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My World: May 21st

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 21:45, May 21 2006

Well, the Intercontinental Title has been taken off Rob Van Dam. It was done not exactly the way I was planning them too, but it?s off him anyways. I was thinking have him not be apart of the fall in a three way or four way match. In a Handicap Match and even though he was pinned, it didn?t take too much away from making him look strong. There was talk of there being a controversial decision at One Night Stand in the WWE Title Match, and RVD would take the IC Title to the ECW brand, but that idea is no more. I am hoping we see a Shelton Benjamin/Charlie Haas feud now over the title.

I?ll be glad when Degeneration X officially comes back for the sake of them teasing it. Everyone knows it?s going to happen. It?s just a matter of time before the deed is done. The overall preview/spoiler for Vengeance saying DX is returning at the event, so if that?s the case, I assume, we?ll get the tease for the next month.

What a great segment with Mick Foley and Terry Funk! The segment was done very well, and there couldn?t be a better way to put Foley over as a heel. I am guessing that this leads to Foley and Edge taking on Funk and Tommy Dreamer at One Night Stand. When was Edge in ECW? If this happens, this will be one of the prime example of WWE putting their fingerprints on a success, so they can take credit for it. The same goes for the WWE Title Match with John Cena vs. Rob Van Dam.

Like I was hoping for, there will indeed be King of The Mountain 3 at Slammiversary. If I were to pick Christian Cage?s four opponents, I?d have Rhino, Ron Killings, Monty Brown, and Abyss. Obviously, Rhino?s out of the match now with Abyss advancing over him. Either way, I am looking to see Abyss take the title in this match. It?ll be his third straight shot at the title on PPV and he can get the title without involving Christian in a fall.

It seems like they keep building to a Samoa Joe/Scott Steiner match down the road. It?ll be good in terms of getting Joe over even more, but just scary as he will be in there with Steiner. As long as both are protected in the right spots, it should be ok, as was seen in their tag match at Sacrifice last week.

As I thought, Chris Sabin won the World X Cup for Team USA. With this, I would think that Sabin would get the push to go after the X-Division Title, but it seems like Senshi is the one chasing that right now. It?s going to be interesting how they take the title off Joe as he?s making his fit in the main event mix and similar to Rob Van Dam, he can?t take a clean fall to someone to stay strong.

Who went and saw See No Evil? That?s what I thought. Personally, I?m waiting until it comes out on video to check it out. I?m a movie buff, so I?m just going to check it out to see how it turned out. I?m not expecting much from it. You got to love how Rey Mysterio got jobbed out yet again this week. Booking wise, they are making him look so horrible as a champion.

How weak is Mark Henry?s finishing maneuver? A simple slam? A top heel on SmackDown!? That brand needs some help desperately. Granted, they have a somewhat decent card this Sunday surprisingly, but there needs to be some wonders work on that side of the company. It?s just sad when you see Matt Hardy, who has potential to be a great United States Champion and maybe World Champion down the road get squashed like he did against Henry.

Gunner Scott is continuing to impress me. I didn?t really get a look at him until this week. I say that because his tag match with Chris Benoit against Booker T and Finley got a good amount of time on tv. He has a lot of potential, and you have to take a liking to anyone who works with the shades of Benoit.

This Sunday is WWE Judgment Day and below I have listed every match with my predictions for each of them.

WWE Judgment Day predictions:

WWE World Heavyweight Title Match
Rey Mysterio vs. John Bradshaw Layfield
Mysterio has looked so weak since he won the title, jobbing to Mark Henry, Great Khali, and Kane destroying him. It?s obvious they are taking the title off him, but will it be to JBL or at The Great American Bash? I want to say with all the jobbing he?s been doing, he goes in as the ultimate underdog, which has been his gimmick as champion, and he could pull the surprise win on JBL. A lot of people are expecting him to drop the title here, but I?m going to go out on a limb and say Rey retains.

Kurt Angle vs. Mark Henry
One of the not so great matches on the card even though Kurt?s in there, but Henry is limited in the ring. Kurt?s been hurting bad since the beginning of the year, and if he doesn?t take anymore time off in the near future, he should go over here.

The Undertaker vs. The Great Khali
The potential worst PPV match of the year right here guys. Khali is beyond limited in the ring. They had kept him protected on tv, and this is his first PPV match. Taker cans till go, but this will be a hell of a challenge for him. It?s scary to say Khali goes over here, but this feud I can see continuing. I?ll give the win to Taker, but expect a rematch at Great American Bash. That PPV has a great reputation the last two years. Let?s keep it going thee years straight.

King of The Ring Finals
Booker T vs. Bobby Lashley
From the beginning, all eyes were on Lashley as this being a stepping stone for him, but with Booker, he?d make a great King of The Ring and it?d be his last effort to go for the big one. I say that, because everything has failed and they have given up on him for no reason. I?d have Booker win and take the title off Rey at Great American Bash. Then, have Booker vs. Batista at SummerSlam. The only thing with having Lashley go over here is he really has little charisma. He would win but I don?t see him going after the title either way. I?m going with Booker here.

WWE Tag Team Title Match
MNM vs. Paul London/Brian Kendrick
Great classic build up here with the challengers picking up the non-title wins up to the title match. Hopefully, London and Kendrick get the titles is all I can say. I?ve been behind them since they started tagging several months ago, and even though MNM are great, it?d be nice to change things up a bit. With the classic build up goes the classic finish with the challengers, London and Kendrick, going over.

Chris Benoit vs. Finley
A nice addition to the card with Benoit getting his win back from Finley a few weeks back.

WWE Cruiserweight Title Match
Gregory Helms vs. Super Crazy
Typical Cruiserweight Title singles match which it seems today, 3/4 the time we see a Cruiserweight Title Match on PPV in a singles contest, the title changes hands, plus Super Crazy has been pushed in the division the last month or two. So, Super Crazy as your new Cruiserweight Champion. If so, not sure how that will play into the ECW brand coming back.

Melina vs. Jillian Hall
Melina after Jillian pinned her on SmackDown! and it gives MNM a win tonight, just not in the title match.

Well, that?s it for this week. Enjoy Judgment Day. I?ll see ya next week.

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