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Interview Recap-CW Anderson 2006

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 03:28, Apr 23 2006

By Neal Jones

"The Enforcer" CW Anderson was the first guest this week on www.inyourheadonline.com. Which can be heard live every Wednesday at 6:00 PM with Jack, OneInchBiceps and Barbie Richards.

The hosts Jack and OneInchBiceps welcomed CW back for his one year anniversary to IYH. For more information on CW please visit www.ecwanderson.com.

CW talks about rehabbing from his health problems. CW's live failed from taking a body building supplement. When he came back his first match he dislocated a disc in his back and has been in a wheel chair. A doctor told him he should look for a new line of work the First of December. The Dr has apologized to him recently, saying he never expected CW to come back so quick. CW says it motivated him to prove the DR wrong and come back. CW talks about taking bumps on his bed to see if there is any pain before taking bumps in the ring.

Cw talks about doing some indy's now, but he has to do tags or small singles where he doesn't have to bump. Jack asks if this has helped him learn to do different things in the ring to get over with out taking bumps. CW says he has wised up, and wish he knew this years ago he wouldn't have the back problems he has now.

Jack asks CW about his punch. CW says Sarge told him in the power plant he ahd a great punch, and he'd be shooting himself in the foot to punch more than once a match. CW says he is one of the few guys to get a reaction from a punch, even from the ECW fans. Jack compares it to Bobby Eaton's punch. CW talks about Paul E wanting to have a feud with Bobby and CW, all starting with them trading their signature punches.

IYH fan CJ Styles asks what CW's most memorable and least favorite in ECW. CW says it was after his I Quit match with Tommy Dreamer, he get emotional from the fans reaction. CW says the least was the ECW goodbye, and tagging with Big Vito.

OIB asks if CW has ever gotten in trouble with his hand gesture, thinking it was gang related. CW says he is still waiting for that day to come, Corino calls him the whitest black man alive.

Jack asks CW about his days playing for the Negro League Baseball. CW says when he started he was the only white guy, and his team were known as the Wallbangers.

IYH fan Sock Rock asks about the Dorton Arena. CW says that's where he would watch the old NWA guys like Arn Anderson, Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Midnight Express. CW says he despised the Horseman as a kid, the NWA is what got him hooked on wrestling.

CW talks about the show he is on tonight, Gimmicks Only Underground Grappling. CW says its a rip off of the Hustle promotion. They wanted him to do his Hustle Samu gimmick on the show against Gogo the Gay Gorilla. CW says they don't pay as much as Hustle so he won't be doing that.

OIB asks if CW can still eat brownies after seeing them wedged in Tommy Dreamer's butt. CW says he almost throws up just thinking about them after that story, for the original story please visit our archived show from last year with CW at www.inyourheadonline.com.

IYH fan Jobber asks if CW has any good road stories. CW tells a story about Louie Dangerous and New Jack putting a candy bar in his bed and one on the toilet, and them making him believe they were turds and getting CW to vomit. This story needs to be heard to do it justice.

OIB asks if CW thinks there will be more Hardcore Homecomings. CW doesn't think so. The last one was too much of a failure, and they can't compete with Vince. CW says the last one was the most emotional he ever was for a match.

Jack asks to compare the show to One Night Stand. CW says he wasn't happy with the original ONS. He thought some of the matches were phoned in. He was supposed to have a match with Swinger vs Doring and Roadkill. It was moved to Heat, then it was moved to a dark match then it was taken off the show totally except for the run in. Jack asks about the WWE involvement. CW thought it took away from the ECW feel, they could have added another match or 2. CW hopes to get the call for the One Night Stand this year.

OIB asks if CW would go to TNA, he answers yes if he gets the call.

Jack asks about RVD fighting for the title on the ONS WWE PPV. CW prefers it be HHH, if it has to be a WWE guy. CW says Cena was a better worker before he became a big star, and HHH was the best heel in wrestling at one point.

Jack asks CW about TNA running the ECW Arena. CW hadn't heard about it, they will probably draw but ECW is gone forever it won't live forever. Jack asks if he thinks its weird the indy promotions fight over the Arena. CW says its foolish there are a lot of buildings in the city, but they try and bank off the ECW lure.

OIB asks if CW isn't remembered enough for his ECW run. CW thinks he was about to take off but ECW ended too soon.

Jack asks if CW thinks promotions like CZW take things too far. CW says oh yes, hanging guys from fish hooks etc is way too far, what about a headlock ? CW says they did crazy stuff in ECW and Japan but they still wrestled. Jack asks if he ever saw a guy get his tongue stapled to the turnbuckle. CW says that makes no sense, he knows what's been on the turnbuckle he wouldn't even want to have his tongue touch it.

OIB asks CW about the Hardy Boyz shoot DVD by Big Vision, where he has a match on the extras. CW was not even aware.

Jack asks what CW thinks of WWE marketing the ECW DVD's as "The bloodiest matches" and "Bloodsport". CW says they were known for that too, and it will attract a certain type of fans.

Jack asks if CW has ever worked with midgets. CW says yes he has, he and Toad worked with a midget named tadpole and CW "slapped the piss out of him".

Jack asks CW about the WWE drug tests. CW it is good, WWE shouldn't be a body building show, it is a wrestling show. CW thinks that was one of the ECW calling card, everyone looked different.

CW thanked the fans, OIB and Jack and asked them to visit www.ecwanderson.com and www.myspace.com/cwanderson

We were also joined by Axl Rotten in the 2nd hour. To hear both of these interviews please visit www.inyourheadonline.com and join us next week live at 6:00 PM Eastern, and stay tuned in for the Bryan (Alvarez) and Vinny show of www.f4wonline.com after IYH on Wednesday nights, all starting at 6:00 PM Eastern.

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