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Interview Recap-Chris Harris

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 07:57, May 08 2006

By Neal Jones

TNA's Wildcat Chris Harris, one half of the tag team champions American's Most Wanted was the first guest this week on www.inyourheadonline.com. Which can be heard live every Wednesday at 6:00 PM with Jack, OneInchBiceps and Barbie Richards, along with our full archive of interviews.

The hosts welcomed Chris to IYH, and mentioned the upcoming TNA PPV Sacrifice May 14th, for more information please visit www.tnawrestling.com.

Chris says Lockdown was a big success, all the fans who emailed him said it was a thumbs up. Jack asks what Chris thought of his partner James Storm taking the big splash from AJ Styles on top of the cage. Chris said he thought he needed a new partner.

Jack asks if he is happy so far with their feud with Team 3D. Chris says yes and he had been looking forward to working with them before they came in. Chris says they will add Gail Kim to AMW if Team 3D uses Brother Runt, since she is bigger than him.

Chris says he is happy with the Thursday timeslot. He would prefer a better time but he thinks the ratings will improve and show they deserve a better timeslot.

Jack asks if Chris is proud to be with TNA since day one. Chris says he remembers people saying they would end in 2 or 3 months. Chris says they are now going into their 4th year with a spike TV deal shoved it up the critics asses.

Jack asks about the newsletters and internet. Chris says he doesn't have time, but everyone thinks they know more than TNA does. And sometimes would get to him always reading they would close.

Chris talks about their resigning with TNA over WWE. Chris says they had a door open for them in WWE. It was some of the worst months of his life trying to figure out the pros and cons of TNA over WWE, what would be best for him and the team in the long run. Chris said there were things that had him lean toward jumping. But he knows guys not happy in WWE, and he doesn't enjoy the WWE product. Chris thinks he would have bee lost in the shuffle, and staying in TNA where he is a top star and happy was the best bet for his future.

Jack asks Chris what he would tell someone who has never seen TNA, how it is different than WWE. Chris says their wrestling speaks for itself, Chris says as a whole their show and talent is much better. Chris says the skill of the works in TNA keep you glued to the screen. Chris also says the story lines in WWE are way over the top.

Jack brings up the original gimmick of AMW with Chris smoking a cigarette and Storm shooting cap guns. Chris says why did you bring that up. Chris says it was Russo's idea. Neither he or James Storm were happy with that gimmick.

OIB asks how Chris feels about having such a high percentage of female fans. Chris says no complaints.

Jack asks if Chris was opposed to breaking up AMW. Chris says they were very opposed, they knew they were on to something good. They knew they were getting people's attention, and thought they would get lost in the shuffle is were split up already. Chris said it was hard to say no since they were young and new to the company, but they had to put their foot down even though the office wasn't too happy with it.

Chris says not many teams stay around for as long as they do. Jack asks if they studied tapes or were always tag team fans. Chris says he was always a Bret Hart fan, but started studying tapes of Rock N Roll Express and Midnight Express. Chris says he has met the R&R Express and are friends with them, and have met the Midnights a few times, and are great guys to learn from.

Ligermark from the IYH chat room asks if Chris has any good rib stories. Chris tells a story about him James Storm, Wolfie D (Slash) and Abyss the night before the first TNA PPV. James Storm came into the hotel room drunk and firing his guns in the middle of the night when everyone else was asleep.

OIB asks about hardcore matches like exploding ring and barbed wire matches. Chris says hell no, he's a professional wrestler not a crazy maniac.

Jack asks if Chris would like to have more matches with XXX since Low Ki is back. Chris says no, they already proved they were better.

Barbie asks if TNA has the right mix of star power and new TNA stars. Chris says yes you need home grown stars and star power, not just for their names but for their knowledge to help the younger guys.

Barbie asks about the Controversy in Canada. Chris says he was really frustrated at the time over his contract and TNA. Chris says there was a lot of reality to that angle, and was the best thing for him, Storm and Jeff Jarrett.

Jack asks if Chris was worried about turning heel since they were so popular. Chris says no, they got a lot of people saying they couldn't do it. But Chris says your character comes from your real personality, and there is truth to that and it was easy for him to go out there be an asshole. He thinks they get some of the best reactions from the TNA crowds.

Chris says he prefers the Orlando crowd over Nashville. Chris says Nashville is where they started. Jack asks if they should tour. Chris says hell yes, at the very least they should tour for the PPV's so they aren't in the same building. Chris mentioned the Detroit house show doing really well, and coming to Philly soon.

Jack asks about ICP and juggalo fans. Chris says 95% of the fans in Detroit were TNA fans. If ICP comes back in it will be short term.

Jack asks about the 6 sided ring. Chris says he is used to it, he doesn't mind working in 4 sides or 6 sides.

Slartibardfast from the IYH chat room asks about the TNA towel guy (TNA fan who twirls a towel in the front row). Chris says he didn't know of him but he will now find him and shove the towel up his ass.

Jack asks about Chris Kash's comments about him and the Naturals. Chris says he was bitter over guys like AMW and AJ because they were pushed over him. Since then they have talked, Kash apologized and there's no heat he wishes Kash the best of luck.

Jack asks about the funeral segment. Chris says people still talk about it today, it was one of the best skits ever in wrestling. It looked great on paper but was even better when everyone got to add in their own personality.

Barbie asks if the funeral segment was a coming to the dance for AMW to show personality. Chris said it was the first time they got a chance to do so. Chris says as babyfaces you can't say too much but be nice and want to take the belt. They had a lot of aggression to let out and got to show their personalities on the segment.

Jack asks if TN brought back tag team wrestling. Chris says no, they did. He says that may sound cocky, but TNA didn't know what to do with them so stuck them in tags. They studied tapes and brought back old school psychology and put tag team wrestling back on the map. TNA uses tag teams well, unlike WWE.

Jack brings up The Dudley Boyz mentioning they wanted to work AMW on WWE Byte This. Chris remembers that and it was a great compliment. At the time they weren't sure if it would be in WWE or for TNA, but knew they would work together at some point.

Jack asks about Sacrifice. Chris says they will be working AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels. And ends with "sorry about your damn luck" to all his fans out there.

We were also joined by MXPW Lords of the Ring tag team tournament winners The Black Market, from www.mxpw.net. To hear both of these interviews, and our full FREE archives please visit www.inyourheadonline.com and join us live every Wednesday. TNA's Showtime Eric Young, Former WWF Women's Champion Rockin Robin and WWE Hall of Famer Superstar Billy Graham coming this month of May !!!

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