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MY WORLD: May 14th

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 22:38, May 14 2006

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By Justin Bailey

The best way for Rob Van Dam to drop the Intercontinental Title would be to have him drop it in a Triple Threat or Fatal Fourway. As I thought about this, a Fatal Fourway took place on RAW, but RVD retained the title. All you have to do is have one of the other opponents get a fall on another opponent, so RVD can stay strong. I have heard of an idea being thrown around that at One Night Stand, there would be a controversial decision in the Championship Match RVD competes in, and so he takes the IC Title to the ECW brand to claim himself as the ECW Champion. Whether that happens or not is yet to be said or seen.

I?m not sure where the Edge and Mick Foley alliance is headed. I was thinking Mick would be turning heel to promote ECW, since it may be himself and Joey Styles on commentary once again this year at One Night Stand. I understand Mick aligned himself with Edge, because he now respects Edge for his performance at WrestleMania 22 against him, but I assume we?ll find out soon enough why things took place the way they did.

I?m starting to get tired of seeing The Spirit Squad in the main event now. I know Vince loves them, but the whole Handicap 5-on-4/3/2/1 ordeal is getting old fast. I?m not going to focus on that much as thats about all I got to say about that. On the other hand, with Degeneration X returning, there is the possibility Shawn Michaels and Triple H could add a few guys to the mix to bring them up to the next level. As far as who they could be leaves a good number of suggestions. You got people like Carlito, MNM, and members from The Spirit Squad as good fits. Though, I don?t see them breaking up The Spirit Squad so soon. We will see in time how it gets played out.

With the recent work/shoot altercation between Booker T and Batista, there needs to be something played off of that on tv. Now, with Rey being practically buried on tv the last month, it seems like he?ll pull off the win against JBL next Sunday. So, I would have Booker T win the King of The Ring tournament and challenge Rey for the title at The Great American Bash and win it. With Batista returning any week now, have him have his grudge match with Mark Henry at The Bash, and it all will setup Booker T vs. Batista for the title at SummerSlam. Lashley is the favorite to win the King of The Ring tournament, which still may very well happen. The only thing is with Lashley is I don?t see him going right into the main event and being a serious challenger for the title after the tournament, granted he wins it.

It?s looking like Super Crazy is going to be the next Cruiserweight Champion. It has became a trend in the cruiserweight division where whomever challengers the champion on a Pay-Per-View with any kind of momentum tends to win the title. I?m not going to complain as Super Crazy would make for a great champion. The division overall needs to become of more importance like many have said time and time again. It needs more tv time and the wrestlers in the division need the time on tv to develop their characters, have promos/interviews, and long matches. It?s not so bad for a company to show that they actually have a roster of talent that can showcase it without making a joke in a promo or pulling a backstage shenanigan.

Now, onto Rey Mysterio. He has been the World Heavyweight Champion for the past five weeks, and out of his three tv matches, he has not one a single match. Next week, JBL has another opponent setup for him, where I?m guessing he?ll job out once again, just to get the "underdog" win at Judgment Day. He has had a less than memorable run as champion thus far, and it?s just different to me. He doesn?t have that feel as champion. It?s feels to where you?re just waiting to when Rey drops the title, because you know it?s not going to be a long title run.

Right now, with Kevin Nash feuding with the X-Division, it?s looking like it will be AJ Styles standing up for the X-Division and we?ll have Nash vs. Styles at Slammiversary. The predicament here is how Nash can put over Styles. We saw countless times in WCW how the veteran would job out to the younger talent by laying down for a three count, thinking that?s how you put over talent. It?s not just about who wins the match, but how you sell their moves, personality, pretty much everything about them. Laying down for three seconds for a paycheck isn?t how you put over talent. If it was, WCW would be the hottest thing going today. Ask Billy Kidman (his feud with Hulk Hogan), Rey Mysterio (his feud with Kevin Nash), and others.

Is Samoa Joe face now? They built him up to be this unstoppable bad ass with no remorse for anyone face or heel, particularly faces with the feud he had with Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles, which saw Daniels turn face. On the other hand, Orlando along with so many other love Joe. He got a huge pop when Sting announced Joe as his partner, so I?m not so much against it. I?m still just curious how they are going to take the X-Division Title off him as he is making his way up mixing it up in the main event mix now.

I hope they announce the new authority figure this Sunday, because I am tired of seeing Larry Zybysco interrupt everyone?s promo and interview. James Mitchell is the only guy who doesn?t get interrupted, which is great, as he?s one of the best stick men in the business today if not the best. There is a rumor it could be Jim Cornette as the new authority figure, which would be great in my eyes. I?ve liked how Cornette?s always been outspoken over the years, and plus, it would be another recognizable face for TNA. They know how to book the veterans, so the more, merrier.

This Sunday is TNA Sacrifice and below I have listed every match with my predictions for each of them.

TNA Sacrifice predictions:
NWA World Heavyweight Title Full Metal Mayhem Match
Christian Cage vs. Abyss
This will be the second straight PPV match for these two, this time with a different gimmick in place. I see Christian going over here even though it would be a second straight loss for Abyss, but this time around, it has been different with Christian chasing Abyss for the title in some fashion. After this, I would have Christian defend against a number of other at Slammiversary in a King of The Mountain Match, with Abyss taking it there, but we?ll see what happens.

Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner vs. Sting & Samoa Joe
Sting?s team won last month at Lockdown, and I don?t know is Steiner?s jobbing out again this month. There is Joe?s streak to think about even though it is in tag format, and he could technically still have his streak with having Sting taking one for the team. I?ll go with Jarrett and Steiner pulling off a win here and this feud continuing.

NWA World Tag Team Title Match
America?s Most Wanted vs. AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels
I enjoy the team of Styles and Daniels, but I don?t think they?ll be getting the gold here. It should be Nash and Styles feuding after this, so no point to put the tag titles on them. I suspect Team 3D and AMW one more time at Slammiversary, with Team 3D getting the titles there.

Rhino vs. Bobby Roode
This will be the match that should be better than expected. We know what Rhino can do, and Bobby Roode has had a hand full of singles matches, as he?s tagging with Team Canada most of the time, and Roode is a great talent. Hopefully, both guys can be elevated here as Rhino has been kind of lost in the mix and Roode can solidify his name more. In that case, I?ll go with Bobby Roode.

Raven vs. A1
This will be Raven?s first match in TNA in four months, with his last being at Final Resolution in January. This sort of plays back to months back when Raven had to win matches to keep his job, except it will now be Raven going over A1 as him and Zybysco continue to feud.

Jushin Thunder Liger vs. Petey Williams
Expect a good match here. We haven?t seen Liger in TNA since Bound For Glory when Joe defeated him last October.I expect Williams to go over here and get Team Canada on the board before the Gauntlet.

Team 3D vs. The James Gang
Like I said previously, Team 3D goes over and gets the shot at the titles next month against AMW. This has interests to carry on for the nostalgia fans and it just might. Either way, Team 3D as the pick here.

World X Cup Gauntlet Finals
Team USA vs. Team Canada vs. Team Mexico vs. Team Japan
This should have some great spots in it as all 16 guys from all four teams will be involved here. I suspect Team USA as the ultimate winner as they have been pushing Jerry Lynn passing the torch in some way to Chris Sabin.

Well, that?s it for this week. Enjoy Sacrifice. I?ll see ya next week.

My World: Justin Bailey on MySpace-http://groups.myspace.com/justinbailey


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