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My World: April 22nd

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 04:01, Apr 22 2006

By: Justin Bailey

One more week and hopefully this feud with Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels will be over. I was beginning to get tired of it after Vince?s segment in the church last week. Now, this week with pyro going off as if God is doing it. I can understand the entertainment aspect to a certain point, but that stretches it for me. I know all the things Vince is doing is going to give him the best heat there is, but it can be over the top.

Before I go any further, there?s this whole hype of Degeneration X coming back, with Shawn and Triple H doing crotch chops for the fun of it. Congratulations goes to them for giving the fans a good dose of nostalgia. It?s getting to them very well. Do I think DX is coming back? No, because there would be no purpose for it. The original DX with Shawn and Hunter helped Triple H make it to the next level. Once Shawn left, Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, and X-Pac were brought it, with Triple H as the leader. This lead Hunter to become a main event, and brought Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, and X-Pac up to the next level. Today, Shawn and Triple H are going to go down as two of the best the business has ever seen. Triple H did a two-year run with Evolution. The only way I would see it happening is if Shawn and Triple H were going to groom more young guys to be brought up. Yet, that?s what Evolution was. So, I see no reason for it.

As odd as this angle gets with Kane with the whole "May 19th." thing, it will make us remember when his movie, See No Evil comes out. For a movie with Kane in it, this is probably the best way they could book him to promote it. They have always protected his character overall, besides how distorted it has became over the years. So, the guy stays in kayfabe mode in and out of the ring.

With Chavo "officially" retired, I would like to see him eventually come back and go back after the Intercontinental Title and win it. The problem with that is now Charlie Haas is back, and that may be his scenario after defeated Shelton on Monday. But, the situation has gotten complicated. Now, like I said last week, both the IC Title and Money In The Bank will be on the line at Backlash between Shelton Benjamin and Rob Van Dam. Again, Rob needs to be kept strong, and at the same time, doesn?t need the IC Title. Shelton?s not getting the title shot. So, I?m not sure how the booking goes here. End result, I want to see Haas chase Shelton for the IC Title. Down the line, have Chavo come back and chase it, or go to SmackDown! where I think him and JBL could have a good feud over the United States Title.

If you didn?t know who was the face and heel between Carlito and Chris Masters, now you know. I enjoyed the segment Matt Striker did with Carlito. It gelled well and solidified Carlito as a face. I just don?t want to see anymore Striker segments, and just have him do a promo and wrestle. Odds are I may not have to worry about that, as Striker is on Heat nearly every week.

Line of the week this week goes to Trish Stratus? "boyfriend," Jack-"I think you two bitches are crazy!" I got a good laugh out of it anyways. Yet another good segment Trish and Mickie James had this week. Whether you?re a fan of the women?s division or not, you got to give this program its due. It started on October 10th of last year, and has more interest than ever right now.

Like I predicted last week, Triple H was the odd man in the Handicap Match against John Cena and Edge this week. All three guys have a win each out of the three Handicap Matches that have taken place in previous weeks. They have booked all three well in this program, and I?m curious to see how they?re booked this week leading into Backlash.

I said before that I thought the King of The Ring would come down to Angle and Lashley in Finals, with Lashley going over. Now, with Booker T continually teasing how he?s going to win and messing the the robe, crown, and throne setup each week, along with Lashley and him brawling last week, I?m wanting to believe it?s now going to be Booker and Lashley in the Finals. Another reason I think that is with JBL feuding with Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio now, which I?ll get to in a bit.

Like I have been hoping would happen, MNM and the team of Paul London and Brian Kendrick had their second singles match with London and Mercury this week. I?m enjoying this program and how they are going about it. We are used to seeing the challenging team get the upset on the Tag Team Champions in a non-title match, and then they get a rematch after that. Sometimes after that, they end up having repeated matches against each other. This is different as it has the challengers get the upset victory, and now, they are having a series of singles matches against one another, which actually builds the program. With the tag team division with as limited as it is today, drawing out a program like this needs to happen.

Did you see the technical masterpiece The Great Khali and Funaki put on? We got to see a chop to the head and a some form of a two-handed choke slam from Khali and a weak choke slam at that, if you even want to call it a choke slam, which I really don?t consider it to be. Let?s go ahead and book a Casket Match for Judgment Day with The Undertaker so we can watch someone else take up tv time to actually wrestle. Sound good?

For what seemed to be was going to last for a while, does William Regal not have to dress up anymore after Paul Burchill purposely had them lose their match this week? I won?t complain if that?s the case anyways. With SmackDown! Being in London next week, I have the feeling we haven?t seen the last of Regal dressing up. Technically, Burchill wasn?t pinned or made to submit.

So, Jillian Hall was fired as JBL?s valet this week. Managers and valets sure are short-term these days. Seeing a manager or valet staying with one person or group is becoming a rarity. She hasn?t been in WWE for a year yet and now has been with MNM and JBL. Now, I assume she?ll either go to someone else or possibly be sent to OVW or DSW to get more training to work on her in-ring skills.

