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Interview Recap-Harry Smith

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 08:53, May 20 2006

By Neal Jones

WWE's Harry Smith,Son of the legendary British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith, was the 2nd guest this week on www.inyourheadonline.com. Which can be heard live every Wednesday at 6:00 PM with Jack, OneInchBiceps and Barbie Richards.

The hosts welcomed Harry to IYH. Jack asks when he starts with WWE. Harry says next Friday in Boise Idaho on May 26th for the RAW Brand house show.

Jack asks Harry about not signing with WWE right away. Harry said he is glad he didn't. He had fun wrestling on Indy's and was glad to get to go to Japan to work. Harry says it was living his dream working in Japan and working with his idols like Masawa, Kenta Kobashi and Jumbo Tsuruta. Harry said he wanted to follow in the footsteps of guys like Benoit, the Dynamite Kid and his father. Jack asks about the food and being in Japan. Harry said it was a culture shock but it was a great experience and hopefully with WWE he could go back someday.

Jack asks if Harry's dad encouraged or discouraged him into wrestling. Harry said he never pushed him at all, but encouraged him once he found out Harry wanted to be a wrestler.

Jack says people say it's easier for a guy from a wrestling family to get into wrestling but does he have more to live up to. Harry said it is tougher being related to Bret and all the Harts and Daveyboy because he has high expectations to live up to.

Jack asks what name he will use in WWE. Harry says he will be using his real name Harry Smith, it would be pretty dumb to change the name. He is also fine with using the British Bulldog name.

Harry says eventually he would like to work with HBK, HHH, John Cena, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas in RAW.

OIB asks what Harry's favorite wrestling promotions to watch growing up. Harry says WWE was his favorite, Stampede,, New Japan and All Japan and WCW up until 1997.

Jack asks Harry about Stampede Wrestling being streamed online, Harry says it is good for the show to be seen by more people. Harry agrees with Jack about being a student of the game.

Jack asks if Harry will be working heel or baby face and which would he prefer. Harry isn't sure but thinks he will be a baby face. Harry says he wants to work whichever gets him the best matches and best business. Harry is fine working either way, whichever he makes more money with and has a better spot. Harry says he is more comfortable as a face, but can also work heel. In Canada he prefers being a face, but it is more fun being a heel.

Harry talks about the Hall Of Fame Weekend, where he was signed. He had fun being there in support of Bret Hart. Harry talks about the atmosphere of the live crowd, and seeing Eddie be inducted into the HOF.

Jack asks how Bret is with Harry going to WWE. Harry says Bret has never once discouraged him from going there, only encouraged. Harry says Bret told him he did the right thing waiting, if he went right away to WWE he would have been at the bottom. Harry is being signed right to RAW not an OVW contract. He may still be in OVW if he signed years ago.

Jack asks about TNA. Harry says he did a match for 1PW vs Jeff Jarrett. Jeff was impressed with his work, and asked if he was offered a contract by WWE. Harry told him yes, Jeff told him he had a contract waiting for him in TNA if things didn't work out. Harry went with his guy feeling to wait to go to WWE, he didn't want to make anyone mad at WWE and wanted to keep his word to WWE. Harry thinks it might have been good in TNA, but he wanted to go to WWE. Harry knows he'd make more money, and wishes Jeff all the best.

Harry says he would prefer to work singles over tags. Jack asks about his old partner TJ Wilson. Harry says WWE has never had a good look at TJ yet. Harry says they could make a good tag team in WWE and make an impact.

Jack asks about Nattie Hart. Harry says she has been told once her ACL tear heels she was guaranteed a job with WWE.

Harry heard his first match will probably be with Rob Conway.

Jack asks if Harry thinks Teddy Hart will ever get another shot in WWE. Harry thinks Teddy will get another deal, but WWE wants him to come in when Teddy is ready. Teddy has so much talent and potential but everyone knows his reputation. WWE doesn't want him to come in and just screw it up. Harry says once Teddy is ready to come in WWE will sign him, they have always been interested in him. Harry says Teddy has a contract with the MTV promotion. Jack asks if it's Teddy's age. Harry says he has nothing bad to say about Teddy.

