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Luke Hudson's Message

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 23:47, Mar 05 2012

Wrestling fan Luke Hudson wants his name cleared, here is his message:

"This is my story

People should stop Bullying me and saying nasty things about me all i ever wanted was a Date with Mickie James declaring Love for a person is not stalking just been friendly Hooking up With Mickie Laree James is a Dream for me please People just let me have a Date with her and this bullying towards me stops its uncalled for i am sick of wrestlers Ignoring ,me i am getting picked on for expressing my love and feelings for Mickie James something that i can't help people are Against me for no Reason Nobody has never met me or knows me personally so why are people judging me all because I want a Date With TNA Knockout and Former wwe Diva Mickie James Who wouldn't she is so Attractive this is a wish I want granted and not going to stop until i have i will Hook up with her just have to keep trying And Shelly Martinez if i have got on your nerves and piss you off i am sorry that's just the way i am please make a Truce with me?"

To contact Luke please email mickie1@hotmail.com.au

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