kevin Nash has been a machine from through every X- Division competitor in TNA. Nash has not been involved in wrestling in quite some time and it is very impressive to see him come in a man handle this youngsters. It is quite entertaining to see this sure shot Hall of Fame wrestler come in and help this young company build by working with their young, athletic competitors. Hopefully we will see one of the X- Division competitors such as Chris Sabin or AJ Styles take on the former WWE and WCW Heavyweight champion and show him what TNA?s X- Division is all about. The X- Division is a breathe of fresh air, and is truly the backbone of Total Non Stop Action.

To contact Timothy ?T- Money? Miller:
E- Mail: tmoneydaman69@msn.com
Website: http://mysite.verizon.net/vze7v89d/
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