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Interview Recap-Axl Rotten

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 08:23, Apr 24 2006

By Neal Jones

Axl Rotten was the 2nd guest this week on www.inyourheadonline.com. Which can be heard live every Wednesday at 6:00 PM with Jack, OneInchBiceps and Barbie Richards.

The hosts Jack and OneInchBiceps welcomed Axl to IYH. For more information on Axl please visit www.myspace.com/axlrotten

IYH fan Ash asks if Axl will be part of One Night Stand II June 11th. Axl says yes, he says he was in ECW long before Raven and the Dudley Boyz. There are a lot of ECW guys not under contract to TNA, and people shouldn't think the show won't be as good. WWE won't put on a sub par product, and everyone wants to put un an authentic ECW show.

Jack asks Axl is he enjoyed One Night Stand 2005. Axl loved the crowd, but said it was a shame they didn't have a match. Axl says he has been training in the gym 7 days a week ands is in the best shape of his career. Axl wants to put on a great performance on such a big platform.

Axl talks about turning his life around. Dedicating his time to the gym, and ridding himself of his past demons. Axl wants to focus on the positive, and to be the best he can be. Axl talks about guys like Funk, Raven and Shane Douglas always said he was one of the best workers and promos guys but he was held back because he didn't go to the gym. Jack asks if there was one main reason he wanted to change. Axl admits to being addicted to heroin. Axl tells a story about Chris Candido, that it's all they ever wanted to was be wrestlers. And now that he is gone it would be a shame not to dedicate himself to the business and being clear headed.

IYH fan Frank asks if Axl could book his match at ONS what would it be and what would he want his send off to be if he retired tomorrow. Axl says his dream match cant happen, because he would have wanted one more match with Candido. Axl would want a classic ECW match, not an over the top hardcore match unless it was with Ian. If it is a tag team he would want him and Balls Mahoney vs the FBI.

Jack asks Axl about his matches with Ian. Axl says they are still talked about 10 years later. Axl says the new WWE DVD "ECW Bloodsport" has him all over it. They did so many hardcore and extreme matches first, such as thumbtacks and baseball bat matches. Axl says it's remembered because it was first, now guys who cant wrestle are rolling around in thumbtacks on Indy shows. Axl says a lot of guys say he is their inspiration but they do hardcore matches just for the sake of hardcore. When Axl did the crazy matches they were the culmination of feuds and meant something.

Axl talks about Indy hardcore matches, where they start the match off with barbed wire or a baseball bat shot. Axl says they don't know how to work. Axl says a big problem are there are no territories. Axl was lucky enough to work places like Memphis, and learned from the previous generation like Lawler and Dundee. Now the indy guys just try and do as many flips as possible.

IYH fan Duckman asks Axl about his match with Tarzan Goto in Philly. Axl says they both work the same style, stiff and snug but not going out to hurt each other. "When all else fails, punch each other in the mouth" Axl says about the language barrier.

IYH fan CJ Styles asks who Axl wanted to face at ONS. Axl reiterated he would wrestle the FBI, their matches were fun and hardcore.

Jack asks why they were let go by WWE. Axl says he never got a straight answer, and never asked. Axl says they got great reactions, but he knows he was too far out of shape. Vince loves bodybuilders, Axl has since lost a lot of weight and will be a bodybuilder but he is much better shape. Axl says every wrestler's dream was to work for WWE. Axl remembers as a kid wanting to main event Madison Square Garden. Axl says guys say they don't want to work for Vince, but everyone does.

Axl says he hasn't had any formal talks with TNA. Axl says he is trying to get himself into the best shape he can, and then wants to have talks with WWE, TNA or Japan. Axl says there is a spot somewhere for him and wants to make sure he doesn't mess it up this time.

Jack asks if some of the former ECW guys passing away scared Axl into cleaning up. Axl says yes, but wants to make sure people know Chris Candido didn't die from any drug problems, and was clean at the time. Axl tells a story of Chris helping Axl out financially when he was broke. Axl remembers talking to Chris the die he died, and they ended the conversation with I love you talk to you soon. Axl talks about Eddie Guerrero, and dying at only 38. It made Axl realize he had to change and give it one last chance.

IYH fan Jobber asks Axl about ribs. Axl says he was always more of an instigator. Ian was the rib puller. Axl tells a story of the Headbangers and Ian in Memphis. Axl tells a story of a rib where they would wrap saran wrap around a toilet so they would "crap" on themselves.

Jack asks if Jim Cornette has had any heat with Axl like he does with Ian. Axl says no not really, Cornette is old school and so is he. Axl says Cornette just believes wrestling should be one way, but is a great mind and a wonderful talent nothing bad to say about Jim.