I am guessing the Chris Benoit and JBL feud is done with after JBL not set himself up to feud with Rey Mysterio and Kurt Angle out of no where. He challenges the winner of Mysterio and Angle?s match next week, which should be Mysterio. This leads back to what I was talking about earlier with Kurt Angle in the King of The Ring. I can see JBL costing Angle his match in the King of The Ring tournament. Now, if that will be his match against Booker T in a few weeks or his Finals match against my prediction, Lashley, time will tell, but it leads me to believe in the end it?ll be Lashley going over Booker in the Finals.

We?ve heard about the World X Cup in TNA for the last two months now. I believe that will actually take place in May. I?m not sure what format they will follow for it. I would imagine it would culminate at Sacrifice next month. I like Alex Shelley as the heel for Team USA. It adds a nice element to keep you interested, besides the action on top of that. It was nice to see Jerry Lynn on tv in some fashion this week putting over the World X Cup. It?d be great to see him back in the ring, but maybe eventually we will.
The team of AJ Styles, Rhino, and Ron Killings being former NWA World Heavyweight Champions makes for quite a team. All three bring a different style to the table, which should make up for some action in the Lethal Lockdown match. One reason is Scott Steiner slow style and the other being how crowded it will be with all eight guys in there eventually at one time. If anything, AJ and The Truth should keep it interested as the daredevils in there.

Is Raven going to be on the Championship Committee? That?s the way it?s coming a cross on tv at least. I am guessing that Raven would be pitted against Larry Zybysco where they feud over decisions and such. I?ve always liked Raven, so it?ll be good to see him make his way back to tv. It?s been three months since we last saw him.
Brother Runt hasn?t seemed to have lost a step in the ring. This week, he was bumping away like his usual self. Did you see everytime he was sent into the turnbuckle? He was going full force and you can see his neck whiplash everytime he ran into the turnbuckle. Despite a not so great name he uses for TNA, he does add a refreshing touch to Team 3D.

This Sunday is TNA Lockdown and below I have listed every match with my predictions for each of them.

TNA Lockdown predictions:
NWA World Heavyweight Title Match
Christian Cage vs. Abyss
Christian has been champion for two months now, and he is TNA?s hot commodity right now. On the other hand, Abyss is being groomed to be champion, but I don?t think that the time will be now. With Edge having a three-week reign in WWE in January, they want to do the opposite of what turned out to be a transitional run for Edge. It should be a solid match as Abyss is one of the best big men in wrestling today, and Christian is a bump machine.

Lethal Lockdown
Jeff Jarrett/Scott Steiner/America?s Most Wanted vs. Sting/AJ Styles/Rhino/Ron Killings
It?s one thing to have eight guys in the ring at the end of the match, but add a top on the cage with weapons hanging, this will be one match that can be hard to follow with all the action going on at one time. I suspect Sting?s Army going over this one. Everything from Jarrett invading Sting?s privacy to leading Sting to "come back." There?s some questions to be answered here after this match is done. I suspect AMW to defend the titles against Team 3D next month, and have Team 3D finally win the World Tag Team Titles. Everyone knows AMW are basically just holding them for Team 3D. As for the other six participants, I?m not sure where they go with them from here.

X-Division Title Match
Samoa Joe vs. Sabu
They are building Joe as simply unstoppable. It?s funny how when they first booked this match, it was supposed to be Joe?s first test out of the X-Division, yet Joe win?s the title back, and now it?s a X-Division Title Match. Either way, it should be a good one, with Joe continuing his streak.

Anthem Match
Team 3D vs. Team Canada
It should be a decent match, with Team 3D getting the win. The win gives them stem back, and the feud with Team Canada ceases, so Team 3D can focus on winning the World Tag Team Titles from AMW.

Arm Wrestling Contest
Konnan vs. "Bullet" Bob Armstrong
*Losing team gets strapped by leather belts
Nothing important here. I don?t see a 66-year-old man defeating Konnan in an arm wrestling contest, but I don?t see LAX getting the one up on the James Gang again. Besides, how odd would it be to see a gang whipping up on a 66-year-old man? Nothing significant to note as it?s just another episode in The James Gang/LAX feud.

X-Division Xscape Match
Chris Sabin vs. Petey Williams vs. Elix Skipper vs. Shark Boy vs. Chase Stevens vs. Puma
Last year, there were four guys in the match, and now we got six this year. It seems like they?re slowing pushing Sabin being the leader of Team USA and all. Expect some crazy spots with Sabin, William, and Skipper in there. I?ll go with Sabin which leads to a future X-Division Title shot.

World X Cup Preview
Team USA vs. Team Japan
Alex Shelley/Sonjay Dutt/Jay Lethal vs. Black Tiger/Minoru Tanaka/Hirooki Goto
I don?t know much about Team Japan, but I would expect this match to deliver when you have Shelley, Sonjay, and Lethal in there. All three of them are always on their game. Team USA gets the nod here, based on a nice combination they make and to make up for the loss to Team Canada this week. It wouldn?t make Team USA look like much of a threat going into the World X Cup with two losses straight.

Christopher Daniels vs. Mystery Opponent
I?m not sure who the mystery opponent. I would take a shot that it?s some sort of international talent. I?ll say Daniels gets the win either way, so they can keep him strong, coming off losing the X-Division Title to Joe.

Well, that?s it for this week. Enjoy Lockdown. See ya next week.

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