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Thoughts on ECW's return to center stage

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 19:49, May 20 2006

ECW has been gone for 5 years now. And when WWE bought out the rite to the video library along with WCW's as well, there was question marks really left on ECW. As WWE would leave ECW and its foundation for where they left off untouched. Leaving the titles alone and making ECW look to secondary in what was the invasion angle set to really make history more so with the merge of WCW and WWE. ECW never really had an ending to there promotion and really only ended really leaving a chapter still unwritten in the book about ECW.

I do however have to say that both the ECW homecoming and ECW's one night stand really did not live up to what I would believe any one would want to expect that really loved ECW. If you look at the last real PPV the was done by Paul Heyman's ECW you would see that it was a totally awesome show and you can feel the passion with the wrestlers left there and the fans. My question is! Where will ECW be coming from when the show first starts under Vince McMahon? If the word around the wrestling world is Heyman will have Creative freedom then maybe Vince will not let ECW be so watered down. However I do have my thoughts on this as well. And if Heyman was always demoted and never allowed creative freedom working on Smackdown. Then where will Paul Heyman really be in ECW with the relaunch coming soon?

Pual Heyman could also be stuck in the Todd Gorden position of only being an on camera figure head. He could also be a guy with the free don they are saying he has too. If this is the case then will ECW try to pic up where they left off. Will Rhino be coming back since he was the last ECW world and TV champion? Will you have Justin Credible and Steve Corino looking to try to be the new Impact Players? Or. Will this be a fresh new start? My guess would be a fresh new start. But. I also feel the the old fans would like to see it pick up where they left off too. With guys like Sandman, Sabu, Tommy Dreamer, CW Anderson, Rob Van Dam and more coming back signing with Vince McMahon with a lot of the guys that were there for the last show. Thats would be my guess as well.

Talking on wrestling shows and and on the net have also made me ask some questions too. Does the relaunch of ECW have to do with TNA slowly winning fans over and rising with a foot forward in the rite direction? This could also be the case too. You could see talent leaving TNA for ECW and a chunk of the audience leaving too. If this should happen then would The USA network be willing to let the show go head to head with TNA on Spike TV. Most people doubt that that will be the case. But I really can't see any other reason for Vince McMahon too really bring back ECW too. If this could lead to a fall for TNA then Vince would want that promotion under the banner of WWE too.

None the less wrestling fans seem interested in seeing the return of ECW and will be watching it with interest. But! To go back to my first question. Will ECW be what the fans want to see? And! Will it not be so watered down? Theres really more questions then answers at this point rite now. But! Could that be the key to what will make every one view ECW again?

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