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Interview Recap - Devon Nicholson

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 01:34, Feb 28 2012

Written by: Bob Colling from http://wrestlingrecaps.wordpress.com/

Devon Nicholson Interview Recap

Devon Nicholson, who claims to have gotten Hepatitis C from Abdullah The Butcher, joined Jack and OIB this week on the show. Devon talks about the topics brought up on his bloodfeud documentary. He got emotional when some of the topics were brought up. He talks about his dreams coming to a crashing end when he found out that he contracted Hepatitis. Apparently, Pat Patterson said he was the best heel he had seen in years and Dusty Rhodes told him he had a great promo. “I can see time passing by, and I'm stuck doing nothing.”

Not being able to live out his dream of making the WWE is probably worse than having Hepatitis C. Devon says that before any of this happened, Butcher was his mentor and they would travel the roads together. It was only when he looked at tapes to realize that Butcher was responsible for giving him Hepatitis after he cut himself with a razor blade. Devon is confident in saying that nothing like that has ever happened to him in his other matches. The match in question is a cage match between them was when Butcher cut him with a razor blade several times, but couldn't feel the cuts during the bout since they were done quickly.

There hasn't been anyone who has been giving him negative feedback, and people are behind him including his friends who are currently in the WWE. He has been asking for severla years to get blood tests from Butcher but has yet to get anything from Butcher.

Devon says that if the WWE kept to their no blood policy, then he wouldn't be a risk to anyone in the company. All he wants to do is wrestle for the WWE and mentions that there is a treatment in the United States to get the Hepatitis C out of his system. The treatment is avaiable in the United States but not in Canada.

He says that if he were to bleed on someone, they aren't going to necessarily catch anything from him.

Unless he gets a contract from a major promotion he isn't going to wrestle again but could promote some shows every once in awhile.

Devon says he was offended when he heard that Abdullah The Butcher was going to be inducted into the Hall Of Fame. He was shocked that no one stood up for him when Butcher was inducted while there issue was going on.

Hulk Hogan tweeted about the video and noted that Butcher had cut him as well without his permission in the early 1980's.

He was nearly signed by TNA as D'Lo Brown told him that he was going to give him his highest recommendation but he thinks TNA found out the reason WWE didn't sign him as a result. As for a wrestler who has been supportive, he says that among others, the Honkytonk Man has been really supportive.

Devon says everything would be fine if WWE went out of their way and got him treatment because he deserves a shot in the company.

There are other topics covered in the interview as Devon is open and honest about everything involving himself and Butcher.

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