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Halloween Costume Contest

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 10:10, Oct 27 2012

Read the rules below and enter today - lost of cool prizes. Email entries to withoutyourhead@hotmail.com

So who has heard of this amazing Halloween costume contest for Without Your Head? It's a big deal, folks - we've gathered a lot of incredible prizes together, get working! I'm going to poke Neal with a sharp stick to get a list of prizes together to get you people motivated. If I could reach you I would poke you with sharp sticks too to get your asses in gear, get some makeup on, and show off to the Without Your Head world!

It's simple - you don't have to have the most expensive costume or be super good looking, you have to be creative. You're horror people, you have a world of inspiration to draw ideas from! Yes we want costumes to be original, but don't take that to mean you can't be Freddy or a mainstream character. Just try to make something without it being some store bought package. And funny can certainly count as creative if you don't have art skills to draw on. Or take some great pictures of yourself in an interesting environment wearing your costume - you know, maybe you can go to Wal-Mart and ride the kids horse quarter ride or something else ridiculous to kick it up a notch. Hell, I don't even mind you photoshopping yourself into a picture of a movie scene or with people or in scenarios you just can't get access to in "real life "(damn that real life crap). Like be crouching in fear from Freddy and then your makeup effects could be that you're all torn up from his recent attacks on you. Dear God, I could come up with a million things that would be interesting, and I know you've got it in you, folks - I just know it! You could even do a video if you wanted, redo the scene from Silence of the Lambs where Jamie Gumb is dancing to that song in his woman suit (just no nudity please, we'll all get in trouble). You see? Endless ideas. Take what you're good at, and capitalize on it.

And then (this is very important) just hold a sign, small is fine so long as we can read it - that says "Without Your Head" or "Dinner & A Movie" or "Annabelle Lecter is a creative genius" - you know, anything that let's us know the picture is you and not some googled picture of someone else. And put the YEAR on there too, again doesn't have to be huge, but has to be something clear. Take plenty of pictures of the costume/process so we know it's you just in case we need to call you out on it (as Neal and I both know, photoshop is a powerful tool for shenanigans). If you have any questions on this point - just ask for clarification so it doesn't hurt your chances. Okay? Okay.

So, what have we established:

1. Be creative. A Jason mask or slut suit does not a creative costume make.

2. Hold a sign referring to WYH Productions with the year clear and legible (or have it in the pic) and make it so it's really obvious that it is not just photoshopped in. Try to get away with photshopping in the sign and I'll be tempted to ban you from WYH for being a total jackass.

And a few other things:
3. Get this done and submit to us (whoops, I mean submit *them* to us) before Halloween.
4. Make sure you submit them directly to Neal, Troy, or myself. We'll post them all on Halloween. If people see them early on the page it won't have the same impact.
5. No professionals, please. I don't mind if you've got experience with effects, but people like Jeff Wickedbeard and Nightmare Man would really be unfair to enter in. We want this to be open for everyone to have a shot.
6. No nudity. I know, I know - total buzzkill. Yes we all know nudity can be a lot of fun, but we don't want anyone banned. Sexuality is okay, but keep in mind it's creativity that matters most and keep it in the context that it is for Halloween and not just an opportunity to flash your ass, male, female or otherwise.
7. I may be a rules Nazi, but please have fun! You may not win for old pics, but even sending old pics of costumes you've had that we can add to the mix will be fun for people to look at. Or so what, wear your Jason mask. Again, you probably won't win, but it will still be fun.
8. We reserve the right to add to these rules if need be - but you get the gist.

Also remember there will be TWO winners: One female, one male.

So, Ghouls and Goblins, Killers and Clowns, good luck.

May the odds forever be in your favor. Dammit - someone throw me a good horror movie encouragement quote!

- Annabelle Lecter

**13 entries will also randomly win a WYH patch just for entering**

Prize List:
$60 gift certificate to Haute Mess
VC Dupree of Jason Takes Manhattan signed 8x10
Bob Elmore of Texas Chainsaw Massacre II signed 8x10
Michael Kenworthy of Return of the Living Dead signed 8x10
Creature Boy T-Shirts
Keychain from T-Shirt Bordello
Shirts from Rotten Cotton
Strippers vs Werewolves on Blu Ray
Ghoul Squad package (with CD, signed shirt and buttons)
More Brains DVD
Return of the Living Dead signed poster
Conrad Brooks t-shrt

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