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Interview Recap-Eric Young

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 07:18, May 20 2006

By Neal Jones

TNA's Team Canada member Showtime Eric Young was the first guest this week on www.inyourheadonline.com. Which can be heard live every Wednesday at 6:00 PM with Jack, OneInchBiceps and Barbie Richards.

The hosts welcomed Eric to the show Eric talks about being in Florida checking out the rides, which he gets for free at the Universal Studios.

Jack asks about the TNA Sacrifice PPV. Eric says it went well and was fun. Jack mentions the reaction Eric got from the fans. Eric was surprised by it.

The change to Babyface is brought up. Eric says they have talked about it before, but after the reaction he thinks they will do it soon. Eric says he has been there for 2 years, and would like to be a babyface.

Jack asks if Eric would like to go singles. Eric says he would like to go singles, he usually wrestled as a singles babyface before going to TNA. He considered himself the Hulk Hogan of Ontario Wrestling, he had 14 belts at one time. Eric says it was a humbling experience going to TNA and being the guy who gets beaten up every week on Team Canada, but he loves being there.

Eric says he prefers being a babyface over a heel. Eric says its more of a challenge to get the people to like you than hate you. Being in Team Canada the fans automatically boo.

OIB asks how he came up with the name Showtime. Eric says he was in film directing, stunt workshops, improv and acting schools when younger, and that stuck with him into his wrestling. He mentioned it being "Showtime" once before a promo and it stuck.

OIB asks about the vignette before Lockdown. Eric said it was great, they filmed it Nashville with David Sahadi and Andrew Thomas. They finished it in about 35 or 40 minutes, but thought it would take 2 or more hours going in.

Jack asks if the famous Funeral segment was his first time to show his personality. Eric says yes, it was the start of it. He had been bugging TNA to give him a character, Eric believes his strength is portraying a character to the audience.

Eric believes portraying a character and doing promos is 50% of what it takes to be a pro wrestler. He is really having fun getting more promo time, and doing more vignettes especially with the whole Sting angle. Eric says TNA gives him bullet points and lets him fill in the rest.

Jack asks if he was happy to work with Sting. Eric says it was a very cool moment for him, he grew up watching Sting. He loved wrestling him one on one plus the vignettes, and Sting even painted Eric's face for the angle.

Eric mentions HBK, Bret and Owen Hart, Jake Roberts, Sting, Ricky Steamboat, Terry Funk and others as the guys he watched growing up. Jack mentions Eric's elbow drop. Eric said it was the first move he tried when he got on the top rope, because Macho Man and HBK did it.

OIB asks how TNA's Team Canada compares to WCW's. Eric said it is completely different. WCW's Team Canada had no identity, it was just a group of guys they had nothing else to do with. TNA's was put together for the World X Cup, they had no intentions of originally hiring them. Their work, the fact they got over and they were all easy to get along with made TNA hire them all.

Jack asks about the original Team Canada, and if Teddy Hart's attitude was the reason he isn't there and is held back. Eric says he never met Teddy so can't say, but teddy does have a reputation. Eric says there is always talks of bringing Teddy back in because of the Hart name and his work in the ring.

IYH fan Slartibardfast asks who's idea was the scared gimmick and does Eric enjoy it. Eric says if it was one person it would have been Dutch Mantel. Dutch told Eric to be skittish, and Eric went over the top with it and it got over. Eric says it is a blast to do it.

OIB asks if TNA will have their talent raided to go to the new ECW. Eric says he is sure there will be some, but he doesn't get involved. Eric says he wishes everyone all the luck who decides to go. Eric thinks a lot of guys will say no because they believe in the TNA product.

Jack asks about Eric's WWE dark matches from 2003. Eric says he worked for about 8 weeks straight, a lot of guys thought he was under contract but he wasn't. Eric says the guys trusted him not to mess anything up. Eric talked to Stephanie McMahon and the writers once about a surfing guy gimmick. Eric thinks he was unknown at the time, and was a lot smaller guy.

Eric is surprised the Team Canada t-shirts sell so well. Eric says there's always guys who want to cheer for the bad guys. And there are fans now who appreciate your work as a heel, and it's there way of saying thank you.

Jack asks which crowd is better Nashville or Orlando. Eric says when they first came to Orlando the crowds were insane. Eric thinks the old school mentality of over exposure is true, they are there every week now. Eric thinks the fans are spoiled, the reactions aren't as good anymore because the fans have seen it all. Eric says the show in Detroit had overwhelming reactions.

Eric says TNA should travel more. Maybe do the PPV's in other buildings. Eric thinks TNA should take baby steps though not go too fast.

OIB asks about Tyson Duke's tassels. Eric says the story is Tyson likes tassels.

Barbie asks about the return of Johnny Devine and the debut of Tyson Dukes. Eric likes it because they are friends of his.

Jack asks Eric's memories of BCW. Eric says he ahs many. Petey Williams, Chris Sabin and Shelley all had one of their first matches with Eric in BCW. Eric has seen all those guys start and grow into what they have become.

Eric says he likes having D'Amore with the group. Eric says Team Canada being the heel group is best with a manager.

OIB asks Eric which is better Canadian Bacon or real American Bacon. Eric says Canadian Bacon. Eric says bacon in Canada is thicker, Canadian Bacon in the USA is just fried ham. Eric talks about bags of milk instead of bottles, and Jack claims that's the reason Americans hate Canada.

Jack asks what are his favorite teams to work with. Eric remembers one of his best matches was on Victory Road vs AMW. Eric also mentions the Naturals, doing vignettes with Alex Shelley, working with the Dudleys was really cool as well.

IYH fan Jobber asks if Eric has any good rib stories. Eric says he is only funny on TV not in real life.

Jack asks which he prefers the 4 or 6 sided ring. Eric says he prefers the 4 sided to work in, but since the 6 sides means he's on TV for TNA he prefers the 6 sides.

OIB asks about Eric's current health. Eric says voice will start to get weak after his surgery, last time he had complications from the surgery and had to be hooked up to a respirator. Eric says he also has broken his ankle, and had to wrestle the next day vs AMW and Dusty Rhodes. Eric broke his wrist from a press slam over the top rope.

Jack asks if it is good having guys jump from WWE. Eric says the name recognition is good. Eric has been friends with Christian for a while, and he left on his own he wasn't fired. Christian is a big name and a great worker and talker so he can only be helpful.

Eric says he'd like to work Bobby Roode if he ever turned face. They always had good chemistry together when they wrestled on the Indy's prior to TNA.

Eric thanks all the fans for watching TNA, and all the emails he gets from the fans, and they haven't seen anything yet.

We were also joined by WWE's Harry Smith in the 2nd hour. To hear both of these interviews and the Al Snow interview also from this week please visit www.inyourheadonline.com and join us next week live at 6:00 PM Eastern for former WWF Women's champion Rockin Robin.

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