Jack asks if Harry follows in his dad's footsteps with ribs. Harry says he used to be, but he ahs calmed down a lot.

Jack asks about the Dungeon. Harry says he trained there all the time, a good portion of his life was spent there. Harry says some people expect something, but it's just a green mat, but it lives up to it's reputation.

Harry says he would recommend the book Pain and Passion The History of Stampede Wrestling. Harry says Heath did a pretty good job with the book, and the stories sounded right. Harry says it was a good way to get the people to know of the history of Stampede Wrestling.

OIB asks about the Stampede Wrestling footage on the Bret Hart DVD. Harry says Bret wanted to show he was good in Stampede before he was in WWE. Harry says the problem was they had to clip some of the matches.

Harry says he ahs never talked to the Dynamite Kid. Harry has heard Dynamite Kid's daughter wants to be a wrestler. That she and Bret's kids are trying to get into wrestling, Harry isn't sure how serious she is, she has trained a little in Teddy's school.

Jack asks what are the undiscovered talent are that has never been signed. Harry says it would be his old partner TJ Wilson.

Jack ask Harry about the Wellness Program. Harry says it's fine, it is all in his contract and has nothing to worry about because he has always been clean. Harry thinks it's good for wrestling to hammer down on the testing.

Jack asks Harry if he would have a problem doing an angle with HBK at the 2007 Survivor Series in Montr?al, the 10th anniversary of the infamous screw job. Harry wouldn't have a problem with that at all.

Jack asks where Harry would like to see himself at Wrestlemania next year. Harry says he would like to see himself winning the world title, he doesn't know if he will he's not a psychic.

Jack asks if confidence is something you need in wrestling. Harry says yes you need to believe in yourself but not be cocky.

Jack asks what guys he patterned his style after. Harry says one guy is Jumbo Tsuruta, because he was a big guy and a natural in the ring.

Harry thinks Fit Finlay is fantastic. Harry is baffled as to why he came back now, but it is awesome. Jack asks if Harry is surprised Fit's style is really over. Harry says Finley is a really good hand, he can work any style and baby face or heel.

Jack asks about his match vs Charlie Haas with special ref Mick Foley at last year's Ballpark Brawl. Harry said it was fine, but once the ring broke it was like a death trap because they couldn't take bumps. They ahd to improvise the match, both were a bit let down and Harry hopes he can wrestle Haas again on RAW and the ring won't break.

IYH fan Hambone asked if Harry would mind doing a New British Bulldogs tag team. Harry says only as long as it's the right guy, maybe TJ or Benoit.

Harry tells all the fans thanks, and hopefully they look forward to seeing him on RAW soon. Harry hopes to be the youngest world champion for WWE.

Harry tells a rib story involving Owen Hart calling Stu Hart.

Jack asks if Harry thinks the wrestlers will have be mad that he is going right to RAW and skipping OVW. Harry says that is a concern of his, they might think why is this kid getting a push right to RAW, what has he done?

Jack asks what Harry would like to improve on himself. Harry says he has been practicing his mic skills, by talking in the mirror. Harry says everyone can always improve, and hopes to improve once he goes to WWE and learns to work their style.

OIB asks Harry about Hogan Knows Best, when Hulk sent Nick to acting school. Harry says it could help, but acting and wrestling are 2 different things. Jack asks if Harry would like to work Nick Hogan, Harry asks can he work ? OIB asks if Harry would like to stretch Nick, Harry says it could do good business. Harry says he ahs never worked any second generation wrestlers.

Jack asks what Harry thought of the Rougeau Brothers. Harry said they were a good tag team, as heels or faces. Harry said as the Mountie he had some of the best ring music.

Harry says it was a really amazing event to witness live, seeing his dad wrestle Bret at Summerslam in England. Harry says the only thing close was the Calgary Stampede PPV.

The IYH Crew wish Harry luck in WWE.

We were also joined by Showtime Eric Young in the 1st hour. To hear both of these interviews please visit www.inyourheadonline.com and join us next week live at 6:00 PM Eastern for former WWF Women's Champion Rockin Robin, and IYH interrogation.

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