OIB asks Axl about XPW. Axl says he had a great time there, Rob Black was nothing but cool with him. Axl talks about hanging out with Ron jeremy and "ladies". All the cards were a blast to be a part of, with his friends Kronus, Shane Douglas, Tammy and Candido.

Jack asks Axl's thoughts on Paul E. Axl says it was a roller coaster. There were times he thought Paul didn't take advantage of his popularity. They have since talked and there's no heat between the 2. Axl just wants to be used to his fullest. Axl says he gets a bad rap sometimes for being cocky, but he says he can back it up.

Axl talks about the Indy wrestlers who don't look like wrestlers. He says you don't have to look like Christ Masters but there has to be an aura around you that people want to pay to see you.

OIB asks about Fred Durst of Limp Biskit. Axl says he is a big music fan, and enjoyed just talking to him about the music business.

Jack asks who throws the stiffest chair shot Axl or Balls. Axl says Balls does, because Axl is a better worker.

Jack asks about the term "Garbage wrestling". Axl says he isn't a garbage wrestler because he knows how to work a brawl, and there are some guys who don't need weapons to have a garbage match because they suck so bad.

OIB asks why Axl doesn't dye his hair blonde anymore. Axl says just to try something different.

OIB asks if Axl ever wanted to be a commentator. Axl says he would be good at it, but he would get bored. He trains guys sometimes, and some people tell him he has such a great mind for wrestling he should be a booker.

Jack asks why Axl didn't stay in WCW longer. Axl says he got the job because they fired One Man Gang and needed a big guy for PN News. Axl says Jake Robert's dad didn't like him, and if someone in the office doesn't like you it's hard to get a break.

OIB asks if Axl isn't remembered for his success in ECW. Axl says yes and no, his big matches in 94 put ECW on the map. People who were fans then, or discover ECW now will all remember his Taipei Death matches and weapons matches. They created history.

Axl talks about the early days of the ECW Arena. People remember it now packed and crazy, but originally they would move everyone to one side so it looked like people were there. But in 2 years it grew, ECW was a personal experience to the fans. The fans felt a part of it, it was "we vs us". But after big money and PPV it became "what can I for me".

Axl talks about the Boogie Man. Jack sells his idea to Axl, of WWE selling gummy worms in the arenas.

Axl talks about TNA reminding him of WCW Thunder. They have all the talent, but they are missing the excitement factor. Axl says they need to change buildings. They have the same arena for the free show, then ask people to pay to see a show for the same arena.

Jack asks about the Lock Down, all cage match concept. Axl says it is repetitive. They don't have a crew to go all blood and guts crazy, and even if they did it would get boring by the end of the show. Jack says by the end of the show you don't even pay attention to the cage, Axl says that's sad because when he was a kid when you heard a cage match it was huge.

OIB asks about flaming tables. Axl says he got burned a little from it, he was also singed by a fireball. Axl doesn;t believe in using fire. Fire is something you can't control.

Acl talks about the loss of competition. When WWE was on the same time as WCW, they would challenge the other to be better. Jack asks if TNA should go head to head with RAW. Axl says it would bring attention to how far ahead WWE is. But it would be more exciting and would give WWE a kick in the ass to do more.

Jack asks what Axl's favorite weapon a fan brought was. Axl loved the frying pans, and also remembers a fan bringing a barbed wire dildo. Axl remembers using car doors, newspaper dispenser machines etc. Al Snow with the head wasn't planned, it was a gimmick a fan brought to the arena for a weapon and just got over.

Jack asks about Bam Bam Bigelo's Deli, Axl never tried it. Jack asks about Abby's House of Ribs. Axl said it was pretty good, but Abdullah won't be giving anything on the house. Axl talks about traveling with Abby and Mick Foley in WCW. Abby would tell Axl WCW wasn't using him right and not to let them walk over him. Axl said he was just a kid and didn't know.

Axl says Dusty Rhodes was his all time favorite who made him want to be a wrestler. He was a normal looking guy who had tons of charisma. Superstar Billy Graham was his other favorite. When Axl was breaking in the business, Bret Hart was his favorite. Acl is a fan of the believable style of wrestling.

Jack asked Axl what he thought of the WWE Hardcore 24/7 rules. Axl said that ruined the belt, it made it a joke. Jack asks if Hardcore is pass?, Axl says no. Any match done well if a good match, if its bad its bad no matter when it was.

Axl closes the show doing some tremendous impressions including Dusty Rhodes, Macho Man, Nikita Koloff and Hulk Hogan.

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