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sOcKRoCk?S 2 cents May 22nd

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 21:34, May 22 2006

Come one come all it is the RETURN of EVERYONE'S favorite article sOcKRoCk?S 2 cents!!!! Everyone rejoice as we take a look back at some of the great events that have happened over the last few weeks. The one Major thing that is on my mind is EC fuckin? W. Ok as you read the roster from the start was looking quite badass. But being on the SciFi network and being taped before the Smackdown! brand is just the most fucked up thing that I can think of them doing. Do I think the show has been up to par in the last few months no after Eddie passed away it hasn?t been the same just using the man to get a pop for Mysterio is fucking lame. But ECW will KILL Smackdown in my opinion. If it?s held back to stop from getting in the way of Smackdown then it?ll be lame. So what will be the point in getting this shit off the ground? None if the WWE front office can?t get their heads out of their ass and wake the hell up.

Moving on that?s enough of ECW its too depressing. But next on my shit list is the "reunion" of Degeneration X. Triple H the King of Kings and The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels. Ooooh where to begin on this. Two middle aged men chopping there crotch and telling us to suck it?.. Wow how in the hell is this supposed to be good? Ok Shawn and Hunter kicking the shit out of Vince and Shane that would be some good TV right there but, what the hell are they thinking? Could the WWE reach out anymore? There on there last leg when it comes to creativity. What?s next Marc Henry coming out and saying that Mae is trying to have his baby again? Jesus Christ people try not to be too stale now. Can I honestly say that I?m not looking forward to see what they come up with for this angle? Id be a liar if I said no. Yea DX was great the first time around so lets just see how this shit plays out. But besides that the both of them are now Main event guys. Imagine the fucking POP these guys are going to get. It will be one hellatious thing to see in person. And yes yours truly will be at Vengeance to see it live from the Charlotte Bobcats Arena in Charlotte NC Sunday June 25th. THE POST SHOW IS COMING BE WARNED!!!

Who else was glad to see the Undertaker get the shit kicked out of him at Judgment day? That was a ok worked match with its ups and downs but if Kali is getting tanked from the WWE its great to see him go out like that. Man this dude is fucking huge and I like him he reminds me of El Gigante shit. Man who doesn?t like to see the Taker in a feud with someone who beats his ass for a while and he gets back on his horse and pulls one out in the end. I mean it was great but Taker is on his last legs and it seems like they don?t want him to go anytime soon. So the rehash of old WWE lines comes out again and again. Damn this writing staff is getting lazy come on most of us remembers shit from the late 80?s and through the 90?s so why start this shit back up. I guess the little kids who didn?t watch wresting for the last 15 years would kinda get into it but the vets just hang their heads and laugh at seeing the same shit over and over and over and over and over again. But all in all its not that bad of an angle for the two of them. Two big men are kicking the dog crap out of one another good stuff my friends even it it?s a rehash of older lines.

Next up on the chopping block is King Booker and the crazed Bobby Lashley. Who didn?t see Booker T winning the King of the Ring tournament after the whole lets try this stuff on promo he had during week one? Sad yes, but a good use of Booker the whole Boogey Man BS. So one of the best workers on Smackdown is getting a better push now that he?s getting crowned on Friday. Good for you Booker more on you a little later. Mr.. Bobby Lashley who was like a soft spoken monster is getting a chance with the mic and is now going to whip some ass. Man this guy is a beast he reminds me of Lesnar when he first showed up on the WWE scene beating the shit out of people until the ref stopped the match. I maybe a mark for this guy but I think that he has a hell of a lot of potential and I see great things for this cat in the future. He is impressive even if he is a Monty Brown rip off at times. So that?s it for all of the Booker Lashley now into something a little more controversial?..

Booker T and Dave Batista: Booker beat the shit out of Dave at a Summer Slam shoot. Wow how much tension can two dudes have to just beat the shit out of them selves at work nonetheless. So Dave seems to be a racist prick and cocky to boot. The WWE has NEVER rested on his shoulders. I like the guy when he first came in, then to Evolution, then went solo and now he just seems a little wrong to me. But, he?s still a major face of the company and will be even if he hasn?t made any comments about the situation as of yet. Booker put out a press release that they had breakfast together and its water under the bridge and they will be able to work on a professional level. I mean if I best some dudes ass on the up and up then I would have said the same things. So Dave grow some balls say Booker kicked your ass and go on with life. I?m sure it?s not the first time and probably not the last.

To wrap this up I?m gonna go into Rey Mysterio as the WWE Heavyweight Champion. The total underdog champ is a great line he?s small quick and could dance circles around most of the WWE superstars. But its just not right how he had the Eddie push. The guy cant seem to work out as the Champ damn where is a good fucking heel when you need one. It is nice to see Ray with the strap but him coming out and getting his ass kicked night after night makes the belt look worthless. Come one now people he is one hell of a worker he can make the shittiest person like a star but come on I personally don?t think he?s the caliber of wrestler that we need to be wearing that strap. Not to mention Chavo was there and celebrated with him. I didn?t want to see him come back like that but here's nothing I can do about it. But take the strap off Rey and give it to Kali Mark Henry Angle someone who can make the heel angle work and maybe put Rey back in the hunt and the sell the shit out of the underdog shit.

Well that just about wraps up this edition of sOcKRoCk?s 2 cents hope you enjoyed it and come post some BS on the board. Let me have it. Later the Sock is OUT!!!

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