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Interview Recap - Luke Hawx

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 06:56, Jun 23 2012

Recap of Luke Hawx on In Your Head Wrestling Radio, 06/20/2012
by Vic Schiavone

Hosts Jack E. Jones and One Inch Biceps welcomed “The Southern Stomper”, Luke Hawx, to IYH Wrestling Radio. The interview immediately kicked off with a discussion about Luke’s upcoming participation in two shows for the Extreme Rising promotion on June 29th (Queens, NY) and June 30th (Philadelphia, PA) (for information go to http://www.ExtremeReunion.net) where he will be wrestling Stevie Richards. Luke talked up Stevie, saying that he likes him as a person and that he is a good worker, but that he’s not as good as he is and that he would run over Stevie at the Extreme Rising shows. Luke then talked down the old ECW wrestlers, saying he thinks most of them don’t have a passion anymore for the business and that they’re too interested in going after paydays. He brought up the situation between himself and Shane Douglas, and said they while everyone thinks it’s a work he really dislikes Shane and that it goes back to their days together in Xtreme Pro Wrestling (XPW). Luke said he felt that Extreme Reunion was basically a bunch of crap, and the reason was because Shane’s hands were all in it. Luke said he would never take a booking if he wasn’t in shape, and that Shane looked like a fat cow at Extreme Reunion and should never have been wrestling that night. Luke said even though he’d love to kick his butt, he has no interest in wrestling Shane Douglas because he’s an embarrassment and he can’t deliver.

Luke was asked what he thought Extreme Rising offered guys like himself that other independent promotions don’t. Luke said that it gets a buzz because it offers different types of wrestling and that there is not enough diversity in wrestling today. He said that with the great card that Extreme Rising now has they are capable of putting on a great show. Luke put over Matt Hardy as a superstar, a good person, and a hard worker, and that it was huge for Extreme Rising to have him for the two dates on June 29th and 30th.

Luke was asked who helped him when he was starting out in the business, and he said that Vic Grimes was the one who took him under his wing and taught him the business. He also mentioned Supreme, Ernest “The Cat” Miller, Scott Armstrong, and Paul Bearer as being positive influences. He then again mentioned that most of the old ECW guys (particularly Konnan and Raven) are jerks, and said that there are not enough people around who are interested in helping out the young guys and making the business better.

Luke then shared his opinion of some of the wrestlers he’s been involved with throughout his career:
· Konnan - Luke said he is just a jerk. He shared a story about Konnan refusing a ride with him in XPW and him telling Luke he didn’t know him even though he had been on about twelve shows with him.
· Justin Credible - Luke said that he tweeted a picture of him passed out from dope because he was acting like a jerk at Extreme Reunion and that it was payback for Justin tweeting a picture of Sabu.
· New Jack - Luke said he had very, very mixed feelings about New Jack. He said that he had heat with New Jack in the past, but that he was on his best behavior at Extreme Reunion. Luke said that he thinks New Jack has matured a lot, and if he can clean up and keep himself sober he’s all for it. He put over New Jack as a leader in the locker room during Extreme Reunion, and said that he would never hate on anyone who cleans their life up because everyone deserves a second chance.
· Blue Meanie - Luke said that he loves Meanie because Meanie is himself, and that he is a good guy who doesn’t try to be anything he’s not.
· Devon Storm (Crowbar) - Luke said that he is a very underrated guy and a very good worker.
· Homicide - Luke said that he is a small guy with a lot of fight to him and that he is real.

Luke was asked about his connection to the WWE. Luke put over the WWE as the best company he has ever worked for and said that he has a really good working relationship with them. He said that due to all of the other stuff (his wrestling school, movies, independent bookings, etc.) he has going on, the time has just never been right for him to go to Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) full-time. He talked about his wrestling school (http://www.wildkatsports.com) supplying several wrestlers to WWE, and that two of his top guys (the tag team known as Rough and Ready) were jobbers to Ryback a couple of weeks ago. Luke said that he felt the exposure was good for his guys, and that hopefully they would get an opportunity to do more things with the WWE in the future.

The interview closed with another mention of the Extreme Rising shows on June 29th in Queens, NY and June 30th in Philadelphia, PA.

This interview is available for listening at http://www.iyhwrestling.com/viewnews.php?autoid=4634

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