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Interview Recap-Cary Silkin

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 07:52, Apr 15 2006

By Neal Jones

By Neal Jones

ROH's owner Cary Silkin was the 2nd guest this week on www.inyourheadonline.com. Which can be heard live every Wednesday at 6:00 PM with Jack, OneInchBiceps and Barbie Richards.

The hosts welcomed Cary to IYH, and mentioned the upcoming 100th ROH show, for more information please visit www.rohwrestling.com.

Cary talks about being in England soon. They are on the wrestling channel in the UK, and through Alex Shane they have booked 2 shows in England on August 12 and the 13th.

Carry says they are coming off their biggest weekend in company history, over 3600 paid for the weekend. Jack asks about the Lance Storm Bryan Danielson match. Cary says he wasn't really a big Storm fan, and he was in a tough spot being on such a loaded card. Cary talks about the Dragon's Gate guys were so great and hard to follow. And the culmination of the Colt Cabana Homicide feud. Cary says Lance worked hard and they would love to have him back.

OIB asks what Cary would tell people who have never seen ROH before. Cary says if you are a wrestling fan you will get more action in 20 minutes than a 3 hours WWE show, barring a PPV.Cary says you will not be cheated by buying a ROH DVD or seeing a live ROH show. Cary says it's really exciting that ROH grows into new cities.

Jack asks if some people have the wrong idea about ROH, being all straight wrestling and don't know about guys like Colt and Prince Nana. Cary says there is a good mixture in ROH, great wrestlers, high flyers, hardcore and always looking for new talent. Cary says they respect the legends and bring in guys like Ricky Steamboat, Jim Cornette, Bobby Heenan, Mick Foley, Bill Watts and more. Cary says the indy crew are so young, and the veterans were guys who worked 7 days a week and can teach them so much about nuances and subtle spots of the business the young wrestlers wouldn't know with out their help.

Jack asks what the old school wrestlers think of the product. Cary says they all have enjoyed it except Bill Watts. Cary talks about the Dragon's Gate wrestlers being totally ridiculous in the ring. Jim Cornette was blown away by seeing them, and he's been around forever and seen it all. Cary says they are the next level after an AJ Styles type wrestler.

Cary said he was happy to see Colt on RAW, he is aware they are a breeding ground for WWE. He says they can't nor do they want to stop guys from going to WWE and making money. Cary says Colt is a good guy and a student of the game.

Duckman, IYH fan, asks if ROH would want to be a WWE developmental territory. Cary says they have never been asked. Cary says Mick Foley pitched an idea to WWE for Samoa Joe, and it didn't go over.

Jack asks if it is easier to bring in guys like Kobashi and get instant reactions since the fan base is so knowledgeable. Cary says absolutely. He brings up the Dragon's Gate wrestlers, and how all the fans knew who they were. Cary says they continue to have a good working relationship with Japanese promotions.

OIB asks how the working relationship with CZW is. Cary says Chris Hero and Necro Butcher have been involved with some shows. Cary says it's exciting but they don't have a real working relationship. IYH fan Jobber asks about the CZW fans. Cary says the fans are great, and a mixed CZW vs ROH show was the first time he saw a football type audience. Where half the crowd cheered for their team, and the other for the other team. Jim Cornette is going to be calling Zandig out on the 100th show.

Cary says they have Christian Cage on an upcoming show. Jack asks why they decided not to use Abyss. Cary says he is friends with Abyss, and met him in Puerto Rico. Cary said he had some great matches in ROH, they don't have a lot of big guys and they can't have everyone on their show. But he can be back at any moment.

Jack asks if Tedy Hart would ever be back. Cary says he is a great talent but he doesn't see him coming back. Cary says they have a great dressing room, everyone gets along no backstabbing.

Barbie asks about Johnny Fairplay being backstage. Cary says yes he was, and so was Billy Corgin from the Smashing Pumpkins. Fairplay sat and watched the whole show, nothing bad to say about him. Barbie asks about the rumor Samoa Joe tried to stop him, and Cary said it wasn't true and not to believe everything you read.

IYH fan Casper asks what he thinks of TNA booking. Cary says they are pushing a zillion guys and only have 42 minutes a week. Cary says the product is good, but they have a booking team and they fight over who they want to push. Cary says he's glad ROH has one booker, who is great 98% of the time. Cary says it's good for both promotions to do well.

Jack asks how ROH would deal with the time constraints of TV. Cary says that's a good point, and he isn't sure what they would do. They are talking with some TV deals but nothing as of yet, and they would want more than 43 minutes. Cary says they are also looking at the possibility of PPV.

Cary says tickets go on sale May 1st for England, and you can buy tickets on www.rohwrestling.com or at the vents themselves.

Jack asks the difference between watching ROH on DVD and being there live. Cary says there's no comparison, you are their live, and close to the action. The DVD's are well produced but you can't beat the live experience.

Cary says there isn't anything to say about Low Ki. He has been on and off with TNA since it started, he is great but some people are tough to deal with. Who knows what will happen, but he would love to have him back some day.

Jack asks what guys Cary is a fan of. Cary says Samoa Joe is a throw back, and guys like Jack Evans are crazy to watch. He's also been happy to see the development of guys like Roderick Strong and Austin Aries. They were good indy wrestlers in 1994, but to see them work hard and become stars right before his eyes is amazing. Chris Daniels is amazing and can work heel or face. Even a character like Necro Butcher. Cary says they are going back to characters like Umanga and Boogie Man in WWE, it's something that has been missing.

OIB asks about VHS and DVD's. Cary says VHS is over.

Cary in closing thanks everyone who has helped the ROH promotion.

We were also joined by Larry Zbyszko in the 1st hour. To hear both of these interviews please visit www.inyourheadonline.com and join us live next week for CW Anderson and Axl Rotten.

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